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Do you need to hire Android Developers to work on your dream project? One generally wants the best Android Developers on one’s team. They prove to be a tremendous asset to one’s company or venture. Despite the desire to hire the best Android Developers, many people do not know how to hire the best ones. There are a few parameters on which you need to evaluate your potential candidates before you consider them for the profile of remote Android developers. Suppose you hire android developers who do not have a good sense of product behavior or lack the required experience designing UI/UX. In that case, you are in for a terrible mess that can cost you the efficiency of your dream project/ android apps. Similarly, hiring remote android developers who are incapable of providing the accurate Estimate Time of Arrival can immensely hamper your product’s development. Thus, hiring remote Android developers is not child’s play. You need to equip yourself with the required knowledge to hire Android Developers remotely in 2022. If you bear these points in mind, you will find yourself reaping the benefits of the best Android developers on your team. So stick around to find more.

Some Statistics on Android Developers

 1. There are more than 10569 Android Developers employed in the US. 

2. The number of male Android Developers (81.8%) is more than female Android Developers (18.2%). 

3. The average age of employed Android Developers is 39. 

4. One will find the majority of Android Developers in NY, New York, and IL, Chicago. 

5. The highest demand for Android Developers is in Atlanta, GA. 

6. The average salary of Android developers is $100,134. 

7. The Average Starting Salary of Android Developers is $74,000. 

8. Women Android developers earned 93% of what men earned in 2021. 

9. The best state for Android Developers to live in is California. 

10. Android developers are more likely to prefer working at Public companies than private companies.

Role and Responsibilities of Android Developers

 1. Designing and developing advanced apps for the Android Platform. 

2. Identifying and rectifying bottlenecks and eliminating bugs. 

3. Developing Unit-test code for robustness. 

4. Working with outside data sources and API’s. 

5. Translating numerous designs and wireframes into high-quality code. 

6. Assisting in maintaining the quality of code, organization, and automatization. 

Benefits of Hiring Remote Android Developers

Remote Android Developers Benefit 1: Cost-efficient

 Hiring remote Android developers is beneficial to you as it positively impacts your office space. Hence, you can employ as many android developers as you want without getting worried about accommodating them in your office space. Therefore, you do not need to pay for infrastructure. Besides this, you also save money in the following departments: 

1. Providing for their lunch. 

2. Their travel expenses. 

3. Furnishing hardware equipment. 

Remote Android Developers Benefit 2: Better talent from around the world

 You can select developers from the submitted CVS only when you choose android developers through in-person interviews in-office. On the other hand, hiring remote Android developers allows you to employ high-quality and top-notch android developers. 

Remote Android Developers Benefit 3: More productivity

 The chances are that your remote android developers are more productive than your in-office android developers. Research has found that remote workers are 20-25% more effective than office employees. 

What skills do you need to look for in Remote Android Developers

 Based on your needs, you can hire Junior, Middle, or Senior Android developers with various levels of skill sets. The following is just a standard level of skill sets that you remote android developers should have.

Remote Junior Android Developer

1. They should have at least less than three years of experience. 

2. They should have engaged in the development of simple android applications. 

3. They should be able to help middle and senior android developers. 

Remote Middle Android Developer

1. These android developers should have more than three years of experience. 

2. They should have a few complex Android-based projects. 

3. They should be able to work independently on diverse functions. 

Remote Senior Android Developer

 1. Senior Android Developers should have more than five years of experience. 

2. They should have led, administered, and acted as consultants in large projects. 

3. They should be fit for the position of team leader. 

4. In addition to these specifications, a remote Android developer should possess solid technical skills. They should also be able to think critically and solve problems quickly and efficiently. On top of these requirements, they should be excellent team players. 

What Technical skills do Remote Android Developers need to have?

Skills 1: Expert in Java, Kotlin, and Android Studio

Today, the Java language is the most popular programming language for developing Android applications. Therefore, your remote android developers should have a good grasp of Java. In addition to this, your remote android developers should know how to use Android Studio. In this way, your remote android developers can create their high-quality android applications Android environment. Having a sound grasp of Android Studio also lets them use emulators for various mobile devices. They can use these unique features to preview what their new android apps will appear like. Thus, you should ensure that your remote android developers should be able to code in Java. 

Skills 2: Experience in building API

Nowadays, numerous apps need to integrate with third-party services. These third-party services complement the applications and add a higher level of functionalities to the app. To test your remote android developers’ knowledge of APIs, you can ask them to tell the functionality of an API. Moreover, you can ask them to tell them to list a few APIs and their functionalities. Someone who is an experienced android developer would know a few APIs and their functionalities. 

Skills 3: XML knowledge

Today, almost every application needs a stable internet connection. It makes it necessary that all of your remote android developers should know how to use Extensible Markup Language (XML). XML helps android developers create layout files, thus making it necessary for remote android developers to know how to code in XML. 

Skills 4: Better Knowledge of Android SDK

 Every android application uses one of the following languages: 1. Kotlin 2. Java 3. C++ Therefore, your android developers should know one of these languages. Also, they should know how to use Android SDK and be familiar with views, layouts, user input, activities, lifecycles, etc. Apart from it, they should also be able to troubleshoot bugs whenever they arise. 

Skills 5: Knows UX & UI design

Your remote android developers should be able to create functional and fashionable apps that work smoothly and provide users with a comfortable user experience. This need necessitates that your developers should know a bit about design skills and work with UI and UX designers. Android developers get designs from UI and UX designers and work on them to make intuitive and impressive apps. 

Skills 6: Understanding of Database

 Your apps can not store a massive amount of data, and you would find the solution to the problem of storing data in online databases. Online databases like firebase, MongoDB, etc., can be used to keep all your user data safe. Therefore, your remote android developers need to know about database storage and retrieval operations. 

What Soft Skills do Remote Android Developers need to have?

 It can be challenging to hire remote android developers as a few technical and soft skills are a prerequisite. Such soft skills are listed below: 

Skills 1: Communications Skills

 Undoubtedly, English is a lingua franca, and almost everyone understands it. Therefore, you should look for remote android developers who can express themselves completely and without much difficulty. If you hire someone who does not understand English and is proficient in any other language, you might lose some of your clients then. 

Skills 2: Collaboration Skills

Since all your remote android developers and other team members will work remotely, you also need to test their collaboration skills. Therefore, before you begin looking for developers, ensure you include this as one of your remote android developers’ prerequisites.

Skills 3: Psychological Skills

Psychological skills matter a lot and have a significant impact on your projects. Therefore, it will be beneficial to your company and projects to hire candidates capable of handling situations of failure and success well. 

Skills 4: Time-Zone Flexibility

Remote hiring also includes hiring developers from different continents, which means you will need to deal with different time zones. Therefore, it will be better to employ remote Android Developers who are willing to work according to your working hours. 


 Hiring remote Android Developers is cost-efficient, increases the productivity of your employees, and allows you to hire the best talent from all over the world. Although the perks of hiring remote android developers are abundant, there are also a few challenges. You can combat these challenges by looking for specific technical and soft skills in your potential remote android developers. You can spare yourself all these painstaking tasks by hiring android developers from AppsRhino. Our android developers have these technical and soft skills in abundance. 

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