Mobile App Development | Best Practices for 2022

Updated On: March 30, 2023

Updated By: AppsRhino


With the advent of mobile phones, a lot has changed. The number of mobile users is projected to grow to 7.49 billion worldwide in 2025. The growth has a clear indication for the Mobile app development market. Without a trace of doubt, one can imagine exponential growth for this market.

Mobile apps are the lifeblood of any phone. Without a mobile app, we cannot imagine a mobile phone. Those small icons that you see on your phone are software that allows you to use your phone. The purpose of an app is to provide needed information and services. 

There are 2.6 million apps on the Google play store and 2.2 million apps on the Apple app store. The numbers are on the run and undoubtedly can surpass billions. But all those apps are not equally popular, and some are redundant. 

With the promising prospect of the mobile app development market, it is easy to make the cut. But one must keep a few things in mind before starting the1 project. 

To sell a product, one needs to understand the nature of the market. And it is not just the market but other prospects such as price, etc., that we must ponder over. 

Too many options in the mobile app development market make the decision stressful. To start your project, you will need your intuition in play. It is, however, imperative to keep a few basic things in mind. Here are a few practices that you can follow before latching onto your project.

Best Practices for Mobile app Development

Build Customer Persona

The true value of your idea is when it resonates with your target audience. You can have all the fancy features, designs, and mobile app development ideas. Still, if it lacks the features useful for your customers, you will be back to square one.

To produce an effective application, you must put considerable time into research. It starts with looking into every detail, such as the language or emoticons they use to express their feelings. 

To build a customer persona needs analysis into the lives of the people. You can put up an email survey or start with interviews. It, however, must be in agreement with your budget. You do not want to burn a hole in your pocket before you even start your project.

Social media is one good thing that happened to humanity, and it can be good for you too. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., are filled with stories that reflect upon people's life. A good analysis of these stories can be a good idea to start with mobile app development. 

You can find numerous Facebook groups and pages to help you connect to your prospective audience. You can count on these tools to have a peek into the lives of your prospective customers. All these analyses can help you get an idea to start with.

Market Analysis

With all the research with respect to your customers, you now need to analyze the market. To be able to score better, you must pass the exam. The market could be tricky to navigate as it not only includes your prospect customers but your competitors.

It helps a lot in the mobile app development journey to know what your competitors are doing. It acquaints you with what great things are happening in the market and gives you an idea about the potholes your app can fill.

A unique idea is not born but is made through constant exposure to the environment. It can be of great value to interact with your competitors, as it allows you to learn what to do and what not. 

Market analysis gives you an idea about what to keep and what to leave.

Choose the Platform for Your Mobile App Development

Now that you have a target audience in mind, it will be a piece of cake for you to choose between the mobile app development platform. Two giants are vying for your attention. It could be IOS or Android, which entirely depends on your target audience.

If your target is high-profile customers who make a six-figure income, then it would be a good idea to go for IOS. If your audience falls in the middle class and lower-income category, it would be a good idea to start with Android. 

The decision also depends on the kind of service you will provide. If you are in the retail business, consider launching on both platforms. Mobile app development is tricky, but the research can help you achieve your goal.

Mobile app Development Method

Once you have decided between the two operating systems, you can now think about the method that you will use to develop your app. You can choose between native or hybrid methods based on your choice of the operating system.

Native mobile applications are written in specific code for specific operating systems. It is written in objective C for IOS platforms and Java for Android platforms. If your target audience is on one side of the income bar, this is the best method.

Native mobile app development method has many benefits. It is reliable and gives a fast performance. Some apps can work offline as well, as it is associated with one type of operating system. 

If you want to launch your application on both platforms, you should opt for the hybrid method. Such mobile app development is very convenient as you need to write the codes only once.

It, however, works slower when compared to hybrid apps as they have an extra code layer between the source and the platform. 

Suppose the murky waters of coding are not easy for you to navigate. In that case, you can outsource from mobile app development companies such as AppsRhino.

Keep Mobile App Development Guidelines in Mind

With all set up now, you need to keep in mind the mobile app development guidelines as the target platform. The last thing you would want is rejection from app stores. 

To develop your app around the mobile app development guidelines, you must first learn about best practices and the guidelines. Before you start writing your app, make sure to read the guidelines carefully from an authorized source. 

It is good to learn about the mobile app development guidelines for both IOS and Android as it helps you with prospects. If you plan to go for Android, then after some success, your presence on IOS will be inevitable. So, learning beforehand helps save a lot of effort in the future. 

Make it Easy for the Customers to Navigate your App

It can be irritating for your customers if the app requires Ph.D. to navigate. From design to default settings, you must create them smartly. Default settings should enable customers to use the app effectively.

While designing your app, keep in mind that you have to minimize the steps for your customers. Instead of making the process bureaucratic, make it a three or 5 step process. Essential features should be visible on the interface. 

Make a secure design that helps your customers feel safe while using the app. Your app will store customers' data and yours, so make sure that app design helps protect the data. During mobile app development, one must keep security in mind.

Put the Platter on the Table  

Help your customers make decisions comfortably. A good example would be the Instacart app feature. Instacart gives the customer recipe ideas and tells them about the things customers need to cook it. It helps people to decide effortlessly and reduces a lot of effort.

Helping your customer make decisions faster and helping them save time makes the app easy to use. Also, different additional features that inform the customers about features are a wise move.

Mobile app development is an art that is visible from its helpful features.

Mobile app Development Method

Run Multiple Tests

Before you launch your app, make sure its functionality works properly. To ensure smooth working and functionality, run multiple tests for the app during the mobile app development process. It would be great to run tests in the development phase. 

Mobile app development requires perfection, which comes from tests. To ensure that it works fine, you can use different online resources or platforms that can help you meet testers. 

User Feedback

It would be a great idea to start with a prototype test during mobile app development that can help you understand different loopholes. 

User feedback during mobile app development can ensure the best output. With every round of feedback, you will get to know your app better and make it better for your users. It helps you understand the efficiency of app design and helps improve different functionality.

You can look for the following points: -

  1. Is the user able to navigate through the app easily?
  2. Is the user able to understand the features and designs with ease?
  3. Is the user able to find the target features easily?
  4. Is the mobile app development process following the feedback?

Be Futuristic

Launching your app will give a fantastic feeling as you can see all your efforts fructify. But it is not the end of mobile app development, as apps require constant improvement according to customers' evolving needs. 

If you plan app updates during mobile app development, you will be in a much better place. Regular updates will ensure a smooth customer experience. Future planning will also help you estimate the expenses you will need to make the changes.


Having a built-in system that can help you understand and analyze your customers can be very helpful. It will help you personalize the app for your customers. During mobile app development, add some features that can help you analyze customers' behavior.

You can use their browsing behavior to push for a customized suggestion about their needs.


Mobile app development is a tricky and sometimes tough task. It requires a lot of brainstorming before starting their mobile app development journey. It takes rigorous planning and intuition to build an app.

To embark on a mobile app development journey, one must prepare for uncertain events and findings. Every step tests the developer's mindset, from finding the best platform to writing the app during mobile app development. 

To be able to understand the customer and provide a fully functional app is very important. Mobile app development can be easy with an open mind for criticism through feedback. Its implementation of feedback is equally important.

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