How to increase the visibility of your restaurant on GoPuff?

Updated On: February 8, 2023

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Have you noticed one thing that numerous restaurants have shifted to the online medium or are shifting? The shift enables higher revenues through increased orders as restaurants are able to reach a wider customer base.

There are multiple platforms like GoPuff, Seamless, ChowNow, Postmates, etc., that help restaurants to boost their sales. GoPuff and the like manage to do so by giving your restaurants much-needed exposure.

We all know that people love ordering things online. Be it food, groceries, alcohol, books, medicines, etc.; people do not want to step out of their homes even for their basic needs. And for this very reason, several restaurants have started using such third-party apps or have created apps, especially for their own restaurants. If you are mulling over taking your restaurant to an online platform like GoPuff or the like, you should be prepared for the competition.

There are numerous restaurants on such platforms, and you would need to compete with them to win your customers' attention. You will even earn new customers if you do things the right way. So, in this blog, we will tell you how to increase your restaurant's visibility on GoPuff.


1. Enhance GoPuff Customer Experience 2. Customer Reviews on Your GoPuff Restaurant 3. In-App Marketing Strategies 4. SOCIAL MEDIA 5. INVEST IN SEO 6. ONLINE ORDERING THROUGH GoPuff APP 7. STAFF 8. ONLINE MENU 9. GPS AND DRIVERS 10. STATE OF FOOD AT THE DELIVERY TIME 11. ADVERTISING 12. TEMPTING PHOTOS 13. TIME-LIMITED PROMOTIONS 14. ENGAGING CONTENT Bestsellers 1. ENSURE YOUR RESTAURANT DISHES GET DISCOVERED 2. Create engaging content 3. Monitor third-party review sites 4. Online Payment

Enhance GoPuff Customer Experience

On GoPuff, your restaurant is not the only player. On GoPuff, your restaurant competes with other restaurants offering similar food items. Customers will avail themselves of your services only if you deliver better than your competitors; your GoPuff restaurant's food and each aspect of the delivery experience demand your attention.

Customer Reviews on Your GoPuff Restaurant

Customer reviews matter a lot as these reviews help people decide which restaurant they want to order from. GoPuff users do not look for a specific restaurant; they go through reviews before ordering food from a restaurant. Users generally select a GoPuff restaurant based on reviews. Also, your customer reviews are more valuable than your food pictures, so ensure to motivate your customers to review your restaurant services. 

It would be best to pay attention to the package add-ons and the delivery time to guarantee positive customer reviews on GoPuff. You can request your customers leave their reviews on the takeaway boxes or bags when using a third-party app like GoPuff.

In-App Marketing Strategies

It will be beneficial to have a go-to-market strategy when launching delivery through third-party apps like GoPuff. You should add offers or discounts in the delivery, and to-go packaging/ or stick branded promotional stickers on takeout containers. 

Also, social networking sites are a great way of promoting your arrival on the GoPuff platform. Advertising will help you boost your GoPuff restaurant visibility. Besides increasing your visibility on GoPuff, advertising ensures that your restaurant appears at the top when people search for restaurants on the GoPuff app.

Social Media

Today, literally everyone is on social networking sites 24/7. Most people use social networking apps, which restaurants can use to boost their GoPuff restaurant visibility. The option to promote your restaurant on social media is free, and you get to attract more people by creating relatable posts and reels.

Every restaurant wants to make people think about them. Every restaurant wants itself to be the first thing people think of when they want to order food online. You get to achieve this goal via social media. Giving your audience insights into your recipes and cooking procedures is an excellent way to keep them thinking about you. Please make sure that your videos are interesting. 

Invest in SEO

Often, people go to the internet to learn more about the restaurant that they come across online. If your restaurant does not rank on local search results, you might find it hard to get customers. They might not consider your services if your restaurant is not one of the top results on search engines.

SEO is one of the best ways to build your restaurant's online presence and increase your GoPuff restaurant visibility. You can also get listed on Google My Business. Google My Business ensures your restaurant appears at the top whenever someone in your area searches for your restaurant.

Online Ordering Through GoPuff App 

When a restaurant uses the GoPuff app, it does not need to calculate all the orders at the end of every day. You can increase your GoPuff Restaurant visibility by using cloud telephony. Cloud telephony transfers call from one number of the restaurant owner to another phone number until the request is attended, maintaining call logs.

Online Menu

To boost your GoPuff Restaurant visibility, you need to make your online menu impressive and adequately listed. Your menu should include things that your GoPuff restaurant offers. Over and above, it would be best if you had a provision for customers to track their orders.

GPS and Drivers

Today, people have become impatient and like to see their order's live status. Therefore, your customers should see the delivery guy on the GPS route which the restaurant clout selected. This step assures that the buyer knows your driver's course and can estimate the time left to reach their homes by approximating it against the landmark where the delivery guy is.

State of Food At The Delivery Time

It is a crucial step to increasing your GoPuff Restaurant visibility. When your GoPuff Restaurant ensures that your customers get hot food at the delivery time and the food is in the right state and condition, you gain your customers' trust. It boosts your GoPuff Restaurant visibility; they continue to place orders with you and even suggest your GoPuff Restaurant to their knowns. This step is also known as mouth-of-word advertising.


Advertising is one of the best ways of increasing your GoPuff Restaurant visibility: social media advertising, email marketing, and promotions on apps are a few ways of doing it.

You have 'pay to advertise'; pay per click is the first type of PAY TO ADVERTISE. If a person comes across your restaurant ad, clicks on it, and ends up on your GoPuff restaurant page and orders, you need to pay for that ad.

You have one more type of advertising, the PR, which means an advertisement in the newspaper or a billboard. It is how the food delivery network GoPuff works, and your restaurant could be more visible on GoPuff if you learn how this works.

Other things that are vital in boosting your GoPuff Restaurant visibility are:

  1. Marketing
  2. More staff
  3. Purchase of new equipment
  4. Setting up the restaurant
  5. Management of the daily expenses
  6. A steady flow of funds

Tempting Photos

You would be in benefit if you took beautiful pictures of your dishes and posted them to draw people. You can use your imagination and try to take photos of your meals lavishly. The images should show your food in a way that people would think the food can satisfy their taste buds.

Time-Limited Promotions

Time-limited promotions are marvelous. They are good at promoting your food as they create a sense of urgency among people. Thus, running limited-time promotions is also a way of boosting your GoPuff Restaurant visibility. Time-limited promotions attract buyers because of their brief span. 

Your GoPuff Restaurant can offer limited-time promotions that are dispersed throughout the year. For example, your GoPuff restaurant can provide free drinks or 15% on your anniversary month. Besides this, it would be best if you also focused on months when customers tend to spend more lavishly, which revolves around special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Engaging Content

First, decide your target audience, then create content as per their interests. Your posts should have high-quality content. Also, pick a day and post your content regularly; fix a day or time and a platform.

Your GoPuff restaurant's content can vary from a new item announcement to showcasing how your GoPuff restaurant team works on a new recipe. The essential part is to give your customers reasons to know more about your GoPuff restaurant. 

Ideally, the content should be suitable for your audience, and it should add value to their lives. 


Every restaurant has its bestsellers, and so does your GoPuff restaurant, which you can use to impact customers in decision-making; bestsellers are typically a restaurant's frequently ordered items, cost-friendly dishes, and unique dishes. Therefore, select your bestsellers and organize them when listing your menu on the GoPuff app.  

Indeed, diners do not like to scroll through the complete menu. Therefore, you can show your bestsellers to lure them into clicking on them.

Ensure Your GoPuff Restaurant Dishes Get Discovered

It will be best to correctly write your GoPuff Restaurant's food descriptions and food item names. Also, add item descriptions with catchy dish names to your GoPuff Restaurant menu. But, when you list menus on the GoPuff app, keep in mind to have search-friendly words or what customers would type in the search bar to search for a food item.

You can also utilize the following category names to list your food items:

  1. Vegetarian
  2. Burger
  3. Cake
  4. Spicy
  5. Sweet etc.

Create Engaging Content

Once you get your customers' attention, you should do everything to retain it. It means that you need to ensure your customers get to know about your big announcements when they are made.

In addition to it, behind-the-scenes videos and other engaging contents keep your customers interested. Your GoPuff Restaurant can share attractive videos, pictures, reels, and blogs. It makes your clients spend more time with you and your GoPuff team, thus encouraging them to order from you. It becomes better when they share your content with their knowns; also it boosts your customer reach and your GoPuff restaurant visibility.

Monitor Third-Party Review Sites

You can also use review platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Reviews to keep your online presence increasing. These platforms let you interact with followers. 

It would be best to encourage your consumers to review your business on these channels in exchange for a free item or coupon. Also, you should reply to reviews and queries.

Online Payment

With technological advancements, people have begun expecting more and more. They love to get things with minimal effort. Online payment is rising in popularity among consumers, and if your services offer online payment, you will definitely become their go-to restaurant. Thus, it has become necessary to include online payment provisions in your business.


There are numerous benefits of taking your restaurant online. One way of doing it is with GoPuff. When you take your restaurant to GoPuff, you expose your restaurant to the youth who tend to order food rather than go out and dine. 

If you want to take your restaurant to GoPuff and need professional help, contact AppsRhino today! Also, if you want to develop a platform like GoPuff, contact AppsRhino for the same.

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