9 Things You Must Know As A QA Engineer 2022

Updated On: March 29, 2023

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QA Engineers have a vital role in the Development and functioning of every Application. They detect errors and try resolving them with Software Developers so the best product reaches the customers!

While Planning, Development, and Designing are essential aspects of Software Development, Testing plays a vital role before the project reaches the market!

Moreover, sometimes the customers do not accept the project due to errors or unsatisfactory experiences. 

If QA Engineers check programs before launch, companies can eliminate the chance of Software failure and low customer support!

Being a QA Engineer, you should understand the Must-Have Skills for QA Testing. Read this blog and know the necessary topics to crack QA Testing Interview Questions!

9 Must-Have Skills for QA Engineers

If you are a QA Engineer looking for a job, working in a company, or still learning, here are the Must-Have Skills for every individual in Software Quality Assurance!

You should make sure you achieve mastery over these skills to create an impact on your fellow teammates and build a sustainable career for yourself!

Programming Language Efficiency

Programming Language Efficiency

There are two reasons for QA Engineers to have Programming Language Efficiency. 

  1. They have to test the program manually for errors
  2. They interact with the Software Developers and Engineers while working as a Quality Assurance Engineer. 

Imagine if you were Hiring Testers for Software Quality Assurance, you would Hire a QA Tester with required Programming Languages knowledge. 

Since you'll be working with Front-end and Back-end Developers, you should have a primary understanding of Languages like HTML and CSS. (for client-side websites) Moreover, you should be familiar with Python, Java, Kotlin, Swift, and others based on Android or iOS Development. 

Further, you deal with code coverage, statement coverage, and other Automation Testing related concepts being a QA Engineer. 

Automation in Software Quality Assurance

Automation in Software Quality Assurance

QA Engineers reading this blog must be familiar with Automation Testing or Test Automation. Imagine that you have to check the Quality of an Application before its launch on the PlayStore. 

You can automate the process and let numerous tools and functions perform Software Quality Assurance to confirm validation of the particular project or service. 

A QA Engineer should understand and have experience in being a part of Automation Software Testing. You can find a list of benefits for the same below.

  1. Saved Time
  2. Better and Accurate Feedback
  3. Lower expenses and cost savings for the business
  4. Human Error Removal

A Quality Assurance Engineer may find the learning process for Automation Testing difficult at first. But you will achieve milestones with the same in the future!

Again, Coding and Programming Language experience are vital for Test Automation.

Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning Ability

You must be wondering why Creativity and Logical Thinking is necessary for QA Engineers. 

Imagine a situation where a program for one of the company's leading Applications reaches you. The program is almost complete, and Developers want it to run by you for Testing before launch in the market.

You can detect specific errors and present them to the programmers. Moreover, you brainstorm and come up with solutions for the same. You find alternatives for unchangeable parts and suggest modifications to the others. 

Therefore, you establish yourself as a competent and efficient QA Engineer for your coworkers and seniors. Additionally, you become an essential segment of the App creation process!

Ability to ask appropriate questions related to the Software

You work for a company that works on multiple projects throughout the year. Or, you are a freelance Software Quality Assurance Tester and part of numerous projects weekly. No two projects are similar. One project may vary in size, features, functions, and other aspects compared to another.  

Your work is to ensure every project is error-free, which requires assignment and team understanding every time. 

Therefore, never repress yourself from asking questions about the company, group, project, Software, or code. You can enquire about the customer end and what they like in the Application. 

Moreover, you may indulge in general Team discussions and meetings to know the service and reach!

Understanding and Learning Abilities

Quick learning will always prove to be helpful for you. As a Quality Assurance Engineer, you should adapt to the Software and Application swiftly and understand its features. 

Better Learning Abilities lead to faster self-improvement and efficient workspace skills and knowledge.

Think of a situation where a Developer explains a concept to you about the App Development Process and asks your opinion for the same later while making changes to the program. You should provide helpful suggestions and insights. 

Test Management Tools

You will find numerous tools and functions containing information about the process of Testing programs for QA Engineers. Moreover, you can plan Test activities and report status and progress using Test Management Tools. 

Here is a list of the most required Test Management Tools that companies use and may ask for while they Hire a QA Tester. 

  1. TestPad: As the name suggests, a Software Quality Assurance Engineer uses TestPad to plan tests. This tool is lightweight and allows processing tests without management difficulties.
  2. TestRail: You and your team can manage and track the Testing process using this tool.
  3. TestLink: QA Engineers can plan, manage, report, track and provide specifications utilizing this Testing Management Tool.

Agile Methodologies

Have you heard of iterative increments in steps for competing for a task? Agile Methodology allows a QA Engineer to proceed with an assignment breaking them into smaller steps and following one after another.

Companies Hire a QA Tester and Agile Team for diagonal communication between Developers and business groups for faster communication and task completion!

There are four principles of Agile you should remember. 

  1. Working Software over comprehensive documentation
  2. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  4. Responding to change over following a plan.

Software Development Life Cycle

SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle refers to creating Software with the lowest costs and highest quality.

A Software Development process involves planning, analysis, designing, Developing, Testing, implementing, and maintenance.

Companies Hire a QA Tester that can efficiently understand SDLC and plan the Testing procedure after Software Development.

You should know the complexities of a program and ways to prevent them. Here is a list of three frameworks every QA Engineer should experience.

  1. Kanban
  2. Waterfall
  3. Scrum

Required Soft Skills

Required Soft Skills

As a Software Quality Assurance Engineer, you'll work with different work groups and employees. You'll interact with people, explain to them your ideas and actively understand their point of view to provide feedback and learn simultaneously. 

While Technical Skills are essential, you should showcase correct Soft Skills. Here is a list of Soft-Skills every employee should have for a healthy work environment. 

  1. Conflict Management Skills
  2. Time Management
  3. Team and Individual Motivation
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Active Listening
  6. Team Building and Group Discussions

Interview Questions for a QA Engineer

Here is a list of Interview Questions and topics you should prepare before your interview with a QA Engineer. 

  1. What do you understand by the severity and priority of a defect? Explain the difference between the two.
  2. What is Quality Audit?
  3. Tell me the meaning of Functional and Non-Functional Testing.
  4. What is defect triage in QA Testing?
  5. Tell me your methods for assuring effective Software Testing.
  6. Test Case definition and writing.
  7. What is your experience in Automation Testing?
  8. Differences between gorilla testing and monkey testing
  9. Differences between Quality Assurance and Quality Control. 
  10. Defect Leakage Ratio


Do you know how companies hire QA Testers?

Three primary aspects decide the future of QA Engineers at any company or agency. These decision-making factors are the company's budget, project complexity, and Testing requirements and needs. 

Numerous companies do not find the need to Test their Software before launching in the market and suffer later. As a QA Engineer, you should ensure you don't leave any part or pointer while Testing the program and Software. 

Before any company hires you, focus on testing skills and try learning and Developing programs. Moreover, prepare yourself for assignments and Interview Questions. 

You should apply for companies you think will value your work and be perfect for the future!

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