What is the best way to recruit a good AngularJS developer?

Updated On: January 4, 2023

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 Are you planning to launch a highly active and interactive web application? If yes, you might be currently searching for Angular developers. Over 350000 businesses have developed their websites using Angular so far. Also, it has a steady developer usage ranking of 22.06%. One needs to spend a considerable time and effort hiring competent Angular developers. You should always hire candidates who have a thorough knowledge of the field. For instance, angular developers with experience making AJAX calls, data binding, direct DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation, creating custom directives, services, factories, etc., are the suitable candidates for your project. Thus, to hire angular developers, you should do your homework by reading an Angular Developers recruitment guide. This Angular Developers recruitment guide is here to serve the purpose. So, stick around and read this Angular Developers recruitment guide to help you make a sound decision while hiring angular developers.

## **Angular Developers: What should you consider before commencing the hiring process?** 

  1. What is the total number of Angular developers you want to hire? 
  2. How much experience do you expect from your potential angular developers? 
  3. What is your company's budget? 
  4. o you have all the necessary things to check their technical skills? 
  5. Do you know which soft skills you want them to possess?
  6. What is your timeline in which you wish to hire Angular Developers? 
  7. Are you okay with the remote working Angular developers?

What skills should I test while hiring Angular Developers?

As an employer, the onus to ensure that everyone on your team is competent is on you. Every role requires different things from candidates, and here we tell you the skills that angular developers should have. Have a look at the skills we mentioned below: 

  1. Node Package Manager (npm) 
  2. Angular CLI 
  3. HTML and CSS 
  4. Angular 
  5. TypeScript 
  6. RxJS 
  7. Git 
  8. Empathy 
  9. Tailwind SCC 
  10. Docker 
  11. Jenkins 
  12. Firebase 
  13. Time Management 
  14. Communication Skills 
  15. Testing and Debugging 
  16. Responsive design 
  17. Javascript 
  18. JHipster Thus, while hiring Angular developers, you should check whether they possess these skills or not. 

What is the best way to recruit a good AngularJS developer?

  1. AngularJS developer communities 
  2. AppsRhino 
  3. Q&A websites 
  4. Code repositories 
  5. Social media 
  6. In-person and remote networking 

1. Angular developers' communities

Online discussion forums such as Hashnode, Codementor, and Reddit are the repository of Angular developers. Numerous Angular developers visit these forums to put forth Angular questions, read the latest news about Angular and discuss their respective Angular projects. Therefore, you should navigate and examine these online forums for active Angular developers who answer several questions. The reason for looking for active Angular developers is that they are passionate about their job and help others facing difficulties. Thus, reaching out to such Angular developers will help you immensely. 

2. Generic programming Q&A websites

 You can also find Angular developers from the Angular sections of more generic programming Questions and Answers sites. These sections contain a plethora of seasoned Angular developers. One of the world's most prominent programming Questions and Answers websites is StackOverflow. On this website, you can search through some Angular questions and pay attention to the answers and their authors. As you find the person who frequently writes the top-voted answer, you can offer them the job of Angular developers at your organization.

3. AppsRhino

AppsRhino is an experienced app development company furnishing companies with highly customized on-demand mobile and business applications. Our competent team can produce the following types of on-demand applications:

  1. Taxi 
  2. Laundry 
  3. Uber for X 
  4. Beauty 
  5. Groceries 
  6. Delivery 
  7. Home services 
  8. Logistics 

Retail Our Angular developers are competent and professional and consistently deliver the best products. 

4. Code repositories 

Angular developers of all experience levels share their angular projects on public code repositories. One such public code repository is GitHub. On this website, code enthusiasts vote for the projects they like the best based on how neat, innovative or imaginative the project was. Therefore, to find the best angular developers, look for the projects with the most votes as there are high chances that publishers of these projects are expert Angular developers. So, head to GitHub's trending page to catch the best Angular developers.

5. Social media

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for finding top Angular developers quickly. It possesses the feature that allows one to search for people by skill. Thus, you can search for Angular developers by typing in the skill: Angular. Another feature that LinkedIn has is the one that allows developers to list their skills on their LinkedIn profiles. And other developers can endorse these skills. Thus, you know that you should select angular developers with highly endorsed skills. 

6. In-person and remote networking

Attending techie networking events benefits those looking forward to hiring more than one Angular developer. A few of the largest Angular events are as follows: 

  1. Ng-conf 
  2. AngularConnect 
  3. DevReach Apart from these events, you can also attend university and college career events.

These events help you attract student angular developers. Also, in-person events allow you to attract the best angular developers in creative ways, and you can attract them by setting up interactive experiences such as a VR game. Those who come to talk to you will remember you even after the event. 

What factors affect Angular App Development Cost? 

The following factors affect Angular app development costs: 

  1. Size of the Project - Small Size Project - Mid-Size Project - Enterprise-Grade Project 
  2. Skills and Experience of Developer - Junior Developer - Mid-Senior Developer - Experienced Developers 
  3. Operational Storage 
  4. App Complexity and Features 

How much does it cost to hire Angular developers?

 The cost to hire a junior Angular developer ranges from $10 to $30. The Angular development cost to hire mid-senior developers will be around $35, which also can be exceeded based on the project. Hiring an experienced Angular developer will range between $50 to $100. The cost of hiring angular developers depends on the geographical region where you are getting your app developed. Thus, the Angular development cost in the USA will differ from the Angular development cost in India. 

Angular developers' hourly rates in the USA 

USA- $70 to $100 

Angular developers' hourly rates in Europe

1. Eastern Europe: $45 to $65 

2. Western Europe: $50 to $81 

Angular developers' hourly rates in Asia

 1. Eastern Asia: $50 to $60 

2. Central Asia: $35 to $50 

3. Southern Asia: $30 to $55 

4. Western Asia: $40 to $60 

5. South-East Asia: $40 to $60 

Angular developers' hourly rates in Africa

1. Western Africa: $40 to $50 

2. Eastern Africa: $40 to $60 

3. Southern Africa: $41 to $60 

4. Northern Africa: $35 to $60 

Angular developers' hourly rates in Latin America

1. Mexico: $45 to $65 

2. Colombia: $45 to 65 

3. Argentina: $48 to $65 

4. Brazil: $42 to $65 

5. Chile: $50 to $65

 6. Uruguay: $50 to $70 


Hiring Angular developers is a task you should carry out sincerely as it could make or break your company's reputation and dream project. You will need to test your angular developers for various hard and soft skills. But before you can test them, you need to get your hands on potential angular developers. This Angular Developers recruitment guide has listed various ways to get in touch with angular developers. However, you can instantly acquire professional, friendly, diligent, and well-trained angular developers by opting for AppsRhino. We have a team of angular developers who have always met our client's expectations. Contact AppsRhino today for more information! 


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