ReactJS vs Angular

Updated On: February 8, 2023

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Being in a world of technology, we need to update ourselves and our businesses according to the times to succeed and seamlessly go on with the dynamic world. New ventures, budding enterprises, and even big players prefer to use a high functionality framework to create or develop robust web applications for themselves in less time and effort.

In today's time, out of all the front-end development frameworks, two have found top positions: React JS and AngularJS. They are extensively used in web development operations all over the digital marketplace. And this is the primary reason why businesses out there are getting confused about which one is an ideal option to go for. So, today, we are going to talk about both deeply and help you find the best amongst these two- react js vs angular.

Begin the war- ReactJS vs Angular

The primary reason for comparing and sharing information regarding react js and Angular is that they come from a lineage of two solid and trendy competitors and market players- "Google" and "Facebook." So, now it's time to compare react with a brand that has established itself globally at the back of its unmatched accomplishment.

So, let's move forward with what is react js?

Let's begin with React JS- A brief

It's a Javascript library developed by the famous market player "Facebook." It allows you to create UI (user interface) components and build impressive UI for your customers. It is based on JavaScript and JSX (PHP extension) and is considered extensively for developing reusable HTML elements for front-end development.

Hence, react js facilitate interactive and impressive user interfaces and lets you serve your audience days in more advanced ways.

Moreover, it let the enterprises make codes, perform, understand and launch easier. This framework also uses server-side rendering to offer a performance-oriented and flexible solution.

What is angular?

On the other hand, Angular is an open-source front-end development framework that Google powers. Moreover, in react js vs angular, Angular is a structural framework that helps develop dynamic web applications. It allows developers to use HTML as a template language and HTML's Syntax to express the application elements clearly and briefly without any confusion.

It is a highly featured JavaScript Framework that helps build dynamic single page web applications and supports the MVC programming structure.

Now to learn more deeply about both the frameworks, let's begin with some of the key features amongst angular vs react js.

Perks of React JS

1. Quick development

This framework allows the developers to reuse the previous or existing codes and apply reloading into the operation. It not only helps in improving the application's performance but also hastens the development pace.

2. Time-saving

In the war of react js vs angular, in the case of react js the app development service providers can reuse the code elements or components at different levels at any point of time without any problem. Even, the components are separated from each other, and changes in one won't affect the other. Thus, this makes it easier to manage further updates and saves a lot of time. Moreover, it is one of the most efficient choices for developers.

3. Seamless and faster testing

React offers you a seamless and faster testing feature. It widely uses Redux, which reduces the hassle of storing and managing component states in large-sized and complex applications with enormous dynamic elements.

It helps you add the application state in one object and allows each component of the application to access the state without including child components or using the callback. Hence, this makes it easier to test the application and log data changes and other things.

4. Code stability with one-directional data binding

Also, it let you work directly and seamlessly with the components and employ downward data binding. This helps you ensure that the parent entities do not get affected by child entities' changes. Eventually, it lets code get stable and supports the idea of future development.

5. Seamless user experience.

In comparison to other frameworks, react uses the virtual document object model (DOM)- it's the abstract form of real DOM. This makes it more comfortable for the app developers to update changes performed by people in the app without affecting other interface parts.

Hence, it let you have an exquisite and highly competitive UI for your company.

Feature bucket of Angular

1. Faster update via angular CLI

In Angular CLI (Command Line Interface), it is simple to install and use, offers innovative testing tools, simpler commands, and more. It is also supported by numerous engineers and platforms that make it possible to update even components having a third-party dependency.

2. Cleaner and crisp coding

In the war of react js vs angular, angular uses typescript programming language. It is a superset of JavaScript. It also compiles JavaScript and facilitates the process of finding and excreting the issues while typing the codes. With this approach, the developer can write clean and clear codes and ensure high code quality.

3. Impressive performance

Another feature is, it has a hierarchical dependency injection, which is not dependent on each other. They run towards the external sources and deliver higher performance to the mobile applications.

4. Handles error better!

Another feature is, the latest version is Angular 7, which also offers features similar to an upgraded error handling process for output in situations where a property is not initialized.

5. Designer interface

This framework offers pre-built templates for material design components across form controls, navigation elements, pop-ups, layouts, and data tables. Hence, it allows developers to overcome the google material design impact on other mobile application design. Also, it designs a product that users need in the long run.

An exclusive Distinction - React JS vs Angular

After going through their features, let's talk about some of the key differences and let you get the right winner amongst angular vs react js.

1. React js is a javascript library that allows developers to develop UI (user interface) components. Simultaneously, Angular is a structural framework for developing compelling web apps.

2. Angular is based on MVC (Model View Controller) and react on virtual DOM.

3. It doesn't offer to add a javascript library to the source code in the case of angular. On the other hand, react allows it.

4. React js is based on JavaScript, and Angular is based on TypeScript.

5. While using angular, you can complete the whole project with a single tool like testing and debugging. Whereas, in the case of react js, you'll require a set of tools to perform different tasks or testing.

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Showdown react js vs angular - tabular difference!

FactorsReact JSAngular
Releasing date20132016
Supported fromFacebookGoogle
Latest stable version17.
Learning curveModerateSteep
Framework architectureBased on componentBased on component
DOM (document object model)VirtualReal
Programming languageJavaScriptTypeScript
Application sizeSlightly smallSlightly small
TemplateJSX + JS (ES5 and Beyond)HTML + TypeScript
Data-BindingOne way (unidirectional)Two way (bidirectional)
Github stars126k46.6k
Ideal forModern web developmentfeature-rich applications
Companies usingUber technologies, Instagram, Netflix, PinterestAuto trader, wepay, mesh, streamline social etc.


To sum up, I would say that both the frameworks react js and angular are great options when it comes to developing futuristic applications or UI’s for your brand. Yes, of course, they are different tools and choice will also depend highly on your needs. As there would always be different comments and statements over both of them. But to make a wise decision, then you must consider your perception of what you are looking for. That is your business’s need.