Jio Mart Demystified: Revenue and Business model explained

Updated On: April 11, 2023

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E-commerce websites and their popularity is growing each day. People want to avoid visiting shops, grocery stores, clothing stores, or malls. Why will they? E-commerce websites and applications provide users with the perfect way to shop for anything online. 

The target audience has to move their fingers on their mobile phone and keyboards to get what they want at their doorstep. Here's where online shops gain popularity and generate huge yearly profits. 

Yes, we will talk about JioMart today. According to a report by JPMorgan, JioMart has 2.3 million active users each day. We know! That amount gets sales, positive feedback, and earnings to this store. 

How does JioMart work? We will talk about the creation of JioMart, its business and revenue model and features for our readers here. Moreover, we will discuss some JioMart alternatives and JioMart Clone app development steps. 

What is JioMart?

Mukesh Ambani, an Indian businessman, owns JioMart, an e-commerce store that sells Electronics, groceries, Fashion, Home & Kitchen, Furniture, Jewellery, Beauty, and more. You name something, and JioMart will have it for you! This e-commerce platform has its headquarters in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It started as a joint venture between Reliance Retail and Jio Platforms and is one of India's most well-known and acknowledged stores for users and customers. 

Customers can open the website or JioMart app to order any item. They can send the product to the cart and pay for all the items together. They will receive their order at their doorstep!

JioMart advertises itself as experienced in keeping its customers happy due to its association with Reliance Retail. Their motto is to keep their customers happy and provide them with the best shopping experience. 

JioMart Logo

If we are talking about the logo of JioMart, you will notice a white colored shopping bag inside a red circle. Jio represents itself with red, and the shopping bag depicts how customers can shop from this online store and buy anything they require. 

What is the JioMart Business Model?

Now, let's talk about the JioMart business model and how they generate revenues. JioMart has an extensive physical retail architecture offering grocery shopping and other services to Indian customers. Here's how JioMart works. 

  1. A customer visits the JioMart website or opens their shopping application. 
  2. The customer orders grocery items like ketchup, jam, butter, etc. 
  3. The application user puts these products in the cart and clicks on the out-checking options. 
  4. Now, they pay via any payment method, and the customer's work is complete. 

We will talk about JioMart here. This platform is a hyperlocal model and follows the organization of connecting the customers with local stores. Local grocery stores will pack the customer's order and put it in for delivery. Now, the delivery partner will take the order and take it to the customer's doorstep. 

If we talk about the current situation, Reliance retail stores and other local stores contribute towards providing the products to the customers. 

How does the JioMart app earn? Revenue model here!

Like most e-commerce platforms, the JioMart revenue model is based on commissions. This platform changes commission for every order the customers place from their homes. Every transaction equals profit for JioMart. Smart, right?

Another well-known trick for revenue generation is the advertisement and promotion of brands. Numerous brands pay JioMart to feature their products or allow users to see them first before others. Moreover, the same brands offer discounts to the customers, improving the profit margin for this e-commerce store and increasing sales at the same time. 

Do you know about JioMart Features? 

Now, let's talk about some JioMart Features attracting customers to buy products from them. Every company and e-commerce platform adds features for the customers. 

The user interacts with websites and applications where they can use maximum features for ease and benefit. We will look at some of these features in this section. 

Multiple Payment Methods

Imagine a customer willing to order a list of items and willing to give cash-on-delivery instead of using online payment methods. You can draw customers away by offering fewer payment methods to customers. 

JioMart offers numerous payment gateways to every user, including credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and cash-on-delivery. 

Nominal Delivery Fee

JioMart asks the customers for a nominal delivery fee for every order they place. If the delivery fee exceeds, customers usually return the order, move to other platforms, or do not order.

JioMart asks customers for a delivery charge they can pay and does not feel that they are paying extra after placing their order. 

Unmatched return policy

JioMart does not question the customers and works with a No Questions Asked Return Policy. The return service is customer-friendly, and users like this policy. 

How to create a JioMart Clone app?

You know about JioMart, its business model, and its features. Now is your chance to make a decision. Do you want to create a JioMart Clone app for your customers? If your answer is yes, you can follow these steps to create the perfect platform and generate profits!

Planning and Architecture

Before moving forward, we shall talk about one thing. Do you know about the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)? The steps involved in that cycle help anyone create a website or application. 

The first part is planning. Do you know what you want to create? Do you know about the features that you want to add? Do you know about your target audience? You are building your JioMart Clone app for how many operating systems? Will your app work on Android, iOS, or both?

You shall answer these questions with your team before moving forward with development. 

Designing and Development

Now, gather a design and development team to project your ideas. You can hire designers for your JioMart Clone app. These employees will work toward user interface development and create a prototype of how the website and application will look. 

Further, you can hire full-time, part-time, or outsourced developers with the required programming language knowledge and development skills. This team will create the platforms that your target audience will use.

You can connect with an app development team like AppsRhino and become carefree!

Quality Assurance Testing (QA)

Companies and organizations forget about this step and end up regretting it at later stages. Quality Assurance testers ensure that your application and website are bug-free. Moreover, you are responsible for providing your users with the best experience. 

If you perform QA testing only after development, mistakes and redevelopment can happen in the future, wasting your time and resources.

Launch and Marketing

One of the final steps towards JioMart Clone app development is launch and marketing. Your company shall release and host your platforms on various devices bases and start telling users about your application's existence via advertisements, blogs, social media websites, and other ways.  


Every platform requires maintenance. You shall keep up with technology and user demand and modify your JioMart Clone app accordingly. Maintainance and errors never end. Regular updates and necessary as well!


We talked about developing the JioMart Clone app and the steps involved in it. Do you know the best way for you to proceed? You can connect with some of the well-known app development companies like AppsRhino. Further, you can talk about your applications, the features you wish to add to your application, your target audience, and the platforms you want it on for the users. 

AppsRhino's team is here for you pre, during, and post-development. We will help you formulate the perfect place, design and develop your project, and perform Quality Assurance Tests on it as per requirement. 

Companies know our team for unmatched client support and dynamic payment options. Moreover, we will work on your JioMart Clone app as a custom or Saas model as per your wish. Believe us; you will have nothing to worry about while working with AppsRhino!

We are looking forward to working with you and fulfilling your business requirements. Contact us today to know more!


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