Features of Angular you must know to make a decision

Updated On: February 10, 2023

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Knock knock!

Who is there?


Angular who?

The Framework for single-page Website Development!

Angular came into existence in 2009. Further, Developers created numerous versions with multiple features, including Angular javascript (Angular js) and Angular bootstrap!

If you want to involve in website or webpage application Development, Angular is the perfect choice for you!

Do you know numerous Angular features? Do you want to know about the reasons why you shall opt for Angular js or Angular bootstrap?

Read this blog to know everything required about Angular to decide for your project!

Features of Angular you must know!

1. Document Object Model (DOM)

Document Object Model (DOM)

Do you know why programming is effortless with the document object mode feature? Angular uses the regular DOM helping developers update their documents without hassle! 

What does DOM do? 

This feature creates a tree structure for every XML and HTML program. Further, this chart represents the document, with every node representing one part.

Imagine creating a program with ten different features and elements. The DOM feature will create a tree with every branch representing one element and its sub-branches.

2. Data Binding

Data Binding

Do you want your users to update the website data through the browser? Imagine you want to create a website with calculators. You want users to interact with the website and input data for results. 

You can achieve the above goal without complex programming! Angular allows the implementation of Dynamic HTML webpages for users to update and interact on the browser. 

Angular uses the Two-face Binding feature to achieve this goal. With the controller, the Framework links the DOM to the model data. This method reflects model changes in UI and vice-versa. 

3. Angular CLI

The Command Line Interface feature of Angular and Angular js helps receive the user's command as text. Moreover, Angular CLI automates some operations by implementing the instructions from the developers. 

Angular developers can use these basic commands to add or remove specific functionality from the webpage. If the Angular developers want to install dependencies and combine multiple features, they can perform these tasks in less time!

4. The MVC Architecture of MVC

The MVC Architecture of MVC

Do you know about the benefits of the Model View Controller or MVC Architecture? Developers can remove extra coding from their programs and get required outputs, making this feature one of the most useful in Angular. 

Moreover, here are some features of the Angular MVC Architecture to help you realize the benefits of this feature!

  1. Customizable and Modifiable Development
  2. Fast website building
  3. Data return without editing
  4. Multiple views at a single time
  5. Better programming experience
  6. Better Data maintenance

5. Declarative UI

Declarative UI

You know that JavaScipt is complicated in comparison to HTML. What if you had the option to write the program in HTML and display the required results? You can outline your website using HTML with the Declarative UI Feature of Angular and Agular js. 

You don't need to engage in manual programming and automate most tasks. How? You have to specify the page layout and program the basics.

The Angular Framework will take care of the rest of the work!

There are many other features and benefits of using the Angular Framework. However, you shall consider the advantages and limitations of this Framework before proceeding further!

Final Words

You know about the features of Angular. As an entrepreneur, you shall understand that Angular has a steep learning curve. Front-end Developers shall understand libraries, templates, directives, modules, and other features.

Therefore, you should hire candidates with the required skillset and hold in the Front-end Development world if you decide to start working with Angular or Angular js!

Moreover, they should start with HTML (for creating the content and document structure) and CSS (for styling). Candidates can extend their knowledge of Angular bootstrap and initiate their website creation journey. 

Do you want to create a project using Angular? Contact AppsRhino today! We have the perfect team of Developers for you! You will enjoy working with us and generating scalable outputs together!


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