How to build an app like eBay? Find Out!

Updated On: February 7, 2023

Updated By: AppsRhino


After the pandemic hit us all in 2020, online shopping sales exploded. People did not get to leave their houses and started ordering everything they needed online. Now people have grown comfortable with the thought of ordering products online. A report says that an average American spends more than 3 hours scrolling through their mobile phones and shopping for goods online. Applications like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon gained huge profits with customers' liking to buy things and services online. Many customers start by window shopping and buy one thing or the other. According to a report by Statista, eBay was the second most used platform in 2021! You might be wondering if you develop and launch an app similar to eBay (eBay Clone), how will it sustain in such humungous competition? How to start eBay Clone Development? And so on. We have a solution! Here is a full-proof eBay Development Guide for you. Follow this blog to know more about eBay Clone, and start your development journey today!!

eBay- An overview

eBay is an American multinational company for e-commerce with its roots in San Jose, California. eBay started its journey in 1955 with Pierre Omidyar. The company has become a global success and one of the most used e-commerce sites today! Unlike Amazon, eBay does not sell items of its own. eBay is not a retail company but an auction platform where users can buy and sell almost any product they want. 

What is eBay Clone?

eBay Clone Development would involve creating an application with similar features to eBay. The working of eBay Clone will depend on the sellers listing their products for sale and the buyers buying the products online. If your eBay Clone succeeds and buyers and sellers of all items start using it, it will contain all categories of products one can imagine! 

The Gameplan- eBay Clone Development Guide

This portion will take you through the steps you need to follow to create an eBay Clone that your customers will love and help you gain unimaginable profits. 

Follow the lead, but be imaginative.

 The first step to the eBay Development guide is Planning. It would help if you looked at the framework models of the top e-commerce brands that have created their place with the customers. Understand strategies that Amazon, Etsy, and eBay follow. These companies started small but gained user trust over the years. If your eBay Clone is in connecting the buyers and sellers, you should ensure that customer trust is there. The goods sellers wish to list on your eBay Clone should be in usable conditions, and you must ensure their originality. The only way to a customer's heart and follow up sales is by gaining their confidence and assuring them to provide the best. 

Level 2- The Money Plan

 You should include the budget plan along with your initial planning. Understand the logistics of your funds and their division between development, hiring, testing, and marketing. You can either pick and follow the lead of the revenue models of major companies or create your own according to your and your eBay Clone's needs. 

Hiring Developers and Testers

 The next step toward your eBay CloneDevelopment and its success is hiring developers. There are two ways to hire developers and start your eBay clone Development.

 1. You can hire Full-time or Part-time developers. These developers will help you in eBay development from scratch. You will have complete freedom in the creation of the application. But, there are increased chances of errors and will require substantial hiring and development time. 

2. You may hire a development team or outsource an app development platform that provides app creation and technical support. You can contact AppsRhino for the best eBay Clone Development today. Choose any features for your app and get it in comparatively less time and price! 

Quality Assurance Testing

Many companies do not consider QA Testing a worthy step in app development. For the eBay development guide, we suggest you go through QA Testing after eBay app development is complete. The QA testing will ensure that your eBay app is bug-free and does not face any problems with the customers. 

The Final Step: Marketing and Customer Interface

 The Final and never-ending step in your eBay Clone Development Guide is marketing! You can never stop reaching out to the customers. After your eBay Clone gains public trust and they recognize it as a "brand," you should focus on sustaining existing customers and attracting new ones. You must cater to the customers' needs, take feedback timely and work on improving your eBay Clone for betterment. Remember, you remain happy because you make your customers happy!! 

Features to add to your eBay Clone Development

Here is a list of features you may add to your eBay Clone. The primary and additional features will enhance the customer experience for your users. If eBay Clone users are willing to open the app and experience new features, you will get an edge over your competitors! Let us look at some of these exciting features!! 

Easy sign-up

 Your sellers and buyers should go through an effortless sign-up process. They should enter their name and verify themselves with their e-mail address or phone numbers. After entering details, they should be able to set up a login id and password for easy access to the app from any device in the future. 

Product Listing and authenticity

The sellers on your eBay clone should be able to list their products on the app. You must ensure that the sellers mention the quality of the product correctly so that buyers don't face any trust issues. Ask sellers to add a verified product description and original image of the items they wish to list.

 Product search and sorting tools 

Your customer may want to buy a specific product from your eBay Clone. You should allow your customers to search for what they want and let them sort their options. Moreover, you must add product filtering features so customers can select between different products, colors, quality, and pricing options. 

Admin Dashboard

 Your eBay Clone Development guide suggests you add an Admin Dashboard to your eBay Clone. You can manage your customers, their product reports, sales, and your employees with the help of Admin Dashboard. You shall know the working of your eBay clone and analyze its success and reach in the market. Your Admin Dashboard should provide the required tools for better community management. 

Multiple Payment Options

Imagine that your buyer wishes to buy an antique drawer. The buyer goes to your eBay Clone and wishes to buy after selecting a product. Your eBay Clone does not have the option to pay via credit card. What will the customer do? They might switch to another app and search for the product again. You lost a customer because you did not have the preferred payment option! Your eBay Clone must contain multiple payment options for all customers and give freedom to your customers to pay in any monetary form. 

Customer care/ Instant chat support

A buyer is scrolling through your products at 3 AM and faces an issue. Will your eBay Clone be able to answer their queries? If you do not solve the customer issues in time, they might exit your application or use another platform to buy products! Therefore it is necessary to add 24*7 customer support. You may add live chat via a chatbot. (BotPenguin provides the best chatbot support, and you can integrate it into any application. You will get the best technical support team and on-demand service. Contact us today!) 

Tracking and Delivery options

After customers select any product they wish to buy, eBay Clone should ensure a smooth checkout with an order summary and payment details. Your eBay Clone should inform the customers about an estimated delivery date and allow them to track their order while it is on its way! Order Tracking builds customer trust and helps you gain more customers indirectly. 


According to a report by Statista, eBay has a market capitalization of $48.7 billion. Your eBay Clone can be the next app to make its position in the market! All you require is a headstart. It would be best if you never stopped researching the development and customer market. You shall follow the eBay Clone Customer Guide to kickstart your eBay Clone-making journey and then focus on the market. Remember that an app succeeds because you like it and want to use it again. Make people love your eBay Clone with the best user interface and services! Appsrhino is one of the best app development platforms. Start your eBay Clone development journey with the help of AppsRhino. Contact us today to know more!