What Is the Cost of Developing a Hipbar Clone App?

Updated On: April 25, 2023

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Picture yourself enjoying yourself with your friends and family at home late at night when your favorite bottle of whiskey suddenly runs out. What do you do then? Do you dash to the nearby liquor store to get a new bottle amid the festivities? If you have a delivery app for alcohol like Hipbar, maybe not.

Investors are toasting the introduction of online alcohol delivery apps, like Hipbar, that have resulted in triple-digit growth. When the lockdown was implemented, only some people anticipated that an online alcohol delivery app like Hipbar would succeed significantly. The beverage sector has become a champion thanks to the pandemic that has affected the human race. Sales increased by an amount never before seen.

Why do you need an alcohol delivery app like Hipbar?

By 2025, it is anticipated that the global market for alcoholic beverages will be worth $1684 billion. The increase in the number of young adults worldwide, an increase in disposable income, and a rise in consumer demand for high-end goods are the causes of this expansion.

Yet, there are restrictions on how much physical retailers can raise their revenues. For example, due to a lack of rooms, they cannot stockpile an abundance of alcohol. An alcohol delivery app like Hipbar enters the picture at this point. 

Alcohol delivery app market share

In 2017, the market for alcoholic beverages was estimated to be worth $1,439 billion. And by 2025, it's expected to grow to $1,684 billion, representing a CAGR of 2.0% from 2018 to 2025. The explosion in the number of young adults worldwide, the rise in disposable income, and the rise in consumer demand for high-end goods are the main drivers of this boom.

The Indian alcohol market has substantially increased due to the same factors. By the end of 2026, the Indian Manufactured Foreign Liquor (IMFL) market is projected to be worth over INR 3,000 billion, growing at a CAGR of 5.2%.

According to the above figures, India is a perfect market for generating strong alcohol income growth due to the country's rising alcohol consumption rates. Because of this, the on-demand alcohol delivery app model like Hipbar has become a very successful business.

Alcohol delivery apps like Hipbar assist businesses in attracting more clients and maximizing their income with their cutting-edge and simple-to-use features. These apps offer a higher return on investment, enable cashless transactions, and let administrators monitor regular transactions. So, investment in creating alcohol delivery applications will undoubtedly pay off.

Monetization options for a Hipbar clone app

One of the most important considerations when creating an alcohol delivery service like Hipbar is how the app will generate revenue. These apps can take into consideration some of the most well-liked monetization strategies, including:


This is the most straightforward and efficient method of monetization. In this case, an alcohol delivery service like Hipbar levies a set cost for each order placed through the app.

Featured listing

There is another well-liked strategy for making money off your Hipbar clone software. With this, you may offer the top positions on the app to stores eager to sell alcohol for a set sum of money. Since the businesses at the top have the most sales, many retailers choose these positions.

Ad management

The Hipbar clone software can generate revenue by showing clients advertisements for pertinent and related goods and services. The app owner can demand a set fee from the advertising companies, who stand to gain from accessing a more extensive consumer base.

eStore enablement

Another excellent strategy to enhance your revenue streams for your Hipbar clone software is to include an e-commerce function. To keep users interested and raise your Hipbar clone app's ratings and popularity, you can sell beer mugs, wine glasses, and other relevant goods through it.

Must have features that determine the cost of your Hipbar clone app


The registration process for your Hipbar clone app needs to be quick and easy.

Allowing users to sign up with social networking profiles can help you attract more users.

Push notifications

When your Hipbar clone app receives new updates, let your users know and alert them of it.

You can alert your users to sales, limited-time offers, and other events with "Push notifications."

Uploading documents

Consumers can use this facility to electronically upload the required papers to verify their eligibility to buy alcoholic beverages. (When you operate an app that distributes alcohol, you must follow specific regulations.)

As a result, it is novel and essential to have this option in your Hipbar clone app.

Verification of documents

If you operate an app like Hipbar, you should know that several guidelines must be followed.

To ensure the user's age and other important information, this function will help.

Online chat

Whenever users need help or have inquiries about your services, they can contact you or leave a note.

Also, clients can use in-app chat to receive timely assistance and answers to their queries.

Internal navigation

Customers can use this service to check the delivery agent's location and the anticipated arrival time of their order.

This in-app navigation function must be present in your Hipbar clone app.

Live to monitor

Clients can follow the delivery agent's progress, which aids them in locating the customer's address. This benefits the delivery team as well.

Factors that determine the cost of developing a Hipbar clone app?


The first phase of the software development life cycle is strategic planning (SDLC). When planning the goal of your Hipbar clone app development process, gather your team. You can also choose your Hipbar clone app's investment, recruiting, and marketing budgets.

When making a strategy, you must exercise caution and consider all relevant factors and outcomes.


Customers should find your Hipbar clone software to be appealing. Users can locate features, contact customer service, browse categories, and enjoy using the app.

You can use a design team to make a user interface and control the Alcohol Delivery App flow to accomplish these ends!

App development

The developers can now work on the development of websites and applications. They can work on creating your Hipbar clone app and including essential features using the appropriate programming language.

According to the budget and user interface created by the design team, the development team will work.

Quality assurance testing

The Quality Assurance Testing procedure is the last stage before any program is published on the Play Store and AppStore. The QA Testers look for bugs and other problems with your Hipbar clone app's functionality.

QA testing ensures your Hipbar clone app runs smoothly, has fewer issues, and attracts the most users possible!

Businesses may disregard quality assurance testing and view it as an optional stage in developing alcohol delivery apps. To prevent future regrets, you must never skip the assurance procedure.

Marketing and customer reach

How will the users find out when your Hipbar clone app is released? For your company, you can engage a digital marketing team. This group will assist you in reaching the most significant number of clients, enabling them to download and place orders!

Customers should be informed of the functions and services available on your Hipbar clone app. Also, let them know what using your software has to offer!

Cost of developing a Hipbar clone app

It should be noted that several variables, such as the following, affect the cost of designing your alcohol delivery app:

Characteristics and capabilities that are present

  1. Complexity
  2. Where the corporation of choice is located
  3. Platform
  4. Backend difficulties

Choose the following individuals from the following list as your starting point when deciding how to create your Hipbar clone app:

  1. Frontend and backend developers
  2. UI/UX professionals
  3. Developers for both iOS and Android
  4. Project manager
  5. Business analyst
  6. QA professionals

An alcohol delivery app typically costs between $30k and $70k to launch, depending on many factors.

If you need a more detailed breakdown of the costs of developing a Hipbar clone app, our experts at AppsRhino will gladly estimate the costs.


Do you want to create your Hipbar clone application but need more information on how to get started? For all of your questions regarding application development, contact AppsRhino!

We have a skilled staff of designers, developers of alcohol delivery apps, and QA testers for your company. These workers are qualified and experienced as needed. You can hire our developers and QA testers on an hourly or project basis. 

We are here to guarantee results for both your business and you! Call us immediately to begin developing your alcohol delivery app and provide it with the much-needed boost!


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