This Is Why People Love Same Day Alcohol Delivery

Updated On: August 24, 2022

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Did you know around a quarter of all alcohol drinkers buy their drinks online? Don't be surprised if you're counted.

Good days, bad days. Fridays!

Alcohol delivery apps are people's new homies. And we love them. No matter how old you are, the technology that fits your hand just can't put it off.

Though that justifies our conditional love, we've just figured it out and put it in words, and here they are.


Joel Brener once stated, “people aren't drinking anymore; they have shifted their consumption to their home and are enjoying the convenience of the alcohol delivery.”. This seems to be the case as different ventures like Molson Coors have seen tremendous growth (230%) even during the Covid pandemic. Nearly 25% of the alcohol sold is done Online. Here’re the reasons why people love same-day alcohol delivery.
  1. It‘s fast
  2. It’s simple
  3. Has a lot of variety
  4. Gives alcohol information
  5. Takes in large orders
  6. Gives discounts

Is Online Alcohol Less Alcohol?

John Brener, an investor in the San Francisco-based wine marketplace Vivino, once wrote via an email that people aren't drinking anymore; they have shifted their consumption to their home and are enjoying the convenience of the alcohol delivery.

Vivino saw a hundred percent growth even last year (2020). Not only this San Francisco-based wine marketplace, Molson Coors too saw 230% growth in the year 2020. But as the virus wraps up in the States, people will start tripping to their bars. This isn't denied, though.

The States has been scrutinized in terms of buying and selling online Alcohol. You can figure that Amazon started its offering in late 1990 and has grown to somewhere 12 figures ($420bn ). Or consider UberEats has grown to 10 figures ($4.3 bn) in 7 years. But you won't find a similar name for alcohol delivery. This is since the U.S. regulatory policies.

The law bars the production, distribution, and sale of Alcohol by a single entity. Three independent entities need to be involved in reaching consumers. That means producers can't go directly to consumers; they have to go business to business.

But startups creatively started selling less alcoholic aperitifs or modeled digital marketplaces. Saucey, DoorDash, Craft beer club, or Drizly are examples of such models.

Amazon effect on Alcohol

Amazon effect on Alcohol .png

Have you heard about the Amazon effect? The digital marketplace or eCommerce has disrupted (or probably will) the retail market. So will the alcohol industry undergo a similar result or not?

Let the time decide. 

Picture this: In America; milkmen are exceedingly rare, but what if alcohol men become popular? Will you avail of their service? They are called delivery persons or delivery boys if we otherwise frame it. 

You may agree that Alcohol fits naturally into the e-commerce or online alcohol delivery business. It is because of the weight of bottles, cans, boxes, and cartons. We require someone to carry these on our behalf. 

On average, millennials receive a dozen amazon packages in a week. Also, every 42 out of 100 people order food online, so if Alcohol takes a similar turn, that's no big deal.

Though millennials are always online, that doesn't mean boomers are far behind. Besides, polarity has been figured in their purchase behaviors. Older people look for great prices and well-known brands and are willing to wait for the deliveries. But young people tend to look for something unique and fancy and want to get it quickly. Otherwise stated anything that can trigger a party vibe. 

So, why wouldn't we look forward to alcohol delivery apps? They get home everything.

It’s fast

Time is precious. Plus, we ran out of time, so if you've to make another run for beer, that's tough. Food gets delivered in an hour, grocery in 20 mins, and Alcohol?

Kudos if you have guessed it. Alcohol delivery apps are quick, while some of them are almost instant. Drizly promises deliveries in just 60 mins. Consumers in the territory of Saucey can find booze in just 30 mins. Banging on time. Though the fast service comes at a price ($4 to $6), it's insignificant compared to the bottle price. 

It's simple

Right, quick and straightforward. Technology isn't rugged; it's addictively easy. The most challenging part is selecting the right smartphone to buy (totally off topic!).

All alcohol delivery apps, supposedly, have a simple interface, easy selection, and easier checkout. See no brainer at all. There are two steps to use.

First, you select an alcohol delivery app—next, use social login (Google, Facebook, or email). And you are done. Well, don't try to log in while you're drunk. Just in case you forgot the password or the username.

However, placing an order has three steps: choose booze, pay, and wait. See, I mean no fun, but I can't explain things that are already simple. I won't be surprised if dad is active on Facebook or uses alcohol delivery apps to booze with your mum (just in case his friends are out of town).

Big Catalog. BIG

Irish IPA, California stout, Vodka, Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label, Bulleit Bourbon, mixers, or snacks. Alcohol delivery has covered you all. If you haven't grabbed more than a beer can, see what they have in for you.

With some apps, you get a taste of microbreweries or indie breweries. While with others you can find Russian Vodkas, obviously for example.

If you run out of heartbreaks to tell while boozing, you can tell the alcohol stories read from the apps newsletters. The newsletters are collectibles in some ways. They contain content from the pottery jars in today's Iran in about 3500 B.C., in which beer has fermented to exciting facts about the Beer Bible.


Any typical app has several perks. For alcohol delivery apps, you can track the order progress in real-time. To make sure you get the drink and no water. Repeat orders are a quick way to order while you're asleep.

In-app payments are a great and handsome way to spend money, flaunting your lavish lifestyle. 

You may get coupons and heavy discounts if you're regular with the apps. Also, if you keep an eye on the notifications, you can get at most a free drink. What more can you want?

Wrapping Up

People love convenience. No matter what you give, it must be easy to get. An article the other day stated that 83% of shoppers say comfort is of the highest priority. For them, going out is too much effort. So, a same-day alcohol delivery app can solve a chunk of your issues and get you party-ready in a few minutes. 

With each day, alcohol delivery apps will become more popular. We'll soon get an Amazon for 'Alcohol.' Let's do one thing this Friday: check out an app and figure out why people love same-day Alcohol delivery.' Cheers!

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