How to Develop healthcare apps?

Posted On: July 14, 2022

Posted By: AppsRhino


What are healthcare apps?

Healthcare apps or Health services are the healthcare services app owners provide to the users. These Healthcare apps function online, and patients get services like doctor consultations, fitness and yoga guide, and medicine delivery from their homes.

Healthcare apps take care of the sensitivity and confidentiality of the patients' data and records. Moreover, these apps use the software per the needs of the users. Healthcare apps may use other emerging technologies to enhance their work and provide clients with the best healthcare services.

According to a report by Statista, 52,565 healthcare apps are available on the PlayStore. There is an expectation that these healthcare apps will grow their revenue by 17% from 2021 to 2028! The mHealth business has been expanding rapidly. Are you planning for healthcare apps Development? If you plan to get into the Healthcare apps development field, you shall take care of various things.

  1. You are building a healthcare app for your customers and patients.
  2. You shall be able to satisfy patients' needs and connect them with effective treatment and support.
  3. Your goal shall be to make minimal mistakes in healthcare app development. Errors may take your app and business downhill swiftly.
  4. Understanding the market and its requirements is a must. Creating an app is a crucial and lengthy process. If you are building a healthcare app, minor details matter!

You can use AppsRhino to develop your healthcare app. AppsRhino is an app development platform with exceptional technical support at affordable rates. Here we have a healthcare apps development tutorial to guide you through every step of developing a healthcare app!

This blog is an ultimate guide and will get you thorough with every step. You will be able to create your healthcare app smoothly after reading!


According to a report by DataReportal, there were 4.55 billion internet and social media users in 2021. This population uses their smartphone or any other digital gadget almost every minute!

If you create a healthcare app, you can reach out to these customers and find solutions to their healthcare problems. You might be wondering how to create a healthcare app. You can follow this blog for a healthcare app Development tutorial. You may use AppsRhino, a leading app development platform, to build your healthcare app!

Why do Doctors and Patients require healthcare apps?

  1. Direct two-way communication
  2. Details and Information
  3. Additional Features

Questions to ask yourself before building a healthcare app

  1. What are my healthcare target users?
  2. Which type of healthcare app am I developing?
  3. What features can I add to my healthcare app?
  4. What does the market require at the moment?

Healthcare App Development Types

  1. Reminder apps
  2. Doctor appointment and consultation apps
  3. Nutrition apps
  4. Exercise apps
  5. Medicine delivery apps
  6. Therapy apps
  7. Calendar apps
  8. Information apps
  9. Testing apps

Healthcare App Development Tutorial

Step 1. Collect and analyze data.

Step 2. Think and define your target audience.

Step 3. Hire a team of developers.

Step 4. Start developing!

Step 5. Do the required quality assurance testing.

Step 6. Take care of an effective launch and marketing for the app.

Step 7. Always be ready to make changes. Be flexible!

Why do doctors and patients require healthcare apps?

Before thinking about healthcare app Development, you shall ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What are my healthcare target users?
  2. Which type of healthcare app am I developing?
  3. What features can I add to my healthcare app?
  4. What does the market require at the moment?
  5. Will my app solve any problem for the patients or doctors?

You may be able to answer all the above questions by understanding the requirements of healthcare app users. Here is a list of things that users want from healthcare apps.

Direct two-way communication

If any patient is using Medical consultation or therapy app, they need to communicate directly with the doctor/ therapist. The professionals shall understand the patient's problems before giving them the necessary prescription.

If your healthcare app can provide effortless two-way communication through video or voice chats, the users will find your app profitable for their health.

Information and details

Everyone has a curious nature. Patients want to understand their disease, its symptoms, effects, prevention, and medication. Your app shall provide all necessary information to receive a high response from the users.

You might want to add information in an interactive format with pop-ups and boxes so that readers notice and go through it.

Additional features

The features you add to your healthcare app shall make the users enjoy the process of using it. At the same time, these features shouldn't complicate or overcrowd the application.

For example, while building a fitness and nutrition app, the user interface shall show calorie burn, exercises, and diet to follow for the next week. But, the same screen shouldn't add every option to the same window. The developer can create multiple windows so users can use sidebars to access anything they require.

Healthcare app Development-Types

Do you want to create a healthcare app for nutrition or doctor appointment? You might want to make a calendar app for your users! Healthcare apps are of numerous types, and it's hard to choose anyone for development. How can you decide what kind of healthcare app development you want? It depends on the customer's requirements, market needs, organizational needs, and profit levels. The industry has come up with uncountable times of healthcare apps. Some of these categories are:

  1. Reminder apps
  2. Doctor appointment and consultation apps
  3. Nutrition apps
  4. Exercise apps
  5. Medicine delivery apps
  6. Therapy apps
  7. Calendar apps
  8. Information apps
  9. Testing apps

You can choose the healthcare app development of any of these apps or think of any other idea you might have.

Healthcare App Development Tutorial

Now that you have understood the customer requirement and types of healthcare apps you can develop for the market, you shall know about the healthcare app development tutorial!

This tutorial is a step-wise guide to the journey of healthcare app development and its marketing. Let us take a look!

Collect data and analyze

The foremost step is to understand what problem your potential customers might be facing while asking for online medical help. Conduct surveys, ask people, look at reports and analyze what each individual is looking for in a healthcare app.

The mHealth market has been growing, and there are apps launched daily. Therefore, any feature you want to add to your healthcare app may already exist.

You shall provide something new and unique to your customers, so they come running toward your app. Your app shall be able to invite the customers automatically, and they shall love using your app. You shall aim to add value to the healthcare apps market.

After you find some ideas, move to the next step.

Define your Target audience

After you know your healthcare app's basic idea, you shall focus on the audience you want to reach out to and provide services. For example, if you are building a period tracker, your target audience shall be each woman who experiences periods. If you plan to build a reminder app, your target audience can be aged people who forget their medicine or therapy time.

Your target audience decides the success of your healthcare app. The unique features will not help you gain profits if you cannot satisfy your customers.

Hire a team and start developing!

After you have set your priorities for your healthcare app, you may move on to the development part. Find out the budget, hire developers and test the features you want in your healthcare application.

Hiring developers can be a crucial step in healthcare app development. If you decide to build an app for both PlayStore and AppStore, you shall hire android and iOS developers. Your developers shall have the necessary skills and team values to match your healthcare app development requirement. (Follow our blog on "How to hire an Android and an iOS developer" to get a guide about hiring developers!)

You shall take care of the legal terms with healthcare app Development. Healthcare requires the secrecy and privacy of patients and doctors. Moreover, if you provide information to the customers, you shall confirm it is authentic and never harmful.

QA Testing

You shall never forget to test the quality of your healthcare app. You shall check if the app works smoothly, is compatible with multiple devices, and does not contain bugs. You may hire a Quality Assurance testing team to test your app before its launch on platforms such as PlayStore and AppStore.

The QA Testers ensure to test your healthcare app and fix bugs wherever necessary. You may hire QA testers full-time for your company or outsource employees from third-party companies. Make your healthcare app launch-ready for the best customer experience.

Launch and Marketing

After the successful development and testing of your healthcare app, the next step in your healthcare app development tutorial is to launch it on any reachable platform. You shall wait for the right moment for your healthcare app's launch. Remember, your app will sell itself if it is well enough for the users. Spread the word about the services you offer and wait for customer feedback. You shall be responsive to your customers and ready to make changes as per their response.

Scalability and change-making

There is a high possibility that your healthcare app may serve users well now but not in the future. The customer demands and trends change over time, and your healthcare app shall not fall back with the continuous developments. Some customers may not be satisfied with your healthcare app, and some may find bugs. Therefore, you shall take care of scalability during the healthcare app development process. Your program shall be flexible and features updatable.

Final Takeaway

According to a Market Analysis report, the valuation of mHealth apps was $38.2 billion in 2020. This number seems to grow every year. With the evolving technology, if you plan to build a healthcare app, you have a great chance to succeed in the market. You can start by evaluating the market requirement and look for the perfect opportunity to start and create an application that your customers would love. You may integrate technology (Internet of Things, cloud, etc.) with the actual world and make patient-doctor interaction easier.

You can become a part of the revolution that aims to provide the best healthcare from the comfort of the home! Your one step towards creating a healthcare app can change lives and inspire others to follow the same path.

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