How to Hire Angular Developers? A detailed guide!

Updated On: March 20, 2023

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 Do you have a big project that can earn you millions, grab the eyeballs and revolutionize the app industry of this era? Are you confident about your project/ app/ brainchild that you are on cloud nine? It is the right time to stop building castles in the air if you are. You can not taste the dreamed success without implementing your idea. And for implementation, you will need developers. Also, suppose your project demands developers proficient in angular. In that case, you will need to hire back and front-end developers separately or the full-stack ones. Whichever way you choose, you need to keep in mind a few things while hiring angular developers. Stick around to know more about it.

Criteria for Junior Angular Developers

1. Junior Angular developers should have 0 to 2 years of experience. 

2. Junior Angular Developers should be able to support existing app developers and obtain hands-on training. 

3. Junior Angular Developers should possess the technical knowledge of integrating components and angular coding.

Criteria for Middle-Level Angular Developers

1. Middle-Level Angular Developer should have 2 to 5 years of experience.

 2. Middle-Level Angular Developers should be fit for the leadership positions in UI design. In addition to it, they should start spearheading software builds asked by other business teams or stakeholders. 

Criteria for Senior Angular Developers

1. Senior Angular Developers need to have at least five years of experience in front-end development. 

2. Senior Angular Developers should have extensive Angular coding knowledge.

 3. Senior Angular Developers should be comfortable running a team. 

Criteria for Expert Angular Architects

 1. Expert Angular Architects should be able to work with multiple versions of Angular.

 2. Expert Angular Architects should be able to focus on new app builds, from inception to completion.

 3. Expert Angular Architects should be able to lead numerous development teams from all over the world. 

Hiring Angular Developers: Roles and Responsibilities

 The most crucial task for which angular developers need to be competent in developing a fully-featured app that works efficiently on all platforms. Besides this, angular developers must be fit for the following roles and responsibilities:

1. Using the best Angular Practices for designing and building user interfaces.

2. Angular Developers should be able to make difficult and complex technological decisions regarding Angular ventures. 

3. Being able to employ the latest front-end technology in building responsive UI for modern applications.

4. Being able to utilize various Java technologies to run application codes.

5. Being able to write functional HTML, CSS, and JavaScript fluently 

6. Being able to derive more straightforward goals from vast and multi-faceted goals. 

7. Dedicated to the company’s goals, purposes, and visions.

8. Running unit tests using rest web services. 

9. Willing to frequently consult with the design team. 

10. Regularly consulting the Quality Assurance team regarding the debugging of code. 

11. Efficiently conducting product development analysis. 

12. They should offer post-maintenance help and support. 

13. Should be capable of giving application success assurance. 

Hiring Angular Developers : Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Angular Developers 

Mistake 1: Hiring an inexperienced developer 

Numerous developers know several unique programming languages and might have outstanding resumes. Still, these skills might not be what you are looking for in angular developers. Therefore, it will be better to incorporate adequate and accurate skills testing while hiring angular developers.

Mistake 2: Limiting candidates to local developers

At times, different factors can force employers to not hire talented angular developers from across the world. These factors are as follows: 

1. Language 

2. Time Zones

 3. Cultural Differences Etc.

 This behavior limits employers away from more efficient and competent talents, and they hire local developers. These rejected ones could be more advantageous than the local angular developers.

Mistake 3: Not leveraging recruitment specialists

 You can also take help from recruitment specialists as they have access to the best talents. It means you would need to give up the interview process or other aspects of hiring recruiters. These recruitment specialists can test and review the potential angular developers for you.

Mistake 4: Preferring speed to quality

At times, employers hire those angular developers who are highly efficient and have a high work ethic. But sometimes, such things can lead to errors that cost lower team efficiency and ROI. Therefore, your aim should be to hire Angular developers who are competent and do quality work over how much work they do in a short period.

8 Steps to Follow to Hire Angular Developers 

Step 1: Prepare the Project Description

The first thing that you will need to do is outline all the essential and critical points of the project. Doing so helps you gain a better idea about and insight into your expectations of your angular developers. Moreover, this also gives the necessary information to your candidates on the project and your needs. It also lets them assess their expertise and see whether they fit this position. 

Step 2: Determine the hiring model

 The next step is to analyze your project’s requirements and come up with an estimate of the time required for the full development of the project. Doing so helps you choose the hiring model right for your needs. These hiring models are: 

1. Outsourcing 

2. Out staffing 

3. independent hiring 

4. hiring with the help of a vendor 

Step 3: Analyze the need for developer staffing

The third thing you need to do is make estimates of the workload of your project, as it helps you determine the number of angular developers or engineers to hire. Also, you need to realize that an Angular front-end coder might be unable to do the back-end part of your project. You either hire front and back-end developers separately or hire full-stack ones.

Step 4: Compile the list of requirements for angular developer candidates

 It will help you make a list of core and additional competencies that you want your angular developers to have. It ensures you can remove the unsuitable candidates without wasting your and their precious time.

Step 5: Determine the hiring approach 

At stage 5, you need to decide whether you want to go about the hiring process on your own or let an outsourcing vendor do it. Both means have their benefits and drawbacks. The former is suitable for those not in a hurry to hire angular developers. The latter is for those who want to save time and take responsibility for other related tasks to others.

Step 6: Compile the database of candidates

 At this stage, you need to examine all the candidates’ resumes. If you have chosen a vendor to do it, they will first interview them and ensure they want a job and are fit for the role. Afterward, they will send you a candidate database which they have created carefully by selecting appropriate candidates. On the other hand, you will need to first post about the vacancy on the recruitment platform chosen. Next, you will need to go through their resumes, shortlist them and interview them until you find your angular developers. 

Step 7: Hold job interviews

After selecting the final set of potential angular developers, you will need to interview them. You will need to arrange an in-person or online interview for this. This stage lets you evaluate their expertise and some of their hard and soft skills via your questions.

Step 8: Get a new team member

The last step means that you need to execute some administrative tasks before they finally begin working for you. Such tasks are as follows:

 1. concluding a contract

 2. Officially registering the angular developers in your company’s staff. 

3. finishing all documentation on taxes and payroll, etc 

What are the technical skills to look for in Angular Developers? 

 Angular developers should know the following technical stuff. 

1. Angular CLI 

2. Node Package manager 

3. CSS and HTML 

4. JavaScript 

5. Typescript 

6. Version control 

What are the communication skills to look for in Angular Developers?

 Developing machines that help humans communicate with one another involves numerous things besides just coding. This task involves other skills such as:

 1. Fluent communication. 

2. Empathy. 

3. Respect. 

4. Listening intently. 

Thus, your angular developers’ emotional and intelligence quotients should be high. Therefore, hiring angular developers who possess stellar communication skills ensures that you add only valuable team players to your workplace. Hence, making it a highly functional workplace. Also, communication skills refer to both verbal and non-verbal communication. It means your angular developers should be competent in non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication includes body language and how one replies to emails, etc. Your angular developers should be polite while talking to clients via meetings or in-person visits. 

What are the core programming skills to look for in Angular Developers?

Apart from programming language skills, angular developers should have a solid grasp of core programming skills. Angular developers should possess a working and practical understanding of standard algorithms and data structure. Since data structures are integral concepts of programming, angular developers should know all the basic concepts of data structures and algorithms. You should also check whether your candidate focuses on computational thinking. 

What are the soft skills to look for in Angular Developers?

 Although technical skills are essential, soft skills hold equal importance at present. Angular developers’ soft skills differentiate them from one another, and their certificates fail to do so. They should demonstrate that they can integrate into mixed skilled development teams and show agile development methodologies. Angular developers must raise issues promptly and report progress accurately and precisely. They should be: 

1. A critical thinker 

2. A problem solver 

3. They should have business sense 

4. They should work with a positive mindset

 5. They should be a great communicator

 6. They should be able to coordinate their team members


Hiring angular developers or any other developer, in general, is a mammoth task as the success and future of your product and company depend on them. There are numerous things to evaluate them on, such as their technical knowledge, programming knowledge, soft skills, and communication skills. Hiring Angular developers can vary from $10-70 per hour for junior developers while $30-100 per hour for mid-level developers. And you need to pay $40-150 per hour for senior developers. You can save yourself the energy and time exerted on this hiring process by hiring the developers at AppsRhino. Contact AppsRhino for more details.


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