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Updated On: February 26, 2023

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Do you know why applications and websites require Quality Assurance tests before market release?

Is QA Testing the last step of Software Development Life Cycle?

Do companies test their projects from the start?

If you don't want to redevelop your project from the first step and get the best possible response, you shall know about QA Testers and their role.

Do you know the role of QA engineers in app development? Do you understand their importance for the triumph of your projects? Companies ignore the QA testing step while developing an application and regret it later when customers face issues after downloading that app on their android, iOS, or desktops!

If you are a startup or entrepreneur, you shall know every detail about QA engineers and the skills every QA tester shall have before hiring. 

Why are we waiting, then? Let's read this blog to get an ultimate guide to QA engineers and their role in the app development industry!

Who are QA Engineers? What do they do?

If you hire QA engineers for your company, they will work on the quality of your application. In simple words, QA testers find errors and issues in the programs developed by front-end, back-end, or full-stack developers and resolve them before launching the platform for the customers and users. 

If you hire QA testers, they shall be comfortable working across all application layers. They will evaluate the application from the planning stage and take it through design, development, and launching. 

QA Engineers collaborate with every team to test the application and make it a success for your company!

Let's take the example of a QA Engineer working on your application. This employee is testing your platform and comes across an error. This issue requires removal or may affect the program and application working at later stages. 

Hence, the QA Engineers shall find a solution for changes in the program. They can have critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills to pinpoint the mistake and make corrections before it is too long!

QA testing may not be code intensive, but you never know what problem comes across and requires dealing with in applications. 

Skills to hire QA Testers for your team

1. Manual testing

Companies are replacing Manual testing with automated testing for applications and software. However, you shall understand the importance of this testing method for any platform. 

Do you know why? We cannot replace Automation testing at 100% while doing quality assurance tests. You shall hire QA Testers to intervene while examining a new application platform. 

As the name suggests, Manual testing refers to a process in which the human quality assurance tester examines an application without automation tools. 

Here is a list of reasons companies hire QA Engineers despite emerging technologies. 

  • Applications can have unexpected issues not known to automation instruments
  • General Designs, Usability effects, and other mistakes detection 

2. Automation testing

You may ask yourself if the practice of Manual testing is fading. You shall understand that both testing methods play distinct roles for QA Testers performing numerous tests on any platform or project.

While Automation testing proves a more accurate method than Manual testing for some parts, it excels in others. 

QA Testers use Automation testing for:

  • Regression Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Repeated Execution while executing one program repeatedly

3. Basics of Programming

A Quality Assurance Tester deals with programs, applications, and websites daily. They are responsible for checking the codes and other parts of the project to ensure it's working. You may wonder why QA Testers require programming language knowledge. 

However, you shall know and hire QA Testers having a programming background. The reason is that you never know what work comes along and what technologies it requires. 

A QA Tester shall know front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for website and web application development. Moreover, knowledge of Java, Kotlin, Flutter, and other languages is significant. 

Framework understanding is an additional perk for any QA Tester for hire!

4. In-depth knowledge of Dev-ops

Let's understand the meaning of Dev-ops before moving forward. In this emerging world of technology, when development and operation go hand-in-hand, you can identify it as Dev-ops. 

In simple terms, website creation and interpretation happen together for the server and client sides of the project. Dev-ops technology is booming daily to satisfy the audience's needs and requirements. 

Moreover, Agile Methodology has connections with Dev-ops. Hence, every QA Tester shall understand the meaning of Dev-ops and gain experience while working in that field. 

5. API and Database understanding

API or Application Programming Interface is like a network between two applications or platforms, allowing them to connect, interact, and share data. 

You can find three API types in this developing world. 

  • Rest APIs
  • RPC APIs 
  • and SOAP APIs

Hence, a QA tester for hire shall understand how to test and deal with APIs and use them for their benefit. 

Further, every component of platform development works with numerous information and databases. Therefore, in-depth knowledge of handling these databases while working with them is exemplary!

6. Agile Methodology

Companies shall remember numerous things while employing the Agile testing method. 

Although the entire team performs testing in this method, companies hire QA testers and design professionals to execute the procedure. (You can refer to this as a test-first approach)

Here are four steps for the Agile testing life cycle

  • Continuous Build
  • (CI) Continuous Integration
  • (CD) Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Deployment

If you hire QA Engineers for your projects who will become part of Agile testing, they shall understand how to collaborate with programmers, product managers, and customers to know their needs. Further, they will ensure development and QA testing happens for the required output!

Agile Methodology has close connections with Dev-ops. The software or application undergoes tests from the start and is not a before-launch step.

This method requires four pillars, manual, automation, manual and automation, and tools. 

Hence, your candidates shall have in-depth knowledge of each pillar. 


You understand the meaning and role of QA Engineers for your company. Now, you shall identify if they are worthy of your project. Do your team and project require QA Testers? If yes, how to hire QA Engineers?

You shall plan your project, check the budget requirements and hire Designers and Developers to start development. 

Moreover, you may know how QA Engineers play a significant role in testing websites and applications throughout the project period. Now, you can follow numerous steps to hire QA Engineers for your company. 

You may go with traditional hiring methods and go to job-searching platforms to spend weeks recruiting and training QA Testers. 

Alternatively, you can be smart and pick outsourcing. You will get QA testers per the requirement with one chat with the outsourcing company!

Where to find the best place for Outsourcing employees? AppsRhino! We are here to assist you at every step! Why are you waiting? Connect with our team today and start your project development and Quality Assurance Testing journey!


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