Benefits of Offshore Software Development for Ireland Firms

Updated On: February 17, 2023

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An offshore development center is the foundation of cost-effective technical developments for corporate innovation. Outsourcing development projects is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Customers of software development service providers are gradually shifting away from in-house development teams and toward traditional outsourcing to offshore development centers. It has aided businesses in increasing visibility and predictability throughout the development process.

The rising costs of technical innovation and a lack of skills have made organizations relocate technology manufacturing to other, more affordable places to combat record-high salaries and a skills shortage.

However, can an offshore development team meet all of the long-term innovation demands for Ireland-based businesses? Let's continue reading the blog to find out the answer.

What do we mean by an offshore development center?

An offshore development center (ODC) is an outsourced development location with a cross-functional staff, the necessary facilities and office equipment, and fully managed processes tailored to a client's demands. Even if there is a skills shortage in Ireland, opening an offshore development center can enable Ireland-based businesses to reduce development costs, speed up time to market, and expand their market reach.

The first step to the offshore development center should be a committed team

Early on in the outsourcing process, the majority of Ireland businesses might not feel the need to commit to fully developed centers. In this situation, the dedicated team model might serve as a compromise between an offshore software center and an IT staff augmentation. A committed staff like that of AppsRhino can assist you in overcoming the challenges of a talent and skill gap with fewer resources than a full-fledged offshore development branch.

A committed team executes development projects from conception to completion as an independent agile team devoted solely to your company's requirements. Both end-to-end development and specific procedures like design, testing, or business research can be covered by this staffing strategy.

Regardless of the area of expertise, a committed team brings the following value to the table

  • Self-management and process design
  • Domain knowledge and experience 
  • A focused approach 
  • Open communication
  • The adaptability and simplicity of recruiting
  • Specialized recruiting by your particular work criteria
  • Reduced cost of innovation due to the vendor taking on overhead, hiring, training, and benefits costs.

When is it best to use an offshore development center?

How can you increase your outsourcing capacity and simplify team management? Take it further and substitute an offshore development center for a specialized crew. You can profit most from using offshore development services at this point.

1. For ease of business and security

Similar to a new division of your business, an offshore development center is based abroad. Therefore, it contains every feature a conventional office would have to provide the necessary level of security. Your ODC area becomes the fortified stronghold of product development thanks to private office space, permitted entry, software access control, and integrated network security.

Since you have one development unit, you won't need to employ numerous management security information officers or compliance officers to monitor security and compliance.

2. You need specialized tech knowledge

Niche skills are often expensive to acquire or develop. You can establish a training facility using offshore development centers without investing money in external upskilling initiatives.

In this instance, the training course materials are specialized to fulfill business-specific objectives and don't put your firm at further risk for security breaches. Additionally, in-house training ensures the appropriate degree of knowledge and is the ideal solution for any gaps in the current technology.

3. Your project is enormous

A dedicated development unit is generally preferable for one-off or small projects, whereas large-scale development initiatives demand ongoing support, updates, and unrestricted scalability. Using an offshore center, you may scale your development and create a continuous delivery loop.

4. You want to spend less money and do more

An offshore development site becomes the most excellent choice to keep your development costs low if software development is not your company's primary competency. ODCs often do not have as many overhead expenses as internal offices. Doing this may cut back on costs like rent for office space, infrastructure, electricity, office upkeep, and, most significantly, salaries and taxes.

When A-list corporations use offshore development offices, you know there's something to it. Large corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Apple Inc. operate technological development centers abroad, far from their main offices. 

5. Delivering topic knowledge and vetted experts at a reduced price

With the help of offshore development services, you can access the world's talent pool regardless of the specialized expertise or industry you require. Unlike an ODC software developer, your in-house candidate pool in Ireland is constrained by geography.

ODC offices are frequently located in low-cost countries, so a vendor can assist you in finding a local team of experts at a fraction of the expense of hiring them directly. Your fee will be significantly reduced because you won't have to find and train new staff or pay for leave, insurance, and other employee expenses.

6. Handling technical tasks

ODCs’ highly competent IT teams with established IT competencies, abilities, and experience can be beneficial for Ireland-based companies. ODCs frequently place emphasis on developing their staff' abilities, so they can provide the greatest solutions to their target clients.

To enhance both the quality of the products and the team's ability to communicate with the customers, the workforce must receive weekly training in both technical and English language abilities.

ODC provides ongoing technical support for the duration of the project. They employ their knowledge to perform their tasks throughout the project. They also learn more, which will be expanded later and, if possible, used for other initiatives.

7. Ensuring complete adherence to your specifications

A remote software development team abroad strictly follows the rules that apply to your sector. You have complete control over the team's performance and each project activity as it supplements your in-house staff.

Additionally, an offshore software development office receives certification and auditing by your requirements.


The competitive market dynamic will destroy any company unable to adjust and accelerate growth quickly. Companies speed up their technological endeavors and add digital-first experiences to traditional services to preserve a competitive edge.

However, digital transformation is an expensive path unless it is done in a cheaper environment. Offshore development centers assist businesses in technological innovation and expansion at more affordable prices and with less administrative trouble.

However, despite appearances, an ODC proposal has a narrow scope and does not meet all requirements. Setting up a fully functional center in another country should primarily be preceded by large-scale projects, specialized talents, strong security standards, and demonstrable economic gain in your specific situation. Contact AppsRhino to learn more about offshore outsourcing.


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