The Only Hiring Guide You Need For Java Developers 2022!

Updated On: March 30, 2023

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Are you looking for Java Developers to add to your team? If yes, you have reached the right place! This blog will become the ultimate Java Developers' hiring guide for you and your hiring team. According to a report by Statista, there will be around 28.7 million developers across the globe by 2024. Moreover, there will be a considerable amount of Java Developers for app building. Since you are looking for Java Software Developers for your company, you shall be aware of every step as an employer and supervisor. This blog will walk you through each stage of hiring Java Developers. By the end, you'll have complete information about the skills you should look for while hiring Java Developers. Finally, we have some interview questions that you can ask your candidates for Java development.

What is Java?


What is Java?

 Java is an object-oriented, easy-to-use programming language. The programmers can effortlessly write and re-write codes and compile and debug in Java to create programs. Java first appeared almost 27 years ago in the market. This language was designed and developed by James Gosling. According to a report by Statista, more than 33% of developers choose Java as their language to build programs. Java is the first language for creating applications, social media handles, AR/VR, etc. You shall use Java to build your new application, and the first step is to hire Java Developers. 

Advantages of using Java


Advantages of using Java

1. Java is simple to learn and use. 

2. Using Java, one can create stable, safe, and efficient programs. 

3. Java-based applications are swift and smooth. 

Who are Java Developers?

Java Software Developers or Java Developers are the programmers with a primary focus on creating web applications by using Java as their programming language. A Java Developer has to unite with other software designers, QA Testers, and developers to create business applications and websites for the users. 

Roles of a Java Software Developer include

 1. To write efficient and systematic code. 

2. Take a look and innovate new designs. 

3. Produce high-quality and performance code. 

4. Ensure the rightful integration between the program and system specifications. If you have landed on this blog, you are looking for the best Java Developers for your next project. Hiring Java Developers is not an effortless task. You'll have to bear yourself through numerous efforts before finding the right Java Development team! This blog will become your ultimate guide to hiring the most efficient Java Developers for your company! 

Skills to look for while hiring Java Developers

 Here is a list of technical and soft skills you shall be looking for as a recruiter while hiring Java Developers. The skills of a candidate decide whether they are suitable for the job!

Java Versions

 The new releases of Java include versions of Java 12, Java 13, and Java 17. You shall ensure that your candidate knows the working of the interpretations above. Java 8 used to be the most used version until recent years too. The Java Developer candidate that applied for the position on your team shall be efficient at programming with Java. Even if they are unaware of some Java versions, they shall be willing to learn! 

Front-end and Back-end programming knowledge


Front-end and Back-end programming knowledge

Java Developers for hire should understand the basics of Front-end programming with Back-end. Java is a Back-end programming language, but websites and applications require attractive designs and patterns to draw the attention of users and clients. 


 After the Java Developers build any program, its testing is a necessary step! If the Java Developers miss the testing, your business application can get into trouble in no time. You shall make sure your Java Software Developer has basic unit Testing skills. Automated and Integrated Testing skills are also an advantage for your application and company.

Java application performance

Java Developers for hire must understand the performance tuning and shall be familiar with the concepts of JVM Internals and GC behavior. Many Java Software Developers are unaware of why their application is working slow or facing breakdowns. 


 Although DevOps may not have been a necessity in the past years, now DevOps is an essential skill for any software or Java Developer. While hiring Java Developers, you shall understand the candidate's knowledge about the latest trends and technologies in the application/website development field. They shall comprehend and utilize the principles and tools of integration between development and operation! 

Java Developers in leads

 You may not require Java Software Developers for programming but team handling roles. Lead Developers should understand their position in application building and shall execute additional skills with programming. These roles include 

1. Task Deployment 

2. Maintaining systems 

3. Management of Projects 

4. Vendor Management 

5. Insurance of Testing 

6. Liaising and agreements with stakeholders 

Java Network Programming

 Java Developers for hire shall be aware of the socket programming basics. They shall know the distinction between TCP and UDP. The best tactic to ensure that your Java Software Developer has Java Network Programming Skills is by asking questions about the same. You may create a list of questions about the skills mentioned above and evaluate if your Java Developer for hire specializes in them. You may come across candidates that may not provide satisfactory answers but are willing to learn from the experience. Dedicated candidates and Java Developers would be an asset to your business application/web development project! 


 Any employee and employer in your company shall have some primary soft skills that help maintain a healthy work environment between the team members. 

1. The Java Software Developers in your company must understand the value of a Team. They should know that they are working as a part of a team. They shall be able to understand and acknowledge each other's efforts. 

2. You Java Developers shall be polite in saying no if they have to. They must be efficient at delegating their tasks and bringing out the best in one another. 

3. Another skill for a Java Developer to hire is communication. Your team will have to communicate their needs, agreements, and disagreements together. The Java Developers will collaborate with the designing staff and Testing Engineers to create your application. 

Tips to hire Java Developers- The Ultimate Guide


Tips to hire Java Developers- The Ultimate Guide

 You have reached the most crucial part of the blog. Let's understand the procedure to follow while hiring Java Developers for your application. 

1. The first step is to guarantee that your company has confirmation regarding the planning and procedure of your application. You shall know about customer requirements, approach, and application development map. 

2. Your budgeting shall be complete before you start hiring Java Developers. Your company shall divide your funds into investment assets, developer and employee salary, and marketing. 

3. You shall assimilate the Java development category for your application. Based on the classification, you shall know the Java Software Developer types you want to hire. 

You can choose from:

 1. Freelance Java Developers(Remote) 

2. Full-time employees 

3. Part-time employees 

4. Contract workers 

5. Outsourcing Developers from another company 

The Final Procedure for hiring Java Developers is the interview! Face-to-face interaction with the candidates helps you to evaluate the Java Software Developers you want to hire for the team. 

Interview questions for hiring Java Software Developers

Here is a list of Interview questions you can ask the potential Java Developer candidate for hire. The interview answers from the candidates will help you determine if a candidate is fit for the job at your company! So let's get to it! 

1. Tell me the cases when a program can abort. 

2. What is an anonymous class? 

3. How will I be able to store objects in Java? 

4. What return data types can I use in Java? 

5. What does the garbage collection feature do? 

6. Define destructors. 

7. Name a variable that you can use as static and local simultaneously. (No such variable exists) 

8. Can we start a dead thread in Java? Why and why not? 

9. Can you use any variable without initialization? 

10. What is the entry point of the Java class? 


Java Developers are the future of application development. Java helps in creating efficient and interactive applications for customers and clients. If you are looking for Java Developers to hire, your chance is now! You shall be searching for experienced Java Software Developers to add to your team. We agree that new Java Developers fill the environment with enthusiasm and learning curiosity. Therefore, you shall balance your Java Development team and make sure they collaborate. Your goal shall be to create a business application/website that is attractive and brings in maximum users for profits. The hiring Java Developers shall follow the same ideology and follow steps for the betterment of results! If you want a Java Developer that fits your needs and has all the required skills, you can come to us! appsRhino provides the best developers as per your needs. You may interview the candidate and negotiate the way you like. Contact us today and create your development team more efficiently!

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