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While many of us couldn't envision a world without computers at work, some of us can recall a period when landlines and fax machines were the most powerful productivity tools. It isn't easy to believe nowadays, with thousands of purpose-built software-as-a-service (SaaS) programs instantaneously available for practically every position in a business.

Over the previous two decades, there has been a lot of SaaS growth, taking the software development model from its inception to where it is today – powering a considerable portion of the business activities at even large businesses. Many SaaS companies and apps have come up in the market. InVisionapp is one such powerful SaaS app. Let's discuss everything about the InVisionapp.


InVision, founded in 2011, creates digital design software to assist UX designers in prototyping and sharing their work across enterprises. Many design tools have emerged in recent years to meet demand, given that every company creates an app. InVision stands out for its rapid rise and fantastic reach. InVisionapp has 5 million registered users at over 65,000 businesses, 97 percent of Fortune 100. Airbnb, Slack, Starbucks, and Uber are among the customers. With features like real-time monitoring, mind mapping, researching, and the capability to integrate; InVisionapp stands out from the rest. The pricing is flexible, with 3 types of memberships to choose from. This blog discusses at length: 1. The origins of Invisionapp 2. Features 3. Pricing Strategy 4. Pros 5. Cons 6. Revenue streams

What is the InVisionapp?


InVisionapp is a single platform for designing digital products. It makes it easier for multiple stakeholders to collaborate throughout the UI design workflow, from ideation to development. While many Fortune 100 organizations use it, the program is also intended for smaller teams.

InVisionapp, like other UI design tools, enables designers to create UI navigation patterns, prototypes, wireframes, and plan user journeys. Different people can utilize InVisionapp to provide comments on plans, drawings, presentations, and even onboarding flows generated with Freehand, their online whiteboard.

Key Features of the InVisionapp

Key features of the InVisionapp are as follows:

  1. Design without coding Tools for UI prototyping include pre-made templates, freehand drawing, and animation.
  2. Real-time meetings and whiteboarding are used for design collaboration and presentation.
  3. Mind mapping and marker colors to show who is designing help with design organization and teamwork.
  4. Feedback on design and comments on specific content
  5. UI designers' project management
  6. User research and testing
  7. Capability for integration: export whiteboards to other programs.

InVision Pricing and Costing Strategy

InVision's pricing has recently changed: with their software's 2020 release of V7, they revised their subscription plan. While their website still has information on the pricing approach for V6, they are naturally pushing the most recent version, which we have analyzed in this post.

The pricing of InVision is determined by your company's needs, precisely how many individuals will use the software. In the table below, you can see their pricing strategy for V7:

[wptb id=7012]

All three membership plans offer free InVision Studio access, allowing you to build animated screen designs and interactive prototypes. They all provide unrestricted access to InVision's digital whiteboard, known as Freehand, and access to boards for visual design presentation and integrations with other primary product design tools such as Sketch, Photoshop, and JIRA.

InVisionapp enables contextual input on all documents – i.e., prototypes, boards, and "freehands" – at every level of the sales process and easy handoff with developer-ready specs. Users can publicly publish design links or grant clients and contractors with guest rights.

Paying for the customized Enterprise plan, on the other hand, grants your company access to a plethora of additional perks. It allows you to develop custom templates for your team to use in terms of design. InVision Enterprise also provides enhanced security, priority support, and a dedicated customer success manager, ensuring that your investment is worthwhile.

What is the most crucial takeaway from InVision's price? While the free subscription may be adequate for some, the UI design platform is unquestionably pricey if you have several stakeholders who require access to the software.

What Are the Advantages of InVisionapp?

Let's now talk about why InVisionapp is so popular among significant corporations like Netflix, Amazon, IBM, CapitalOne, and Samsung. In this section, we'll go over the benefits and drawbacks of product design software to help you decide if InVisionapp is ideal for your SaaS company.

Pros of InVisionapp

Simple and easy to use: InVisionapp is intuitively designed and simple for people of various technical levels, with drag-and-drop functionality to make it easier to provide input on specific areas of designs.

InVisionapp, like any great onboarding, flows segmented users depending on their knowledge level to provide them with relevant walkthroughs and tooltips. It's also intended to provide value to new and existing users by displaying a "New!" label for recent product releases.

Increased design control: Because you can create prototypes that simulate the actual user experience, InVisionapp gives you more flexibility over how you present your designs.

Multi-use prototypes: Because interactive prototypes can be fully animated, they can also be utilized for live demos and user testing before product launch. It applies to both the web and mobile.

Version history: InVisionapp keeps track of previous screens to see the entire version history of your product design.

Multiple Integrations: There are numerous integration options, including Slack, Sketch, Microsoft Teams, Atlassian, and Adobe.

Scalable: the program is intended to suit the demands of everyone, from freelancers to large organizations with thousands of employees. It is shown in the cost-effectiveness of InVision's services.

Provides a free plan: While some people believe InVisionapp to be expensive if your demands are restricted – less than ten users seeing up to three documents – the free membership model is an excellent choice.

Feedback Friendly: It's ideal for feedback because it eliminates the back-and-forth procedure of emailing PDFs or screenshots of prototypes. InVisionapp, on the other hand, enables clients, developers, and other stakeholders to efficiently evaluate and comment on up-to-date cloud-based prototypes on any device.

Cons of InVisionapp

Expensive for larger teams: Needing to pay a predetermined amount per participant becomes prohibitively expensive for larger groups.

Integrations can be untrustworthy: Some customers have experienced problems with InVision's integrations with other tools, such as Sketch.

Not entirely collaborative: While InVisionapp allows users to comment on documents, it does not allow for real-time editing like other collaboration software, such as Google Docs.

Design Issues: Designers must import their work using InVision Studio (free, but only available on Mac and Windows; no browser-based access is open), Sketch, or another preferred design tool.

Is InVision the right fit for you?


At first look, the advantages of InVisionapp appear to be convincing. It's a sleek, well-designed piece of software.

But does that imply it's appropriate for your SaaS firm, or are there superior, independent solutions that can handle each activity in your workflow more effectively?

Cost of InVision

The cost of InVisionapp is the biggest issue for most designers. Designers must import their work from InVision Studio (free, but only for Mac and Windows; no browser-based access), Sketch, or another design application. Add up the exact number of stakeholders in your company who require software access. The Enterprise package may be necessary with designers, developers, marketers, clients, and other personnel. Can you afford to pay the InVisionapp charge per head, even with any discounts? 

Product tours for onboarding

While InVisionapp has nailed its onboarding flow, if your goal is to deliver demos of your SaaS, specialized product onboarding software may be a better investment than creating your own.


How does your workflow currently look? If you're presently using Sketch to develop product design prototypes, you might be able to use its feedback features instead of uploading your drawings into InVisionapp.

Stakeholder collaboration

If you want multi-user modification on your UI prototypes rather than just written input, InVisionapp may not be the right platform for you. In this situation, a technology like Figma, which allows stakeholders to change designs directly, may be more beneficial.


Many international organizations use InVisionapp to show, assess, and receive feedback on their product designs. But it doesn't imply it's appropriate for everyone. Fortunately, there is a vast market of product design, feedback, and onboarding tools accessible for various budgets.

So, we've given you all of the benefits and drawbacks. It is now up to you to evaluate your company's demands and decide whether or not InVisionapp is a good fit for your SaaS.

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