Best ways to hire Remote C Developers for your Project

Updated On: February 6, 2023

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Are you looking for C developers for your next project? 

If yes, this is the right place for you! After corona-virus hit us all, we introduced ourselves to working remotely. As per statistics, 30-35% of the working class shifted work online, even after covid-19 ended. Every company found some perks in hiring employees who work from home and can still complete their tasks efficiently. 

But if you want to hire remote workers, there are certain things you have to keep in mind. Hiring the most compatible job candidate is never easy, especially if you find them virtually! 

How could you know that the C developer you are hiring is as beneficial as you think? Does he have the required skills? Will that developer be able to work along with the team? Want some help? Here is a detailed hiring guide with fruitful ways of hiring C Developers. Find the best ones!

What are the benefits of hiring remotely?

Why hire employees for remote work? You could also go with the traditional way and make your employees come to work in the office. 

Companies are switching to a remote working strategy because they find benefits there. Let's look at some of these benefits. 

1. Money-Saving 

If your employees work from home, you will have to spend less on IT infrastructure and computer hardware. Moreover, you will save office space, electricity bills and a lot of small charges. You can invest this money in hiring more employees, taking valuable projects, and expanding your company. 

2. Increased efficiency 

Your employees wouldn't have to travel to and fro from work. They will save time and spend more of it on work. Thus your employees will be more work efficient, flexible, and reachable. 

3. Hire Talent across the Globe 

Since your employees won't have to come physically to work, you bagged an opportunity to find talented C developers worldwide! You can look for required talent at lower rates and complete your project in a better way! 

Skills to look for in remote C Developers 

Skills to look for in remote C Developers

When you hire C developers for your company, you shall look for some specific skills in them. These skills are listed below. Check if your C developers have these skills thoroughly. 

Extensive Knowledge of C and C++ (Programming Languages) 

The C developer you are looking for should have the basic knowledge of the required C and C++ syntax. Your developer shall be able to implement libraries and APIs in programs. He shall also not face difficulty in making programs for complex tasks. 

Other Technical Skills 

Your C developer shall know how to work with 

  1. MySQL 
  2. Windows 
  3. Linus 
  4. Docker 

The candidate should be smooth on any of these platforms and willing to learn any new one in the future. 

Supportive Tools knowledge 

The candidate should be adept at 

  1. Git 
  2. Lint 
  3. Vargrld 

And other repository management software necessary for branch management. 

Testing and Debugging 

Your candidate should be good at finding bugs in a program. Efficient C developers know how to test their programs, run them and fix any bugs if found. As C is the backbone of the industry, so your C programmer should be compatible enough with the language and other technical skills. 

Required Soft Skills for any remote C Developer

Along with Technical skills, soft skills are also necessary. A-C developer with both Technical and Soft-skills can make it to your team. 

1. Communication 

If employees are working from home, they should be good at communication. They shall be able to update employers about the work and understand assignments, meetings, and discussions. They should also be asking questions in case of any doubt to be clear about instructions. 

2. Good Decision-making 

Your candidate shall be able to make decisions at the right time. The candidate's initiative-taking and decision-making at a required time while fixing a problem is necessary. 

3. Adaptable 

Your C Developer shall be adaptable to the working environment. You can select the perfect candidate by giving your candidate different situations and understanding their flexibility and adaptability skills. 

4. Time Management 

You candidate should be able to manage between work, meetings, and leisure time. The assignments should not feel like a burden to your potential candidate. 

Steps to hire remote C Developers for your company

Steps to hire remote C Developers for your company

Here are tips you can follow while hiring C developers for your project. These tips are a step-wise guide, and you may follow them for the best results! 

Step 1: Decide project needs and budget. 

First, you shall understand what you and your company want from the new C developer. You may set goals and plans for your project and select the criteria you wish your C developer to fulfill. You may also want to decide your project's budget and hire C developers based on that budget. For this primary step, you can 

  1. Talk to your team members 
  2. Have a conversation with the project lead 
  3. Think about the ongoing project and funds invested there 
  4. Set short-term and long-term goals 

Step 2: Job Posting and Listing 

Next, you shall create a brochure and list your needs for the C developer job. Make sure to add all relevant information, job requirements, and work timing to reach out to potential candidates. You can use various platforms to find C developers. These platforms include 

  1. Upwork 
  2. Freelancer 
  3. Fiverr 
  4. Indeed 
  5. LinkedIn 
  6. Clutch 
  7. GoodFirms

Step 3: Shortlist candidates 

After receiving responses to your company's listing, you can shortlist candidates. The shortlisting procedure can be taken forward by 

  1. Handing out assignments 
  2. pre-interviews 
  3. C project building 
  4. Former projects 

You can analyze the projects candidates submit to you and select C developers that fit your needs the best.

Step 4: Interview process 

For the interview of shortlisted candidates, you shall consider various parameters. You can check the technical and soft skills and ask questions about former projects and experiences from the potential candidates. Your goal should be to extract the most information from the candidates. After the interview, you should know the straights and weaknesses of the potential C developers for your company. You have to decide between hiring them after the interview process. 

Step 5: Offer Letter and final hiring 

After you have selected your C developers, it's time to send them an offer letter. The candidates have to accept the offer letter for the final hiring. Your offer letter shall contain necessary details like tasks, working hours, and salary. 

Hiring cost of remote C Developers 

Hiring cost of remote C Developers

According to Salary. com, the average salary of C developers in the United States is $95,687 as of May 27, 2022. 

C developer salary is between $84,848 and $108,023. 

You have to pay your C developer based on your project and other crucial factors as 

  1. Skills 
  2. Education 
  3. Certifications 
  4. Experience 

C Developers can negotiate based on the project and the skills they have, and you may have to accept their offer if you require them for your project. 

Challenges faced while hiring remote C Developers

While having remote C developers work for you and your project for its best. IT can also save you IT infrastructure and increase efficiency. 

But there are some difficulties you might face while hiring the right remote C developers for you. 

1. Data Security 

For remote developers, you have to give out the data to your C developers to create a project. Are you sure you can trust your C developer with the essential data of your project? What if there is a misuse of your company's data. 

You can ensure that your data remains safe by making your employee sign a legal document or contract with you. This document should ensure the safety of the company's data in all cases. 

2. Language and Time-zone issues 

If you hire a remote C developer from other regions, you might have to face language issues that may affect your work. Also, the time zones may not match and pose a problem. You can solve this issue by setting work guidelines, neutral working hours, and communication. 

3. Selection of the right candidate 

The candidate you select may not be as good as you thought before hiring. The C developer may not fit well with the team. C developers you hire may not be as good at their jobs. You can solve such problems by taking care of the projects your candidates submit and their nature in the interview. 

4. Network issues 

You are hiring C developers remotely. You will be interacting with them virtually over calls or text messages. The possibility of network issues is high here. 

The network issues make communication and task completion difficult. 

Final Words

According to Upwork, 1 in 4 US citizens (26% approximately) will work remotely in the IT sector. Such statistics mean that you may have to hire employees remotely. As C is the base language of the computer programming world, hiring C developers is a crucial task. You must pick developers with the required skills, education, and knowledge. 

You also have to make a budget, negotiate and find the best employees to work on your project. You can't sit and wait for the right C developer to come to you. Check out the tips from the blog to find the best C developers for your company and start hiring!

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