Benefits of Virtual Healthcare Apps

Posted On: May 11, 2022

Posted By: appsrhino


The world is changing and moving very fast towards a fully digitized era. Be it the concept of Metaverse, or Artificial intelligence, all point towards a digital world. The medical world is no exception. More than 2% of all 2.8 billion apps on the Google play store belong to healthcare. And 3% of all the apps on the apple store also belong to the category of healthcare.

Virtual healthcare apps have revitalized and reinvented the world of medicine and health. It empowers people with a very powerful tool at their fingertips. You are just a click away from getting your prescription at your doorsteps. And if you have some complaint to make, the help center is at your service. You only need another click to vent your frustrations. Isn’t it cool?

These virtual healthcare apps pave an easy path between the seller and the buyer. It is very frustrating and mind-numbing to find stores to get your medicine. And if the medical store doesn’t have the drug of your  need, you are in real pain.

It might take the guy at the store to arrange your medicine eons. But, with these virtual healthcare apps, it becomes trouble-free as they can connect you to another seller in no time. The ease of use and their efficiency have made virtual healthcare apps integral. 

Virtual healthcare apps have a likely-looking future as the pandemic has forced people to spend more time inside their houses. In such trying times, such technology makes these innovations a lifesaver. Do you want to know more about it? Then brace yourself as you are about to invent a new world!


Virtual healthcare apps have revitalized and reinvented the world of medicine and health. Such apps have empowered people with a very powerful tool at their fingertips. Now prescribed medicines are just a click away from getting delivered at your doorstep. Such apps are not only going to help people save time but help doctors also to look after more and more patients. It is safe to say that Telemedicine apps are the future of healthcare and have tremendous potential. Starting one’s own on-demand healthcare business is a promising opportunity and now is the right time to enter the market. Here are some of the best Healthcare apps available to take inspiration from:
  1. Doctors on Demand
  3. Lemonaid
  4. PlushCare
  5. Amwell

Why  Virtual Healthcare Apps?

Nothing in this world can get you as anxious as an uncalled health issue. It is natural to panic when something with a lethal potential is ailing you or your loved one. 

In trying times like a medical emergency it is strenuous to get your nerves under control. And boy! We make mistakes, grave ones! while choosing a doctor or looking for emergency help. But what if we add someone to the recipe?

Having a helping hand that can take care of all our worries during such trying times would be great! Isn’t it? This is where Virtual healthcare apps come into play. Backed by a hardworking and dedicated team of professionals, these apps prove to be a boon.

No one can blame you if you are in a hurry, as the threat of losing someone dear can set your adrenaline pumping. Virtual healthcare apps keep these in check as they are easy to access and provide a faster and much better way to connect with a healthcare professional.


The professional assistance, variety of choices, qualified healthcare professionals, and swift service delivery makes it a must-have application for anyone. Be it a regular patient or a person who got a sudden ailment, a virtual healthcare apps is fit for everyone.

The best healthcare apps available

Here are a few apps that will give you an idea about the revolution of virtual healthcare apps: -

Doctor on Demand


This virtual healthcare app covers a variety of medical assistance. You want preventive care or behavioral healthcare, or it’s an urgent call; they got you covered. The app provides you services from board-certified helpers and certified therapists. It is convenient to use, and you can expect a provider according to your convenience. And guess what? They are available 24/7. 

There is no extra fee or monthly charge if you opt for this app. And due to its collaboration with multiple employers, you might have to pay a little less. You can avail of their services with or without insurance. All of this is at your fingertips and from the comfort of your home.

As soon as you complete filling your type of visit, history, and symptoms, you can get your healthcare provider. You can view the details of your visit, even after it is complete. To know more, visit here.

Here are a few great things about the virtual healthcare app: -

  • Services are available round the clock 24/7.
  • You can avail of the services with or without insurance.
  • Service providers are certified.



With a rating of 4.6 and 7000+ reviews on Google Play Store and 4.7 rating on App Store, this virtual healthcare app is another virtual healthcare app gem. You can get 24/7 service from the app. This app allows you to schedule your appointments based on your preference. 

With a board-certified and state-licensed team of doctors, this platform promises care from an experienced hand. All the doctors have 15+ years of experience, as claimed by the app. This app also claims that out of 10 users, nine would recommend this app to their friends and family.

The doctors of this app provide assistance to 50+ non-emergency conditions, a wide variety of behavioral medical conditions, and many more. However, if it is a medical emergency, this cannot be used. It helps thousands of people meet their doctors. But in certain conditions, you must not use the app. To know more, visit here

Here are a few great things about the virtual healthcare app:-

  • It helps you meet experienced and certified doctors.
  • It is low on cost.
  • It is available 24/7.



With a whopping rating of 4.9 on the Apple store, it is one of the most affordable virtual healthcare apps available online. One visit can cost you as little as $25. Besides, they provide the most popular prescriptions at low prices. This health care application is available for people with or without insurance.

The app helps you meet doctors, nurse practitioners, or a healthcare coach from our couch. They provide almost all prescriptions faster and very conveniently. It is convenient to use this virtual healthcare app. 

You can download the app and then select the service. After that, enter your medical history. Just that! Now you only need to wait. Soon they will contact you for a teleconsultation or a video consultation. 

Now you must be wondering about the charges. It certainly will not burn a big hole as conventional consultation would do. It just costs $25 for teleconsultation. $95 per month for ongoing care for anxiety and depression. It also includes meds. To know more about different charges, visit here

Most beneficial features of the virtual healthcare app: -

  • It is highly affordable and convenient to use.
  • It is available for people without insurance.
  • It only charges $90 per month for ongoing care for anxiety and depression. It also includes meds.



It boasts over 300,000 users and can help treat 3,500 ailments with the help of its highly qualified doctors. The doctors on the platform come from the top 50 U.S Medical schools which inspires trust. 

You can avail of the services from a phone or a computer every day of the year. This virtual healthcare app claims to have cured 97% of the cases on the first visit. With 100,000+ installations and a 4.8 rating on the Google play store, this app is a must-have application.

The visit is easygoing as you just need to select a time according to our convenience and the doctor of your choice. Then you need to fill in your insurance details (if applicable). Create your account, and then select your preferred pharmacy. That’s it!

When it is time, you will get your appointment, and the doctor will ask you about your medical history and other details. You can talk about everything about your ailment to the doctor, and finally, you will end up with a proper treatment plan. 

It provides care for ongoing ailments and non-emergency conditions. This app gives healthcare services to patients with or without insurance. For an average insured person, the cost can be below $25. The virtual healthcare app provides pediatrics help as well. To know more, visit here.

Here are a few great things about the virtual healthcare app:-

  • The app is available for both insured and people without insurance.
  • It provides pediatrics help as well.
  • Healthcare providers are from the top 50 U.S Medical schools.



With the most popular Mobile Telehealth Platform of 2014-2016 award and other awards, it is one of the best platforms available on the play store. It is accessible for insured and uninsured people. It costs $79 or less if it is an urgent call and $99 or less for online therapy. If you have some insurance, you can always check the payable amount by filling in details. To know more about the prices, visit here.

Amwell provides healthcare services like Psychiatry, urgent care for selected ailments, therapy, nutrition, and lactation consultancy. It is a very easy-to-use virtual healthcare app that allows you to avail the benefits in just three steps.

  1. Download the app
  2. Choose the type of visit
  3. Choose the healthcare provider

All the healthcare providers are board-certified and experienced. The services are available 24/7. You can  avail on-demand services, or you can fix a schedule according to their convenience. 

Best features of the virtual healthcare app: -

  • One can avail of services in just three steps.
  • It is available for both insured and uninsured people.
  • Services are available 24/7.

There are many apps available on the play store and apple store. The laundry list is a long one when it comes to virtual healthcare apps. With the number of mobile users skyrocketing every second, these apps have become a lifesaver. COVID-19 has made healthcare for normal medical conditions rare as the mainstream healthcare system struggles to manage COVID. Virtual healthcare apps not only provide affordable and convenient care for non-emergency healthcare services but are also helping reduce the burden of the healthcare systems. 


Virtual healthcare apps have become an inevitable and handy way to avail and provide healthcare services. Its need has become crucial as the conventional healthcare system struggles to cope with the current situation. It is also a pain for people to wait in lines to get the services. With high quality and on-demand services, virtual healthcare apps have brought a revolution in healthcare. 

It is very convenient for people with or without insurance as these applications provide more flexibility with payments. These virtual healthcare apps have made the server to the served path trouble-free, fast, and convenient. In trying times like lockdowns, one can rest assured that their mental or other ailments can be treated with ease, all thanks to these virtual healthcare apps. Believe it or not but such services are the future of healthcare.  

If you also want to build your own healthcare app and are looking for a technology partner, then contact AppsRhino to get your app within time and budget.