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Updated On: April 29, 2023

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Why are food delivery apps like Food Panda popular?

74.45% of people use food delivery apps to order food for themselves and their loved ones, according to Real Researcher. Consider that you are watching a television program on a Sunday night. You're getting close to dinnertime and are hungry.

So, you open your preferred food delivery app and place an order for some delectable food.

For several reasons, people favor food delivery apps. Consumers are busy and need more free time. Also, some folks only enjoy cooking some days.

Thus, food delivery apps like Food Panda are a way to serve meals in style!

The shifting digital landscape and post-pandemic conditions will help you and your business if you develop a food delivery app like Food Panda.

Why create a Food Panda clone app?

Users of a food delivery app may order food from any restaurant and have it delivered whenever they want. The user enjoys a hassle-free experience thanks to these apps.

One of the market segments that is expanding the quickest globally is the on-demand food delivery market.

Using apps to order food has nearly doubled in the last three years, from 364.8 million in 2017 to 625.9 million in 2020, according to Statista. This sum is anticipated to transcend one billion in 2025 and reach 858 billion in 2024.

An expanding consumer base significantly adds to this growth.

Customers and business owners increasingly use food delivery apps to dominate their markets.

Do you have any plans to develop a distinctive on-demand food delivery app? Yet, you still need to figure out if it's a wise investment. Take into account the following numbers to help make things much clearer:

In 2019, online food delivery services generated $7,092 million in revenue.

Deliveries from restaurants to consumers make up the market's largest segment, with a volume of $5,825 million.

By 2023, the restaurant-to-consumer delivery market is expected to generate $22,898.2 million in sales for the eServices sector.

Steps involved in developing a Food Panda clone app

1. Research and analysis

Before building a Food Panda clone app, you must do market research.

Here, you should seek advice from your peers, learn about their advantages and disadvantages, and develop strategies to overcome them. By doing this, you'll be able to rapidly and efficiently construct a terrific food delivery app.

You can employ a specialist if you are not an expert in research and analysis.

2. Determine your business model for your Food Panda clone app

These apps have many formats; some are owned by restaurant owners, while others act as contact points for eateries and restaurants.

We outline a few of the many business models for your Food Panda clone app below:

  • The Aggregator Model
  • The order and delivery model
  • The Integrated Model
  • The inventory model

Choose the business model that best suits your operation before taking any action, then follow that route.

3. Monetize your Food Panda clone app

One tactic is to charge your clients a fair price for residential delivery. The second approach is to provide a platform for other businesses to advertise their brands. Let the shoe store proprietor publish an ad somewhere on your app's display when users place their orders.

4. Choose your Food Panda clone app's functionality

Your program must have each feature, function, and API listed. Everything will go well once you know the answers to these questions.

5. Client's app

  • It should be simple to create and manage profiles.
  • Users in your app and platform should be able to score, comment on, and review their experiences.
  • These are crucial since customers may contact you and delivery staff through in-app calls and chats.
  • Customers will have a better user experience if the payment procedure is simpler. Several payment options, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and others, should be supported by your Food Panda clone app.

6. Restaurant's app

  • You need a mobile app that lets you keep track of order status and communicate with customers and delivery staff about how orders are coming along.
  • Because it allows you to understand your consumers' interests and behavior, the analytics tool is essential.
  • A meal delivery app must be able to provide discounts to persuade consumers to utilize it.
  • Your Food Panda clone software must also include features like "Manage profiles," "Control prices," "Manage advertisements," etc.

7. Delivery agent's app

  • The registration option is essential since it enables users to create profiles and input personal data like names, addresses, phone numbers, preferred languages, etc.
  • The "Manage Orders" and "Update Status" functionalities allow delivery agents to manage orders and change their status.
  • If they have any inquiries, they should be able to contact restaurant proprietors and customers via the app.
  • Your Food Panda clone app should include a feature that shows account history to show previous experiences of delivery agents.

8. Development process

Once you have established its specifications, all you can do is execute your Food Panda clone application. You will also need a qualified app development business to create your Food Panda clone app.

Below is a list of the standard stages in your Food Panda clone app development process.

A. Prototyping

The app's user flows logic and screens will be made by the app development business you've chosen following your specifications.

B. UI/UX Design 

The user interface and user experience design phases are concerned with the interfaces for your Food Panda clone app and the integration of its features.

C. Development 

During this stage, your developers assemble everything and create the actual app.

D. Testing and Publishing

Your Food Panda clone app needs to be assessed and tested after it has been created to ensure that it runs faultlessly and has fault-tolerant features.

E. Choose a tech stack for your Food Panda clone app.

You can select a tech stack for your Food Panda clone app's development only after deciding on the features you want it to offer. As a result, choosing a tech stack will be easy if you are aware of the features and functionalities the app should have.

E. Estimate the expenditure for the creation of your Food Panda clone app

With completing the procedure, estimating the cost of developing your Food Panda clone application is possible. One factor determining an app's price is the firm you have picked for app development.

To make your own Food Panda clone app, visit AppsRhino. Our staff will be there for you every step of the way and will also provide an estimate of the cost of creating the app. Call us right away!

Another aspect that determines how much it will cost to create a Food Panda clone app is the intricacy of your app. The fee will rise accordingly depending on how complex you want your app to be.

Must-have features in your Food Panda clone app

1. Notifications for offers and updates

Assume that users of your Food Panda clone app download it on their smartphones. They could want to eat at eateries or have downloaded other applications.

How will the user of your Food Panda clone software be reminded that it is there? Push notifications

Make yourself visible to customers every day! Let them activate the app notification and let them know about the newest restaurant opening up nearby. Inform them a new order will be available starting next week. Find out if they want breakfast by asking them.

Also, you may interact with your clients and contact them whenever you want by using the Notification feature.

2. Real-time tracking feature

Real-Time Food Tracking is one of the best features of the Food Panda Clone App. Consumers want to know where their food is being produced. They are curious about their food's route from the restaurant to their door.

As a result, you ought to incorporate the Global Positioning System's Real-Time Tracking Function (GPS).

This feature of your Food Panda clone app will help increase client confidence. You can use it to explain how safely their food is delivered to your clients.

3. Multiple payment methods

Customers appreciate the Multiple Payment Options Food Delivery App Functionality for various reasons.

You, as a consumer, may use your credit card to make your purchase now and select cash-on-delivery tomorrow.

You must therefore give your consumers various payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, offline cash, etc. Due to a shortage of payment options, you do not want your customers to switch from your Food Panda Clone App to another.

4. Search filter for foods and restaurants

Customers frequently utilize a search filter. Thus, your Food Panda clone app must also have one.

Consider that you want to order pasta for supper since you are hungry. Would you use the Search Bar to discover pasta instead of browsing the Food Delivery App?

Also, some customers prefer to order from a specific restaurant or area. Installing the option for vegetarian, vegan, and other types of meals are required.

5. Customer reviews

Reviews are crucial to the success of your Food Panda clone app. Every smartphone app is reviewed and given stars by previous users before being downloaded, so do this too.

Ratings describe how users felt about the app. After they order food from your restaurant, allow them to assess each dish and the restaurant.

Let them rate your service as a partner with a food delivery app or a restaurant service!


You want to construct a Food Panda clone app for your users, and you know the critical features and the development procedure that must be included. Next, what?

You should be aware of the products you wish to produce for your customers. You must also choose your app's locality and market reach.

Hire programmers and testing engineers to create a Food Panda clone app, add the required features, and release it to the market!

You can design the best Food Panda Clone App and website if you concentrate on satisfying your customers. You should get in touch with AppsRhino if you need assistance creating apps.

We have a team of developers and engineers for your project who are incredibly effective! Also, we are here to help you at every turn.

Get in touch with us right away to begin your dream project!


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