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Do you want to open a consumer goods and food delivery platform? 

Do you want to make changes to such an existing platform of yours?

Perhaps, you looking for a way to triple your revenue generation? 

Do you want to avoid out-of-stock situations?

Do you want your consumer goods and food delivery venture to be successful?

If yes, then you are at the right place. 

The GoPuff revenue model is something to ape if your business is on the lines of GoPuff; a revenue model makes or breaks your business as it shows ways to generate revenue to keep your business alive. GoPuff generated $1 billion (approx) in revenue in 2021, three times the amount produced in 2020.

What is GoPuff?

GoPuff is an on-demand consumer goods and food delivery platform headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. GoPuff is a unique digital on-demand platform because it delivers various products, including, Cleaning & home products, baby & pet products, food & drinks, over-the-counter medications, and alcohol. It houses over 3000 products and ensures that customers receive products in thirty minutes or less.

GoPuff serves more than 650 US cities via 500 micro fulfillment centers round the clock. 

Overview of GoPuff

Before you read about the GoPuff Revenue Model, let us have a look at its overview.

Type: Private

Industry: Retail

Founded: 2013

Founder: Yakir Gola and Rafael Illshayev

Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Services: an online platform for convenience delivery 

What is a Revenue Model?

Besides coming up with what you will sell, you need to chalk out a plan for revenue generation. Revenue is required to keep your business alive. Things like production costs, staff salaries, and the price consumers are willing to pay must be calculated in advance to keep your business going. You can easily take care of these things with the help of a revenue model. A revenue model is a framework that aims to generate financial income by identifying which revenue sources to be pursued, what value to offer, and how to price the worth. In short, a revenue model answers the question, How will the revenue be generated?; and How will the company be successful?

The GoPuff Revenue Model is a perfect benchmark for your venture.

Why is it necessary to have a revenue model?

A revenue model is like oxygen to your business venture as it is necessary for the

long-term business projections of your company. The revenue model gives you an

overview of your organization’s current and future potential to earn profits.

It also helps you align your marketing efforts with consumer behavior and

characteristics. The GoPuff Revenue Model achieved smooth business working as

it took care of certain things. Thus, it is crucial to go through the GoPuff

Revenue Model before making one for your business.

How Does GoPuff Work?

Customers go to the GoPuff website or download its app to place an order. Once customers complete the sign-up process, he gets access to numerous products GoPuff offers. Now the customer can select the products and add them to his/her cart.

Once the order gets placed, the warehouse worker gets notified, he proceeds to pick the items from the warehouse shelves and bag them. A specific driver receives the bag; drivers get grouped according to their location and proximity to the customer’s location. The shopper stays notified throughout the entire process via text messages and receives a phone call from the driver upon arrival.

The customer can pay via credit cards, debit cards, or mobile solutions. If the customer orders alcohol, he needs to produce a valid ID at delivery time.

GoPuff purchases these items and then sells them upon receiving orders, thus eliminating the middleman. 

The GoPuff Revenue Model

You need to go through the GoPuff Revenue Model once if your venture is similar to it in nature. GoPuff, being a young company, still does not suffer from the inefficiencies that its established rivals do.

 We describe the GoPuff Revenue Model below:


GoPuff buys items and then stores them in its warehouse. Whenever GoPuff receives orders, it sells those items directly. Whereas, its rivals buy them from supermarkets & restaurants and then deliver them to customers. Thus, GoPuff makes money whenever it sells a product. 

The profit they earn is the difference between the sales price and associated costs. Storing an item also reduces the chances of it being out of stock and reduces delivery time as the driver does not have to wait for the courier; products are already in GoPuff’s warehouse.

Delivery Fee

The GoPuff revenue model involves delivery fees as one of its revenue generation sources. It takes $1.95 as delivery charges from customers; if the customer orders alcohol, the delivery charge changes to $ 2.  

The delivery is free whenever the total order amount is more than $49. GoPuff, to maintain a flat delivery fee, expects orders to be over $10.95.


GoPuff offers its customers a monthly subscription, called GoPuff Fam, at $5.95.

It means customers get free deliveries and members-only discounts on purchases. GoPuff Fam motivates customers to use the GoPuff platform every month since they have paid for a monthly subscription and they feel obliged to do so.


Brands that want to promote their products on GoPuff receive preferential product placements by GoPuff. Companies like PepsiCo, Mars Wrigley, and Unilever promote their products using the GoPuff platform.

GoPuff Ads revolve around the cost-per-click advertising model. The advertiser only gets paid when someone clicks the advertisement.

According to Forbes, GoPuff received $600,000 for priority placements from Nightfood. Besides offering preferential product placements, GoPuff sells anonymized customer data about products.

Having read about the GoPuff Revenue Model that makes GoPuff successful, let us now let us get to know the pros and cons of GoPuff.

Pros Of the GoPuff Business Model

  1. GoPuff follows an inventory-based business model; therefore, it always has an accurate idea of product availability. Thanks to this, GoPuff never faces out-of-stock issues after accepting an order, unlike its rivals. Such situations generally arise when there is a lack of coordination with partner supermarkets or restaurants.
  2. GoPuff uses designated staff responsible for picking up the ordered products and giving them to the driver; it saves time because the driver is not required to look for the items through the warehouse.
  3. GoPuff works round the clock since it owns a warehouse housing items/ products.

Cons Of the GoPuff Business Model

The GoPuff platform has two disadvantages. These are:

  1. The company needs to invest in warehouse space whenever they introduce a new place.
  2. The GoPuff company needs to apply for special licenses to sell some products. Example liquor. 


If you want to launch a consumer goods and delivery platform, the GoPuff model is your go-to. The platform delivers goods within thirty minutes and always stays away from goods out-of-stock situations. In addition to these benefits, GoPuff provides many perks, as stated above. If you want to create your GoPuff clone, contact AppsRhino. AppsRhino has always catered to its customers well.

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