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Updated On: March 1, 2023

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The Hipbar application is one of the most popular Alcohol Delivery platforms for customers and clients. The app allows the users to sign in and order Alcohol to receive at their doorsteps. You can understand the Hipbar Clone app as a platform similar to the Hipbar App with the features you want for your target audience.

Do you want to engage in Hipbar Clone App Development? Why will customers use your application? You shall provide them with the best services with perfect features. 

Let's read this blog together and understand the top five features to add to Hipbar Clone App Development!

Top five Hipbar Clone App Features

You wish to create a Hipbar Clone App. Do you know about the features you can add to your application? You shall understand what makes your customers happy. You may consider their requirements and add features and qualities per necessity. 

Let's find some answers!

Customer ID Verification

An alcohol delivery application like Hipbar Clone requires Customer ID verification. The legal drinking age for customers and buyers is different in numerous countries. 

What is your Hipbar Clone App target audience? Where are you launching your Hipbar Clone App? Your on-demand alcohol delivery application shall scan the customer ID (any legal and acceptable document to verify the buyer's age) 

Moreover, the delivery partner may scan the confirm the customer's age while delivering alcohol to their doorstep. You are responsible for your customers and your application. Hence, you shall be careful and informed about your Hipbar Clone App users. 

Order History and reorder options

What steps do customers take after ordering alcohol from any Alcohol Delivery application like Hipbar Clone App? 

  1. They accept the on-demand order and enjoy their alcohol. 
  2. They don't find the order satisfactory and want to return it. 
  3. Customers want to exchange their order for another one. 

Your Hipbar Clone App shall allow the customers to perform the above options. 

A regular buyer may wish to review their previous buyers and reorder per requirements. Your Hipbar Clone App shall have the features that offer the same.

Unmatched Customer Service

Do your customers want the best service? An obvious question, right? You shall be available for your buyers for all their questions and queries. 

Imagine your customer willing to place an order with your Hipbar Clone App. The buyer wishes to ask a question about the delivery or wants help with one of the features of the application. 

Will your customer service be available for that customer at all times? In this digital age, clients choose applications with maximum benefits. 

They will download and use your Hipbar Clone App if they find it beneficial for on-demand alcohol delivery and customer service. 

You can offer customer support with a contact number, email address, or chatbot. 

GPS and Alcohol Delivery Tracking

You may think of a situation where a buyer orders alcohol with your Hipbar Clone App, and the application shows delivery in the upcoming ten days. 

Does the client wish to understand how their order comes to their doorstep? You can allow the users to see their order summary and logistic status whenever they want. 

You can update the delivery status after buyers place orders. 

Offers and Discounts 

What do customers love the most? Let's imagine a situation where you want to order alcohol for your upcoming party. You are inviting friends and family for the evening. Will you want a fair offer on your alcohol order?  

Clients, customers, and users want to see discounts when they open On-demand buyer applications. 

You can improve sales and allow the maximum number of customers to order alcohol from your Hipbar Clone App by offering bargains. 

Here is a list of Offer types you may offer to your buyers. 

  1. Holiday discounts
  2. Weekend offers
  3. Weekday regular discount
  4. Football games or special occasions offer

Final Words

You understand the features you add include in Hipbar Clone App Development. Do you know about the steps you shall take to proceed? You shall know about the Software Development Life Cycle and start with planning. Further, you can create a budget, engage in designing and development, test your application, and launch it for the market. 

Finally, you shall check customer reviews and create updates for your application. 

You can start Hipbar Clone App development with AppsRhino today! Contact our team and get started!


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