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You might have prepared the list of skills you would like to check in your potential angular developers. You might have also prepared every required document and are about to start looking for angular developers. But have you paid attention to whether your budget allows you to hire experienced angular developers? For instance, your project’s estimated completion time might force you to increase your budget, and later learning about it will only spoil the plans. Also, it can be challenging to gather money at the last minute. Therefore, to avoid such problems, you need to consider a few things that might influence the cost of hiring angular developers. If you already do not know what factors affect the cost of hiring angular developers, this blog will help you find out. So, stick around and find answers to your question

What are the key factors that affect the cost of hiring Angular developers?

Hiring cost Angular Developers #1: Complexity-Level of features 


Hiring cost Angular Developers #1: Complexity-Level of features

Features define an application's success, and new and unique features generally attract more public attention. However, simply thinking about features is not enough; you must also implement them in your apps. And it is a general observation with universal concord that the more complex the features are, the more time it takes to code them. It, in turn, affects the cost of hiring Angular developers. Therefore, your features' complexity affects the development time, affecting how much you will spend on hiring Angular developers. 

Hiring cost Angular Developers #2: Project Size

Some businesses might need to build a small web application, while others require a large-scale solution. Thus, it is safe to say that not every company has the same project size. Since project sizes vary from business to business, the cost of hiring Angular developers and the development time also differ. Hence, your project size also determines the cost of hiring Angular developers. We list different project sizes below for you to consider correctly: 

Angular Developers Fees #1: Small-Sized projects 

A small-sized project has essential or foundational functionalities and features, which causes it to take less time to get developed. Since Angular developers need not spend more effort and time building the project, the cost of hiring them will be less in this case. One reason is the fewer integrations and plugins that Angular developers need to incorporate. 

Angular Developers Fees #2: Medium-sized projects

A medium-sized project requires higher functionalities than small-sized projects. They are likely to have high-scale operational features with APIs and third-party integrations. These integrations might or might not be available in paid versions. Therefore, your app's requirements and the type of integrations also affect how much you will spend hiring Angular developers. 

Angular Developers Fees #3: Enterprise-sized projects

This project requires high-level functionalities, more advanced features, better CMS tools, and premium APIs. These projects also require testing teams, DevOps, and QAs apart from Angular developers. Thus, the time and effort needed for these projects are the highest. If your project falls into this category, your cost of hiring angular developers will be the highest. 

Hiring cost Angular Developers #3: Skills of Angular developers

The third factor affecting the cost of hiring angular developers is their skills. Besides influencing the cost of hiring angular developers, it also tells you how competent your potential angular developers will be. The reason that proficient Angular developers can use the angular technology better makes it mandatory for you to check their competency in the following aspects:


 Architect involves numerous components and modules related to Angular. It is embedded with MVC at its core and works satisfactorily with an MVVM architecture. As an employer, you must ensure that your angular developers have a solid grasp of the knowledge required to facilitate your application's performance. 


You should also ensure that your angular developers know well about templates and can implement them in their applications. Also, they should be familiar with the much-needed third-party libraries. The reason for knowing these libraries is that they help improve your app's functioning and develop an excellent user interface for users to have a seamless experience.

TypeScript Expertise 

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript programming language and is the one in which Angular is written. As it is a bit tough to learn, not everyone might be able to write it correctly. Therefore, please focus on ensuring that your potential angular developers should be able to write error-free coding. It will be better to consider this as expertise in TypeScript programming influences the development process and your project's timely completion. 

Development Tools

Angular also has numerous development tools such as Webpack, Angular CLI, Angular Material, and Angular Schematics, to name a few. Angular developers use these tools to make customized components and modules for your company's project/ applications. 

Hiring cost Angular Developers #4: Engagement Model

Since you are concerned about the factors that affect the cost of hiring Angular developers, you should know that there exist several dynamic hiring models. It means you can employ angular developers on various factors, such as hiring on an hourly basis or a monthly basis. However, the most common types of models available in the market today are the following: Fixed Hiring Model Dynamic Hiring 

Fixed Price Model

Let us read about the Fixed Price Model in brief below: 

1. A client only gives his project requirements for a fixed model. 

2. The onus to deliver and implement the whole project is on the company as soon as you sign the agreement. 

3. Everything related to your projects, such as the development cost and the project deadline, is fixed before they commence the development process.

 4. You will not require client consultation as a dedicated project manager controls and examines the whole project. 

5. Evaluating the whole development of the project and ensuring compliance can become time-consuming. 

Dynamic Hiring Model 

1. This hiring model allows clients to select the number of developers and look for skills in harmony with the project requirements. 

2. The Dynamic Hiring Model, as the name suggests, lets you accommodate the cost and project delivery based on your business goals. 

3. You can constantly ask for updates on your project's development process. 

4. You get flexible teams that work as per your demands. 

5. The Dynamic Hiring Model gives you direct control over your angular developers, making tracking the project development progress easy. It also lets you ensure that the compliance you receive is smooth. 

What other factors affect the cost of hiring Angular developers?

The factors mentioned before are crucial in determining the cost of hiring Angular developers. However, some more factors also influence the cost of hiring angular developers. Let us have a look at these factors below: 

1. Experience of Angular developers


Experience of Angular developers

The fee that angular developers charge depends on the experience they hold. Someone with more experience in the field will charge more than those with less experience as angular developers. The basic three levels of angular developers are as follows: 

Angular Developers Fees #1: Junior Developers

 These angular developers are graduates or beginner-level programmers, holding zero to two years of experience in Angular development. 

Angular Developers Fees #2: Mid-level Developers 

These angular developers have a solid grasp of Angular development and possess experience of three to five years.

Angular Developers Fees #3: Senior developers 

These angular developers are the most experienced ones, holding expertise in this field for six years or more. These angular developers can also use other technologies such as RxJS, AWS with Angular, Cloud, SCSS, and Cordova to deliver an advanced solution for your project. 

2. The location of Angular Developers

The country or location from where you select your angular developers also plays a role in determining the cost of hiring angular developers. Let us look at the cost of hiring angular developers in different countries (Angular Developers fees): -

  • India: $7,500 
  • Malaysia: $14,800 
  • Singapore: $43,112 
  • USA: $96,100 
  • Canada: $120,000 
  • Mexico: $14,102 
  • UK: $84,125 -
  • Sweden: $38,254 
  • France: $41,854 
  • Australia: $73,480

3: The type of Angular projects


The type of Angular projects

The type of angular project also affects the hiring cost of angular developers. Let us look at the type and cost below: 

  • Basic Front end development: $10 to $30+ 
  • Medium-Advanced Front end: $35 to $100+ 
  • Basic Back End: $25 to $50+ 
  • Medium-Advanced Back end: $50 to $100+ 
  • Full Stack Developer: $50 to $100+ 


Before you begin hiring angular developers it will be better to understand your budgets and various factors that affect the hiring cost of angular developers. There might be instances where you have the right staff, but your budget does not allow you to hire them. Such a situation might lead you to start your hiring journey. Thus, you need to clear everything before you hire someone. You can save yourself from this mess by contacting AppsRhino today! Our dynamic pricing will surely steal your heart, and our angular developers' competence will take your breath away.

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