How do I hire Android developer in a reasonable rate?

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The best way for any company to gain attention from people is by launching an app. Another thing that you will find them do is go for Android development to make their idea a reality. However, this view is just from rose-tinted spectacles as there is more to android development- Hiring android developers. There are more than 18,000+ Android Developer Jobs in India only.

Today, there are approximately 3.48 million Android apps. The reason for their popularity is that Android apps provide benefits like the freedom of exploration and innovation, compatibility with numerous devices, excellent social media optimization, high return on investment, etc. It lures businesses into android development, increasing the demand for android developers.

Besides having more demand for android developers, many people choose to become android developers because learning how to code in Android is relatively easier than learning how to code in iOS.

Although companies look forward to building android apps to establish their presence, choosing the wrong android developers does them more harm than good. No matter how good your idea is, you need developers capable of implementing your idea. Otherwise, poor implementation will lead to a definite failure.

Therefore keep reading the blog to understand how to hire android developers at a reasonable rate.

Android Developers Hiring Guide: Steps to Hiring Android Developers

Steps to Hiring Android Developers

Android Developers hiring guide step 1: Technical Skills that Android Developers must know

Since you want to hire android developers, this android developer guide states that making a list of the technical skills they need to know is a must-to-do step. Without knowing these technical skills, your hired android developers can't do their job correctly.

A Proficient Java or Kotlin (or Both) Coder 

Android developers can not be android developers without being familiar with Java or Kotlin, as these are the official languages for Android Development. Therefore, your android developers should know how to code in these languages to develop android apps.

It means that they should know the language syntax and structure, how to do JDK documentation, working with loops, variables, and other object-oriented fundamentals.

A Sound Grasp of Android SDK concepts

Your Android developers need to know how to work with a pre-packed set of SDK (software development kit) to speed up the Android development process. One requires this kit to integrate one's apps with third-party apps. Other concepts they should know are:

  • Action bars
  • User Input
  • Screen Adaptability
  • Data Transfer

And many more.

DataBase engine Familiarity

Android developers should be able to use database engines like SQLite, Room Database, Realm, and Firebase. These engines help android developers store users' data and sync it when they access apps in the offline mode.

Knowledge of Code Versioning Tools

Tools like Git, Github, and Bitbucket are essential for android developers. They make the collaboration of different team members easy, leading to a smooth working experience on the same project.

These tools let android developers know the progress so far, what are the changes and, the latest available version of the code, etc.

All of these things are significant in the android app development process.

Comprehension of XML

This must-have technical skill allows android developers to transfer data to multiple web-based locations. In addition to it, XML also enables them to create excellent layouts that would serve as a sound foundation for Android app UI.

Well-versed With Development Tools

Developers should know everything about Google's OS's full-featured integrated development environment. Google's OS includes Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA. Former knowledge is mandatory since it supports every programming language, making writing error-free codes faster for android developers.

Vital Sense of Android Material Design

Android developers must possess an understanding of the Material Design Component. There is a need to learn this concept as every android app should align with the guidelines mentioned in the Android Material Design.

These guidelines cover the following things:

  • The basic UI/UX principles
  • Crucial designing elements
  • Interface guidelines

RESTful APIs and Retrofit library for API calls

The last must-have skill for android developers is working with APIs. Application Programming Interfaces help android developers exchange data with multiple computer programs. Also, they should be well versed in using open-source libraries to enable using various web-based services via apps.

Android Developers hiring guide step 2: Essential Tools for Android Developers

Android Developers hiring guide step 2: Essential Tools for Android Developers

Numerous tools help Android developers create better quality apps swiftly. These Android development tools enable android developers to code quicker, efficiently manage workloads and enhance their productivity.

We list these tools below:

Android Studio

Android Studio has everything that increases android developers' efficiency. Moreover, this tool is free, and Google and a large community of android developers support it. Therefore, it is everyone's first preference.

Android Studio is also teeming with numerous tools that help code faster.

AVD Manager

AVD is a configuration defining multiple devices and their features. Its features include screen sizes, versions, resolutions, etc. Moreover, it enables an Android Emulator to install and run numerous mobile applications. The AVD manager lets android developers use AVD, which examines the performance and responsiveness of their developed android apps.

Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

ADB is a communication bridge with multiple devices. It is a versatile tool that simplifies communication among devices, applications, and web services used during the entirety of a development lifecycle. With this tool, android developers can transfer files, capture screenshots, record videos, execute shell commands, etc.

Android SDK

It is a set of libraries and tools that help us develop several apps in a short period. One can use it with all operating systems as it is compatible with all of them.

Android Developers hiring guide step 3: Roles and Responsibilities of Android App Developers

There are numerous duties of android app developers, and they also play some roles. These roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Developing apps for multiple devices
  • Working with cross-functional teams to design, create, test, and ship apps having few bugs
  • Translating wireframes and prototypes into clean and high-quality code
  • Employing and using different types of APIs and database resources
  • Unit testing and identifying errors to remove bugs from the app.
  • Evaluating live apps' performances and supplying support to enhance their performances
  • Maintain code quality and application development guidelines
  • Looking for new tools and technologies to improve app UI/UX

Android Developers hiring guide step 4: Define Your Needs

Prepare your project's description by outlining all of your project requirements, business needs, and tasks, and then share it with android developers before you interview them.

Android Developers hiring guide step 5: Determine the Type of Collaboration

It helps you decide which type of collaboration will suit you better. You can then go for in-house development or outsource a team of android developers.

Android Developers hiring guide step 6: Finding and Shortlisting Process

After you find developers from various sources, shortlist them and proceed to verify their reviews, portfolios, and project-related knowledge. You can turn to your professional for help.

Android Developers hiring guide step 7: Conduct Interviews

After you shortlist a few android developers, you can interview them to see whether or not they are a perfect fit for your company. It would help to have a list of questions prepared beforehand to ask interviewees.

Android Developers hiring guide step 8: Finalize and sign a Contract

Once you feel that the candidates are suitable for recruiting, you can make them sign contracts and share your goals, visions, dreams, etc. Suppose you have hired android developers from outsourcing companies. In that case, you can extend your team whenever you desire by asking for more developers in a short period. The android developers that you hire through this method are there to work with you daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on how you want to work with them.

Android Developers Hiring Guide: How to hire Android Developers at a reasonable rate?

Numerous talent assessment platforms exist that help employers evaluate their candidates. One such talent assessment platform is HackerEarth's platform.

These platforms automate a company's screening process by providing them with online coding tests.

These platforms have libraries that contain over 20000 questions to ask the candidates. Thus, even a non-technical person can evaluate and hire android developers.

Also, these talent assessment platforms support all of the common languages and measure a person's performance comprehensively. It measures the time, how correct the answers are, how efficiently they used memory, the quality of their codes, etc.

These tools have excellent analytics features that gauge candidates' knowledge while properly proctoring their tests. Moreover, they also have techniques to detect plagiarism. 

How can you use these talent assessment platforms to evaluate an Android Developer:

How can you use these talent assessment platforms to evaluate an Android Developer:

Evaluating Android questions

One evaluates the android question in the following ways: 

  • Using their built-in Android emulators
  • By downloading the APK file and utilizing the app on your Android devices

Evaluation of Android questions

  • Candidates get a period to develop an app, or you can say to answer an android question.
  • These submissions received from android developers are checked manually instead of automatically.

You need someone to go through the answers manually since the candidates write all their submissions independently. Checking all answers using a single auto-evaluation system makes no sense.

After the assessment is over, these platforms generate reports that tell how many questions a candidate answered, how much time they took, and their total scores. All of these things help you pick candidates for further rounds.

This way of testing candidates saves your resources like time, money, energy, etc. You can hire new android developers who will be ready to work even with low salaries. 

Android Developers Hiring Guide: What are their reasonable rates?

Type of Android Developer

  • Basic Android Developer - $15+Average Hourly Rate
  • Intermediate-Advanced Android Developer - $35+ Average Hourly Rate
  • Android Developer and UI/UX Designer in one - $45+ Average Hourly Rate

Android Developers Hiring Guide: App Development Cost

  • Simple app:  $16,000 – $32,000
  • Medium complexity app development: $32,000 – $48,000
  • Complex app development: $72,000+
  • Cost of hiring a US app developer ~$105,000 / year


Hiring Android developers has never been easy. There are a few steps that one takes to hire only the best Android developers. Although these steps manage to give you access to the best talents, the android developers you end up with can charge you heavily. Thus, talent assessment platforms come into play to take care of the cost factor. These platforms give chances to novice android developers to showcase their talents to recruiters via online tests. These new entrants often are willing to receive low salaries. 

In either case, you are bound to exert yourself. However, you can save yourself all the hard work by hiring AppsRhino's Android developers. We have a team of competent and experienced Android developers who will live up to your expectations.



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