Build An On-Demand Liquor Delivery App Like Drizly

Updated On: September 25, 2022

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The coronavirus pandemic and social regulatory settings gradually increased alcohol internet sales. Per the Doodle planning website, the number of meetings for simulated drink events has rocketed to 296%. Nielsen reported that internet alcohol sales had risen by 243% in March 2020. Tequila and gin sales surged by 75% compared to last year, while wine sales increased by 66% and beer sales increased by 42%.

 According to Danelle Kosmal, Nielsen Vice President for Alcoholic Alcohol Practices, "market pantry loading time" is at the highest rate. The executive director of the National Wine Retailers' Association, Tom Wark, shared this perception, noting that customers are now required to accept wine shipments from out-of-state wine suppliers as a significant necessity. However, the liquor delivery app could not be at a better time.

 To get you started, we'll go over one of the most well-known liquor delivery apps, Drizly, and its primary features to guide you on building a similar on-demand liquor delivery app.

 Let's have a peek at this application from the inside.


Internet sales of alcoholic beverages have steadily increased due to the coronavirus outbreak and other societal pressures. Drizly may be compared to Uber for alcohol, and it's not an exaggeration. It connects customers with local liquor stores.

Drizly and other on-demand alcohol delivery apps, like on-demand food delivery apps, have risen to prominence recently and won over drinkers everywhere. According to internet statistics, social regulatory measures increased last year's alcohol app sales.

Creating an On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App Similar to Drizly

Step 1: Determine What Drizly Is Step 2: Discover what factors make Drizly so popular. Step 3: Identify how a liquor app Like Drizly works Step 4: Identify the revenue model of an app like Drizly. Step 5: Identify must-Have Features to Consider When Developing an Alcohol Delivery App

What exactly is Drizly?

 It would not be incorrect to describe Drizly as an Uber for alcohol. This on-demand platform connects clients with local liquor businesses. It was founded in Boston in 2012 and is one of the top online alcohol storage services. The Drizly app lists over 1000 liquor shops in Canada and the United States. Customers enjoy this app because it provides an exclusive selection of wine and personalized beverages at reasonable prices.

 Drizly has received a significant amount of investment in terms of funding. This online liquor delivery firm has received over $85 million in financing.

How do online liquor delivery applications function?

Let us now learn how on-demand liquor delivery apps work:

 Step 1: The user downloads the liquor delivery app and looks for their preferred drink at neighboring retailers.

 Step 2: Customers can place an immediate order or schedule delivery at leisure. A liquor store registers with a platform to ensure order fulfillment on time.

 Step 3: A delivery is assigned to the delivery agent. The customer is kept up to date with suitable ETAs at each stage. Customers may track their orders from when they are picked up until they arrive at their destination.

 Step 4: Once the liquor delivery has been completed, the agents can collect money, digital delivery proof, and even client comments.

 Drizly's primary focus is selling an exclusive assortment of alcohol in the most convenient and cost-effective method possible.

How to Begin an Online Liquor Delivery Service

2021 Liquor Market

On-demand liquor delivery apps like Drizly, like on-demand food delivery apps, have emerged and captured the hearts of many tipplers. According to internet statistics, alcohol sales via apps increased progressively last year due to social regulatory measures. More than half of the beer, wine, and liquor production industries were obliged to go online and sell liquor digitally. In 2020, the liquor industry's total sales and revenue increased by 32.7%while Drizly's revenue increased by 78%.

Drizly's History 

Drizly, founded in 2012, is a successful digital platform that connects liquor businesses with customers. Customers can order alcoholic beverages in minutes, make simple online payments, and deliver the products to their door using this platform. Drizly's business plan focuses on low prices and a unique selection of beverages for a broad spectrum of consumers.

Liquor delivery in minutes can assist service providers in developing the most robust alcohol delivery software. Most entrepreneurs consider investing in Drizly Clone App Development to get massive fame. Drizly presently has over 3000 registered stores on its network and offers a diverse liquor selection. This company, which swiftly became a leader in the alcohol delivery industry, is anticipated to witness remarkable development since its inception.

 Drizly's Most Popular Features 

  • An app contains a large selection of wines, allowing multiple merchants to sell users their preferred wine.
  • Consumers can make informed judgments by comparing the pricing of different liquor outlets with the help of such an app.
  • The customer's doorstep liquor delivery is made as soon as possible. 
  • Drizly includes tools that allow users to have their things delivered on time and track them till they arrive at their destination. 
  • Customers can pay for liquors more quickly and securely with Drizly's easy payment function.
  • Another feature within the app that assists users in resolving liquor-related questions available in that location is 24/7 customer service.

 Creating an On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App Similar to Drizly

Step 1: Determine What is Drizly 

 Drizly is a leading alcohol eCommerce solution that links buyers and sellers through a mobile app and website. Currently, the app includes over 3000 liquor stores registered in the United States and Canada, giving the most extensive selection of spirits and alcohol.

 Since its beginning in 2012, the firm has experienced significant growth and has become a market leader in the on-demand alcohol delivery space. Although the company does not manage delivery, Drizly's success has drawn many clients to the site.

 Drizly's distinguishing features are as follows:


  1. Drizly offers thousands of beers, spirits, and wines by purchasing at numerous liquor stores at once, thanks to its thousands of merchants.
  2. Alcohol is delivered in less than an hour.
  3. Even if you don't live in a rainy city, the company provides 2-3 day alcohol shipments across different states. 
  4. Pay using the app's credit card and verify your purchase with your ID at delivery or pickup.
  5. Do you have questions regarding the beer, wine, and spirits available in your area? Get responses from the customer service team.

Step 2: Identity what makes Drizly so popular

 User preferences are at the heart of Drizly's formula for success. The following are some of the factors that make it successful:


  1. Drizly provides a straightforward and easy-to-navigate interface that allows clients to search for beverages. Customers can quickly narrow down their options, brands they choose, and pricing possibilities.
  2. Drizly closely analyses and examines user preferences, integrating those learning to improve the experience.
  3. The marketplace offers the broadest liquor selection, with over 2000 listed goods. Drizly does not charge additional fees, so the alcohol is delivered at the lowest possible price.
  4. Drizly has a large user base in numerous areas, with over 100 in the United States and Canada markets.
  5. Drizly provides a superb in-app experience to each user group with an easy-to-navigate UI/UX.
  6. It is essential to ensure that your alcohol delivery service sellers provide the best products. Drizly assures this through their quality control method. It must be completed before a store joins the platform.

Step 3: Identify how a liquor app like Drizly works

 Drizly, unlike the majority of on-demand eCommerce solutions, does not sell its liquor or have its fleet. It redirects traffic to consumers' nearest stores and allows them to proceed. Simply put, it functions as a seller's advertisement. Drizly's business approach is based on providing a unique and broad selection of alcohol at reasonable costs. Drizly takes specific steps to ensure that activities run smoothly:

 Customers log into the app and order beverages from a nearby liquor store.

  1. The order is sent to the store, which handles the delivery. It ensures that the order is fulfilled within an hour.
  2. The software allows customers to track their orders.
  3. Drizly works as a go-between for customers and vendors. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and optimized functionality, users are increasingly enrolling in the app, offering more prospects to retailers. Although vendors handle delivery independently, Drizly provides appealing incentives to keep them on the platform.
  4. Before adding stores to the platform, Drizly does a quality check to ensure that standards are satisfied and specific characteristics such as product storage, price, distribution system, etc. After that, company owners can register for the app and integrate their delivery system by paying the registration and monthly costs. The liquor store's POS system is also connected, guaranteeing that the app regularly updates its inventory.

 Step 4: Identify the revenue model of an app Like Drizly

 Drizly's principal source of revenue comes from its retail liquor partners. From its partner stores, the Drizly app charges a monthly fee. This price ranges from $100 to $10,000 and is decided by numerous aspects such as location, delivery value, affordability, etc. Furthermore, Drizly does not demand its partner stores to pay a margin on each sale. Drizly can keep out of the actual alcohol distribution while giving unequaled features.

 Drizly charges a $5 delivery fee, paid straight to the liquor store when it comes to clients. The software does not tack on any additional costs to purchase the alcohol, and the prices displayed are those set by the store. In addition, Drizly has an age verification platform that it can give to other companies for monetization.

 Step 5: Identify must-have features when developing an alcohol delivery app

 Customer App Functions

They are requesting Orders Online. Customers can use their smartphone to identify a nearby store and select from the various beverage options.

 Delivery Scheduling Made Easy

Do you want your order to be delivered at a different time? You are welcome to utilize the app for scheduling the delivery at your leisure. Choose between fast delivery and scheduling a delivery date and time.

 Order Tracking in Real-Time

With sophisticated Google Map integration, you can track your order in real time and get updated info on your screen.


Receive notifications about new offers, discounts, promotions, and order status without opening the app.

Various Payment Options

You can use COD, credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets, and other convenient ways to pay for your order safely.

Programs for Referrals

Use this function to attract your friends to the app and take advantage of referral incentives.

System of Rating and Feedback

Do you enjoy or dislike the experience? Leave feedback so that the app team may respond and make changes.

Filter for Product Search

With product search filters, customers can browse a range of wine collections. In the wine, beer, and whisky delivery app, they can sort the display by brand, price, type, etc.


 Building an app like Drizly has a lot of promise for gaining clients, increasing sales, and earning the most money. Contact the software engineers at Suffescom Solutions. At AppsRhino, we can exceed your expectations by providing the best-in-class Alcohol Delivery App Development. Contact us as soon as possible if you need a unique liquor delivery app like Drizly. We assist in bringing business ideas to fruition as rapidly as feasible.