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Updated On: February 9, 2023

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Grocery Delivery App is an On-demand app which focuses on fast and easy solutions for grocery needs of the people. Best grocery delivery apps right now are- instacart, amazon fresh, peapod etc.

I remember visiting grocery stores twice a week and always be annoyed standing in a long queue and being crowded in the stores is never a chore we all look forward to. But, you can’t live without buying the products that you need! 

Now, on-demand apps have fixed this problem. Grocery delivery apps are now replacing traditional styles of grocery shopping. In this modern life, grocery apps deliver a convenient solution to customer problems. Grocery shoppers are moving towards grocery apps to remove all the shopping fuss! 

Businesses and enterprises also need to move with this transformation for better outcomes. Be a single grocery store or chains of grocery stores, these apps certainly lift your business reach the next level. 

Reasons to build an App

The World is getting Digital:

As per Deloitte Report, the influence of digital market grew from 13% in 2013 to a little more than 70% in 2019(in the US alone) People now spend 2.5 hrs on average on mobile apps. The modern civilization views shopping as a hassle and has become comfortable from shopping at home. In a general sense, shopping through mobile phone is growing each year. 


The use of Grocery Delivery App is becoming popular. Earlier, I used to be skeptical to use an app to order groceries but after viewing the grocery delivery system within an hour, I became an avid online customer. I rarely go to a shop anymore. 

You see, earlier people used to go to small shops and stores near their localities. After that, supermarkets were famous as people were offered with a bigger variety of products. Now, this market is evolving to use digitization as a part of it. 


Statistics can tell the truth for any question. According to a survey and a study, grocery app usage is growing by 50% this year(in the US alone). This means a bigger audience who can order items from your inventory. 

30.4 million Americans will be using a Grocery Delivery App by 2022. Globally, sales through mobile phone reached $1.4 trillion in 2017 and are expected to increase to $3.5 trillion in 2021. And grocery delivery apps are also reaping benefits from it. Global online grocery market will reach 150 billion $ by 2025, hence a big majority of the population appeals to the fact that how these apps save time. 

According to a report, it was known that about 43% of the shoppers prefer mobile apps in comparison to the grocery shops. In 2016, online grocery sales in the US alone were $ 14 billion, but by 2020 it will reach up to $45 billion. 

Don’t you want your grocery store to make huge profits than before? 

For that, you need to get a grocery delivery app designed for your business and it needs to focus on building a better brand and satisfying your customers. 

On-demand Apps target customer’s demand:

A business should work according to the consumer’s behavior. As the consumer’s behavior is evolving, the grocery sector also needs to evolve. The users today demand, no hassles, faster services, 24×7 services and what not, and achieving all the demands is a far-fetched dream. 

Online grocery delivery app satisfies the user’s needs in a better way. Online grocery sales have huge potential. They make only 3 % of the total grocery market, there is an untapped market which is ready for this digitization. Food retailers who want to grow with this latest consumer trend will need grocery app development companies by their side in order to keep up. 


You are not only creating sales but this app will help manage and organize your store better than the traditional ways. You could have the options of managing your employees, your inventory, billings, store stats under one dashboard with specific insights. 

This analytics in today’s business world is important. Even if you don’t want to shift your business to the online delivery platform, a grocery store app will still help in so many ways. But, to have a better outcome in this competitive market, you need to upgrade. 


Big companies like Walmart, Quickr and even Facebook has decided to invest their money in this system. Walmart grocery delivery app works according to the schedule of the customer, it lets the user collect the items on their time rather than a delivery system. The trend that the major tech companies are not ignoring the rise of this online sector is a big heads up before the competition gets bigger. 

How your Grocery Delivery App should be?


For a successful business, one needs to focus on the customer satisfaction. We need to research and know about our users’ behavior. The world today is concerned about the quality and quantity. Hence, trying to accommodate discounts and organic food options may even result in better sales. 


Don’t we all love those apps which are easy to go through and are self-explanatory? Your customers won’t ever use an app with too many functions and complex interface. Your grocery delivery app should convey the vision of your business to build a deeper connection between your users. A visual interface can be accommodated with your app. Location-enabled features are really famous right now. This kind of transparency makes the user more engaged with your brand. 

Grocery Delivery App Development:

Building a Grocery App is not an easy process. You need innovative designers and developers who can understand your vision. Appsrhino has worked with so many clients to make apps that offer what they need, we want to help businesses grow. Thus, our guidance always remains with our clients. 

If you have decided to be a part of this digital market, then appsrhino is right for you as we have top strategies for on-demand grocery app development. Apps are becoming more than just software. We will simply help you build a virtual supermarket according to your needs. 

Appsrhino is an on-demand app development company for entrepreneurs and businesses. We create apps, that enhance the growth of a business. We guide you along with this digital transformation. 

Do you have any suggestions? Do Comment! Connect with Us! We love hearing about your Amazing Ideas!

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