Hipbar app: Features, cost, and alternatives

Updated On: March 13, 2023

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Are you tired of hopping around for your favorite adult beverage? Well, shake up your routine with the Hipbar app! 

Hipbar is a cocktail of convenience, offering a range of features that make purchasing and consuming alcohol a breeze. 

With its age and identity verification, loyalty programs, and delivery tracking, Hipbar has the right mix to satisfy your thirst.

In this blog, we will walk you through the features, cost, and development of a Hipbar clone app. 

And, if Hipbar isn't quite your cup of tea, we've got you covered with some alternatives that will have you cheers-ing to new options.

So, whether you're in the mood for beer, wine, spirits, or something new to sip on, Hipbar and this blog will have you feeling on top of the world. 

No more alcohol-related puns? Fine, we'll stop liquor-ing around and let you get to it.

Hipbar app: A brief overview 

HipBar is a popular Indian alcohol delivery app that allows users to purchase and consume alcohol from licensed vendors. 

There are a variety of alcohol products available on the app, including beer, wine, spirits, and more. 

Through the app, customers can order alcohol and have it delivered to their homes.

 In addition to rewards for purchases, HipBar also offers a loyalty program. 

The app's unique verification system verifies customers before they can purchase alcohol.

The seamless user experience and convenience of ordering and receiving alcohol have made HipBar popular in India.

Features of the Hipbar app

Here are some key features of the Hipbar app:

1. Real-time tracking

This feature enables users to get an estimate of the delivery time and the exact location of the delivery person.

2. Shops near me

With this location-based feature, users can locate liquor stores near them, making it highly convenient for both customers and store owners. 

Additionally, the user has the option of visiting a nearby store and purchasing the goods they need.

3. Repeat order

A customer or user who places an order through the application is able to retrieve all of the purchase information from the cloud whenever they want. 

This makes it extremely convenient for both the shop owner and the user to quickly order based on their previous purchases and retrieve the information at any time.

4. Push notifications

Through in-app push notifications, users are kept informed about the app's numerous activities and are alerted to great discounts and deals.

5. Catalog

Vendors can showcase their massive stockpiles through the addition of specific product offerings to product catalogs. 

Maintaining stock with this feature is easier for users, resulting in less work.

6. Payment options

Following a purchase, users should be able to pay with credit/debit cards, e-wallets, or another well-known online payment method.

7. Smart filters

With the latest application development expertise, filters are available in the application, making purchases more manageable. 

Various liquor categories, pricing points, and customer ratings are available through the filters.

8. Customer ID verification

Customer ID must be verified in order to use an alcohol delivery app like Hipbar.

Any valid and recognized document that can be used to verify the buyer's age is scanned by the Hipbar app.

With that in mind, let us look at some basic yet essential functionalities that a Hipbar clone app should include:

User Panel:

  1. Place order
  2. Track order
  3. Review
  4. Cart
  5. Calculate cost
  6. Re-order
  7. Sort products
  8. Schedule delivery
  9. Social sharing
  10. Browse products
  11. Track the delivery person’s location
  12. Favorites

Admin Panel:

  1. Login
  2. Order management
  3. Payment management
  4. Marketing management
  5. View product ratings
  6. Discount management
  7. Store management

Delivery Agent Panel:

  1. Accept/cancel delivery
  2. Manage earnings
  3. Manage orders
  4. Navigate to customer
  5. In-app Chat
  6. GPS location

Other Features:

  1. Upload docs
  2. Voice command
  3. Real-time tracking
  4. Multi-currency support

How to develop a Hipbar clone app?

The Hipbar app's intuitive interface and seamless user experience have made it a popular choice among customers. 

Developing a Hipbar clone app can be an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the alcohol delivery market.

Here are key steps which you’ve to follow to build a robust Hipbar clone app:

1. Defining the project scope and requirements

The project scope and requirements must be established before the app development process is initiated. 

This entails figuring out the app's key features as well as the target market and market trends. 

Your goals and vision for the app should be clear. 

2. Select an alcohol delivery app model

When developing a Hipbar clone app, you can take into account the following models for alcohol delivery apps:

  1. Aggregator model- Both customers and alcohol vendors are involved in this model. While customers browse for a certain product to purchase, the app's owner will offer a platform for both alcohol dealers to advertise their businesses and advertise their commodities.
  2. Home delivery model- There are two primary options when a customer orders alcohol online and wants that it delivered to their home: one where the product is offered the same day or one where the product is delivered within a few weeks. Second, the customer decides the preferable day and time for drink the delivery. Under this arrangement, the platform owner or the vendor must work with the delivery partner to manage logistics.
  3. Dedicated model- Those that want to autonomously manage their stocks and communicate with their dealers can do so effectively by using this business model. In addition, the owner is in charge of all operational parts of the company, such as reporting, delivery, and assessments, as well as inventory management.

  4. Marketplace model- It serves as a digital marketplace where liquor vendors can sign up and offer their products to consumers. Apart from that, only dealers are allowed to conduct any activities, such as transporting alcohol, monitoring inventory, and managing transactions.

3. Hire a competent app development company

You will need technical assistance to put your ideas and objectives into practice. 

To avoid misunderstandings and guarantee that the project is finished on time, be sure to clearly communicate your goals and ideas while communicating with a capable group of committed app developers.

 It's difficult to create a successful Hipbar clone app on your own. 

Hiring dedicated professionals from a reputable mobile app development company is always a smart move if you want to build your Hipbar clone app quickly and acquire a competitive edge.

To develop a Hipbar clone app, it is essential to work with a reliable app development team like AppsRhino. 

We will provide you with the following roles for a smooth app development process:

  1. Frontend developers
  2. Backend developers
  3. UI/UX designers
  4. Android developers
  5. iOS developers
  6. Project manager
  7. QA engineers

4. App development 

The app development process typically involves several stages, such as planning, designing, development, testing, and deployment.

During the planning stage, the app's purpose, features, target audience, and budget are determined.

The development stage involves coding, integrating APIs, testing, and refining the app until it is ready for deployment to app stores or distribution to users.

The app development team will work with the client to understand their vision and goals for the app, design an intuitive user interface and user experience, develop the app's backend and frontend, integrate payment gateways, etc. 

5. Testing and quality assurance

The app development team will begin testing, and quality assurance after the app has been created. 

This involves evaluating the app's usability, security, and function. 

The app development team will ensure that the app is free of bugs and faults and satisfies the client's expectations.

6. Launching the app

Your application will be released on app stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store following the testing and quality assurance phase.

The app development team will make sure the application complies with all app store requirements and is search engine optimized.

In order to keep the app current and functioning effectively, they will also offer ongoing support and maintenance.

And, Viola! You’re Hipbar app clone is up and running!

Why choose AppsRhino for your Hipbar clone app development?

On-demand applications' success is greatly influenced by how well they understand and cater to the basic demands of their users. 

A user can anticipate the same with AppsRhino, if not more!

This on-demand app development company is unique for a number of reasons.

AppsRhino is outstanding for alcohol delivery app development for a number of reasons, including:

1. Diverse Market Expertise

AppsRhino has experience in facilitating the growth of various businesses and sectors over the past five years, helping them to flourish and remain stable.

2. Unmatched Support:

AppsRhino provides comprehensive support and guidance throughout the development process, both before and after the launch of the alcohol delivery app.

3. Scalability:

AppsRhino offers flexible solutions for alcohol delivery app development, from SaaS to fully customized solutions, ensuring scalability as per the client's requirements.

4. Development and Architecture:

AppsRhino follows a systematic approach to development and adheres to industry-standard database designs and code architectures for creating scalable and high-performance apps.

5. Designing UI/UX:

AppsRhino has a team of talented designers who create visually appealing wireframes and clickable prototypes while keeping the client's vision in mind.

6. Bug Fixing and Testing:

AppsRhino conducts rigorous testing and bug fixing to ensure that the alcohol delivery app runs smoothly without glitches, meeting the specified quality criteria.

7. Quality Control:

AppsRhino extensively tests the finished product, including unit testing at each stage, to ensure the app's smooth functioning and a bug-free user experience.

8. Beta & Customer Go-live:

After design confirmation, AppsRhino releases the app's initial version, which undergoes unit testing to ensure a defect-free user experience during deployment.

9. Maintenance:

AppsRhino provides technical support and maintenance services to ensure the app's smooth functioning, leaving the client to focus on operations and marketing.

Cost of developing a Hipbar clone app

The cost of developing a Hipbar clone app can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the app's features, platform, complexity, and the location and rates of the development team. 

Here are some factors that can affect the cost of developing a Hipbar clone app:

  1. Features: The more features the app has, the more it will cost to develop. For example, it will increase the development cost if you want to include advanced features such as age verification, loyalty programs, referral programs, and social drinking features.
  2. Platform: The platform you choose for your app will also affect the cost of development. Developing an app for both iOS and Android platforms will cost more than developing an app for just one platform.
  3. Complexity: The app's complexity can also affect the development cost. For example, if you want to include features such as delivery tracking and real-time updates, it will increase the complexity of the app and thus increase the cost of development.
  4. Development team location and rates: The development team's location and hourly rates can also affect the development cost. For example, development teams in countries with lower labor costs may charge less than those in countries with higher labor costs.

Based on these factors, the cost of developing a Hipbar clone app can range from $20,000 to $100,000 or more.

However, it's important to keep in mind that the cost will depend on your specific requirements and the development team you choose to work with. 

Getting multiple quotes from different development teams and comparing their rates and services is recommended before choosing one to work with.

Top 10 Hipbar app alternatives

Here are 10 alternatives to the Hipbar app for purchasing and consuming alcohol:

  1. Drizly - Drizly is a popular alcohol delivery app in the United States that offers a wide range of alcohol products and delivery options.
  2. Saucey - Saucey is another alcohol delivery app that offers a wide selection of alcohol products and fast delivery times.
  3. Minibar - Minibar is an alcohol delivery app that offers a variety of wine, beer, and spirits, along with a loyalty program for frequent customers.
  4. Thirstie - Thirstie is an alcohol delivery app that offers a range of premium wines and spirits, along with cocktail recipes and mixers.
  5. Swill - Swill is an alcohol delivery app that offers a wide range of beer, wine, and spirits, along with a referral program for customers.
  6. Bevy - Bevy is an alcohol delivery app that offers a range of beer, wine, and spirits, along with an option to customize your own gift basket.
  7. ZYN - ZYN is a Canadian alcohol delivery app that offers a wide selection of wine, beer, and spirits, along with fast delivery times.
  8. Flaviar - Flaviar is a membership-based alcohol delivery service that offers a range of premium spirits, along with tasting boxes and educational resources.
  9. Wine.com - Wine.com is an online retailer that offers a wide selection of wine, along with personalized recommendations and educational resources.
  10. Vivino - Vivino is a wine discovery app that allows customers to discover and purchase wine from around the world, along with ratings and reviews from other customers.


In conclusion, the Hipbar app is an excellent choice for those who want to purchase and consume alcohol in a convenient and safe way. 

With its unique age and identity verification system, a wide range of alcohol products, loyalty program, and seamless user experience, it's no wonder that Hipbar has become a popular choice among customers.

Did you know, the global alcoholic beverage business is anticipated to grow to $1.684 billion dollars by 2025, indicating that it will thrive? 

In 2017, the market valuation of the same industry was $1.439 billion.

Amazing, isn’t it?

In light of these figures, it would be right to say that creating a Hipbar clone app and entering this lucrative market could be the right choice for you and your biz!

If you're looking to develop your own alcohol delivery app and want to ensure that it's high-quality and user-friendly, consider working with—AppsRhino

Our experienced app development team can help you create a custom app that meets your specific requirements and exceeds your expectations. 

You can hire our competent developers on an hourly or project-by-project basis.

With our expertise in app development and commitment to customer satisfaction, we're confident that we can help you create an app that stands out in the crowded market. 

Cheers to that!


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