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Updated On: March 28, 2023

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Do you want to develop an app for your business but do not know which professional team to hire? It happens to everyone when they need to make a significant decision. Your decision will dictate the future and success of your app and business. The market is brimming with numerous app development companies that are unique in their ways. It becomes challenging to choose the right app development team for your firm in such a scenario. But do not fret; we have picked an app development company called Code Brew and have listed the Code Brew pros and cons. Also, we have mentioned a few alternatives for Code Brew if you want to avail yourself of someone else's services. Stick around to know more.

What Is Code Brew?

Code Brew is a firm specializing in technological solutions for businesses, the already established ones and the budding ones. Code Brew has experience using Business Analytics, IoT-based infrastructure, cloud-based computing, solutions, AR, and VR. Code Brew uses this expertise in numerous industry verticals, be it Fintech, EduTech, Healthcare, Social Networking, Chat Apps, Mobile Games, Marketplaces, and Food Delivery - to name a few. 

Being a team of 200+ members, Code Brew possesses the best engineering minds with technical expertise and enthusiasm to thrive for the best by accepting new challenges. Its growth rate has been outstanding since its inception in 2013. Its philosophy can explain its work toward customer service, keeping the user experience at the center of its focus while designing and developing apps. 

Code brew claims that its well-crafted UI and subsequent user experience are validated to the point of 100% user satisfaction and has 

worked on more than 300 Apps across different business domains.

How does code brew work?

Code brew follows a unique approach to an app development project. Their working phases are as follows:

 Each letter of BREW stands for something, which is as follows.

B: Briefing Of Your Business Idea

 Code Brew examines its clients' ideas, details, and requirements and forms the best solution to meet their brand requirements. They conduct thorough research of their clients' domains of interest and rivals. Then they chalk out a framework for their customized app with specific features to make it stand out from the crowd.

R: Researching A Perfect Architecture

 Code Brew developers browse the stack of the latest technologies after briefing the initial ideas. The Code Brew developers create a fully-customized solution for their clients' businesses with an excellent user interface design for a better customer experience. 

 They develop the core functionality app and power it with advanced features. It gives your app an extraordinary ability to retain initial users and boost your user base. 

E: Evolving Bug-Free Business App

Repeatedly testing your initial product is crucial as compromising on the product quality is not suitable for a business' credibility. Thus, testers constantly try your product to ensure Code brew fulfills all your requirements. Code brew developers also check the ease of use, keeping in mind your target audience.

Moreover, the products that code brew develops have high compatibility with most devices in the market. Thus, they test the running of the developed app by running the app on different screen sizes.

 W: Wrapping Up For Success

 Code brew also provides its clients with experts who give you a custom-made digital solution to reach maximum customers efficiently. The Code Brew experts help you formulate result-oriented promotional and marketing strategies to take your app long.

Code Brew Cons

  1. The only part where Code Brew can assist is by giving an overview of the app.
  2. The comprehensive analysis of its performance for a week makes it easy for a business owner to understand the research.

Code Brew Pros

  1. Team Discussion, realistic timelines, and transparency in the entire process.
  2. Client involvement is the best apart from the deal Code Brew offers.
  3. Transparency in the whole process; they take every step with great care.

Code Brew Alternatives 

Capital Numbers 

The first Code Brew alternatives is an award-winning, ISO 9001 & 27001 certified global solutions provider with over 600 in-house experts, Capital Number. They have assisted reputed international brands like Consumer Reports, Foundation, Reuters, Tipalti, Kargo, StoneAcre, and ST Engineering scale in growing their engineering teams cost-effectively. This company has worked with enterprise clients and several exciting startups and small businesses like Federated Auto Parts and Fidelity Payments. Additionally, they are in business with Payment Approved, Swiggy, Skillsz,, HelloThinkster, CashPack, BrandWisdom, etc. 

EBS Integrator

EBS Integrator is another alternative for Code Brew. It is a software development house focusing its energy on delivering exceptional digital experiences for each stakeholder. EBS Integrator powers a full-cycle development approach in supplying Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), Full-Packaged Products, Application Refactoring and Software Redesign services. 

One Six Solutions

Another alternative for Code Brew is One Six Solutions, a Chicago-based Data and Software Engineering firm. They provide solutions for cloud-based data and software engineering. They have a reputation for creating solutions across various industries, including healthcare, pharma, manufacturing non-profit, software, and product startups. 

One Six Solutions assist its clients in solving complex business problems, from custom application development to integrating data across the enterprise and delivering analytic solutions. Some of its notable partners are AWS Consulting Partner, Tableau Partner, Microsoft Consulting Partner, Qlik Partner, Snowflake Partner, and Fivetran Partner.


Algoworks is a Salesforce Gold consulting partner and a Salesforce Talent Alliance Member. This Code Brew alternative is a B2B IT services provider company with expertise in critical areas of Salesforce CRM and Mobility (Software Product Engineering included). 

Algoworks is a Salesforce Consulting Partner/ISV Partner rated 5.0/5.0 on AppExchange. They provide their clients with access to their Salesforce experts for their administrative and development needs and customizing SFDC to business processes. Moreover, they help integrate it with third-party systems, upgrading to lightning experience and App Development.


Another Code Brew Alternatives on this list is AppsRhino! AppsRhino is a mobile app development company powering on-demand mobile applications and business apps for entrepreneurs and enterprises. We provide solutions for on-demand Grocery delivery, Alcohol delivery, Food delivery, Laundry delivery, Home services, Doctors, Plumbers and Electrician services, and Taxi and Logistics services. Besides that, we offer our clients the flexibility to choose between on-premises or cloud-based subscription solutions, making us one of the on-demand mobile app development industry leaders.


This Code Brew alternative is a big-data and advanced analytics consultancy that has operated at the forefront of technology for over two decades. iOLAP claims to be a client-centric and business-outcome perspective company. They focus entirely on data technologies to create solutions that bring their clients efficiencies, security, and scale. They first evaluate their clients' unique needs before recommending architectures and technologies. 

iOLAP possesses in-depth expertise in company data warehousing (EDW), streaming low-latency data collection, and in-memory processing relevant tasks. Also, they can handle parallel processing and predictive and prescriptive analytics.

iOLAP can:

  1.  Build a comprehensive data and technology roadmap 
  2. Deliver strategic data-readiness estimations
  3.  Oversee database and platform migrations
  4.  Integrate structured/unstructured data from different sources and ETL implementations
  5.  implement and support Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)  
  6. Develop executive dashboard and reporting systems
  7.  Develop custom and advanced analytics
  8. integrate enterprise systems with voice services like Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant. 


The last alternative for Code Brew on our list is Chetu. It is a US-based software development company providing businesses with custom technology solutions globally. This application development company boasts 2000 skilled software developers. They help the company combine technological expertise, specific domain experience, and desire for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions.  

Chetu claims to be a true and seamless backend technology partner that could help your business speed up the development of desktop, mobile

& web-based apps with the help of its on-demand developers.


Code Brew specializes in technological solutions for businesses, enterprises, and MNCs. They can help you with Business Analytics, IoT-based infrastructure, cloud-based computing, AR, and VR solutions. They are a professional team that can skyrocket your profits by developing an excellent app for your business. 

Another alternative to Code Brew is AppsRhino. They develop apps that suit your consumer and your business model. Find out more here!

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