7 Best Medicine Delivery Apps In the US

Updated On: March 29, 2023

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Standing in a queue at a drugstore for half an hour only to be informed that the medicine is unavailable. Then driving across the streets to another store, again with the same result. But at last, Joe found a store that has the medicine, but the expiry date is within a month. Has this also happened to you?

Then you probably have not been acquainted with online medicine delivery apps. With a medicine delivery app, you Log in, choose or upload the prescription, pay, and deliver medicines! It is astonishingly fast! 

Further, in times of need, especially during the pandemic, these apps helped numerous people. Especially elderly ones to get continued treatments, on-call appointments, and medicines. 

This brings us to the motivation behind this blog. Several apps are available online, and choosing one or two can be a difficult task. We will help you narrow down to some of the best medicine delivery apps available online through this article.



Epocrates is one of the most recommended medical reference apps. It provides all sorts of clinical information on drugs, drug dosage, diagnosis, diseases, medical news, evidence-based clinical practices, and more. Further, the app can identify unknown pills, provide lab-test guidelines and therapeutic recommendations based on symptoms, making it a popular choice.



Their tagline is "Smarter, simpler and kinder pharmacy." Capsule is based in NYC. Apart from delivering meds in two hours to Yorkers, they take care of the refills through reminders and texts. Moreover, it provides in-app chat facilities with expert pharmacists. So there is no doubt that it has a 4.9 rating in the Appstore.

NowRx Pharmacy

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NowRx pharmacy has established itself as a leading medicine delivery app in the US. The app features video calls with pharmacists, Telehealth, and refills along with medicine delivery. However, customers criticized the app's UX.

CVS Pharmacy


CVS has the largest pharmacy chain in the US. Thus their medicine delivery app is one of the most reliable online. CVS Pharmacy announced that in addition to their 1-2 day drug delivery service available across the country via their medicine delivery app, they would also offer hourly drug delivery. Its services have a 4.3-star rating on Google Play Store.

PillPack Online Medicine Delivery App

![PillPack Online Medicine Delivery App .png](https://admin.appsrhino.com/uploads/Pill_Pack_Online_Medicine_Delivery_App_7a5fc7e0cc.png)


When you purchase a drug online using PillPack's medicine delivery app, it delivers the drug home. It classifies the drug based on the dose and time prescribed by the doctor. That way, you do not have to worry about remembering the dose. In addition to medicine delivery, they allow you to access their caregiver. Not only does the medicine delivery app keep your loved ones up to date, but the pharmacy can also contact the caregiver if they ask questions. These features make them one of the most used medicine delivery apps.

RiteAid Online Medicine Delivery App


RiteAid Pharmacy is one of the best pharmacy distribution medicine delivery apps in the United States. It is owned by the Fortune 500 company Rite Aid. They operate a chain of drugstores in the United States, allowing users to use drugs with a single tap. The medicine delivery app has grown into more than just a drug delivery company. In addition to medicines, users can also buy health, diet, and fitness products from the app. Rite Aid is announcing the opening of new coronavirus test sites in New Jersey, Ohio, and Michigan.

Capsule Pharmacy Delivery App

![Capsule Pharmacy Delivery App .png](https://admin.appsrhino.com/uploads/Capsule_Pharmacy_Delivery_App_3a31c095fe.png)


The capsule is a New York-based online drug delivery app, one of the best examples of a thriving startup that promises customers free same-day delivery of drugs. According to Forbes, it's one of the largest companies on the list this year, with sales of about $ 100 million a year ago and New Yorkers ordering prescription drugs via text message or application. It's becoming a user's first choice with a 4.9-star rating and great features on the Apple App Store.

## **Some other highly recommended apps operating in other countries are:**

1MG Pharmacy App


1mg works with many local pharmacies to deliver the drug quickly. Currently, the app offers free delivery in 1200 cities in India. Not only can you order the drug at 1 mg, but you can also consult a leading doctor. 1mg also provides additional information about the drug, including usage, side effects, treatment plans, and safety information.

The app also offers cheaper alternatives to the same active ingredients you were looking for. 1mg provides a variety of medications such as homeopathy, allopathy, Ayurveda, and OTC. You can also conveniently book health and physical checks via the app with healthy discounts. The 1MG medicine delivery app has a 4.4-star rating on the Google Play Store and has received several positive user reviews.

NetMeds Online Medicine Delivery App

![NetMeds Online Medicine Delivery App .png](https://admin.appsrhino.com/uploads/Net_Meds_Online_Medicine_Delivery_App_f28a83639b.png)


The Netmeds app is easy to navigate, and you can complete your order within minutes. You can upload a photo of the recipe and order it right away. Customers can get a 20% FLAT discount on every purchase through Netmeds. It offers you many payment options to choose from. 

Netmeds is known for its smooth customer service. Customers can also book health checkups and virtual doctor appointments via Netmeds. Moreover, at Netmeds, you can book a doctor's visit and get follow-up appointments completely free of charge. You can also use Netmeds to buy fitness products, Ayurveda, and homeopathic medicines.



Medlife is one of the most trusted online pharmacy apps and stands out from the crowd with its amazing features. The app offers discounts of up to 50% on various medical products. With a purchase price of Rs 100 or higher, you will receive free drug delivery. This app offers a variety of medical devices and 100,000 commercial products that do not require a prescription. 

In addition, you can visit the doctors available in the Medlife app for expert advice. According to several sources, Medlife has shipped over 10,000 rupees of high-quality products as an authorized transaction. With Medlife, specialists monitor your medication and ensure reliability and quality so you can spend your time comfortably. Since the pandemic, Medlife has also provided its customers with high-quality masks, disinfectants, medical devices, and dietary supplements.


Online delivery businesses are intersecting every sector. The changes in the consumer landscape and their shift to online shopping are due to the convenience, ease, and value the app provides. The health sector is not an exception. The medicine delivery apps come up with clinical information, virtual doctor meets, chat with therapists, Telehealth, and many more. Moreover, these apps allow you to schedule appointments and maintain healthcare reports at your fingertips.

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