Which is a better alcohol delivery app? Minibar or Drizly

Updated On: April 5, 2023

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It is no surprise that everything we need in our daily lives can be delivered within an hour. Because of on-demand mobile apps! 

Apps that deliver alcohol on-demand at any time of the day or night, whether at 4 a.m. or 7 p.m . On-demand alcohol delivery apps are ideal for consumers or app users who enjoy alcohol but do not want to move more than 15 feet from their couch.

While there is little reason to believe that purchasing wine from traditional outlets will completely disappear, more and more consumers, particularly younger generations, seek convenience and ways to enjoy products while juggling hectic schedules.

Saucey, Minibar, and Drizly are all services that can help you out. They collaborate with nearby liquor stores to make it simple to shop for and order the alcohol you desire. Though their basic models are the same, the delivery zones, extra fees, and online shopping experiences of these three popular sites differ.

What is Drizly?

  1. Drizly serves the most markets - over 180 in total.
  2. It provides nationwide delivery.
  3. Drizly has a more generous refund policy.
  4. Drizly's website is slightly more user-friendly.
  5. Drizly is the most widely available service, but delivery will almost certainly cost you $5.
  6. Drizly provides superior alcohol delivery service, delivering liquor within one hour.
  7. Drizly's alcohol delivery service includes mobile ordering, more beer, wine, and liquor options, and alcohol delivery, as well as some necessary extras such as snacks, party supplies, and mixers.
  8. Drizly provides visibility into inventory from multiple retailers, giving adult beverage consumers unprecedented access to a diverse selection and competitive pricing. Orders can be delivered by a local partner retailer within one hour, scheduled for convenience, or reserved for in-store pickup.
  9. Drizly currently delivers in many major cities across the country, and the ordering process is straightforward. Use the app or website to select your drink, and your order should arrive at your door soon.

What is Minibar?

  1. The Minibar comes in second, serving over 90 markets.
  2. Minibar delivers to fewer than forty markets.
  3. It relies more on local partnerships.
  4. Minibar provides superior customer service.
  5. This quick alcohol delivery service has made over 2 million deliveries. When you order from Minibar Delivery, you can select from a wide variety of drinks. If you like to drink the best, this best app for alcohol delivery is a great option. You can order them right away or schedule them for later delivery through Minibar.
  6. You can have wine, liquor, and beer delivered right to your door with just a few taps. You'll find some great deals and a wide range of options.

What factors should be considered when comparing Drizly and Minibar?

![What factors should be considered when comparing Drizly and Minibar_.png](https://admin.appsrhino.com/uploads/What_factors_should_be_considered_when_comparing_Drizly_and_Minibar_eafa038fb8.png) >If nothing else, one of the most critical steps in determining how Drizly and Minibar compare is first to establish some vital criteria. By doing so, we eliminate the possibility of bias or making decisions solely based on promotional materials. When comparing wine delivery services in general, keep the following in mind:


For how long has the company been in business? While older is not always better, it is beneficial to trace a degree of company history, however hazy. You should look at two potential sources to check the company's track record, so to speak: official reviews, such as those provided by the Better Business Bureau and external customer reviews. Thoughts are such as those found on Consumer Affairs. 

Options for Delivery

How does the delivery service work? Some of the best wine delivery services provide various options, such as direct shipments (where permitted) and in-store pickup. Furthermore, options such as pre-scheduled deliveries add convenience and flexibility.

Refund Policies

What happens if an order is incorrect or damaged? Some more great delivery services will also allow you to cancel your orders if you do so within a specific time frame.

Wine selection

It is possibly one of the most important considerations. What types of wines are available? Is there a wide range of wine brands, types, regions, and price points available?

Website Usability

How simple is it to use and navigate the website? The best delivery services will have a website where you can sort by price point, wine variety, region, and other criteria.

Payment Methods

How are payments received and processed? There should be a reasonable choice of payment methods available and transparent privacy policies.

Distinctions Between Drizly and Minibar

The primary distinctions between Drizly and Minibar are as follows:

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Drizly vs Minibar has been in business for how long?

![Drizly vs. Minibar has been in business for how long_.png](https://admin.appsrhino.com/uploads/Drizly_vs_Minibar_has_been_in_business_for_how_long_9825460a93.png) >Remember that wine delivery services have grown in popularity in the last decade, so many will lack a lengthy company history. A history of more than five years, on the other hand, is ideal.

Drizly was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Boston. The founders, Nick Rellas, Justin Robinson, and Spencer Frazier, started the company to enter the app and delivery market, believing that there were insufficient options for alcohol delivery. They did not begin shipping deliveries officially until 2013 when they started operating solely in the Boston area. They then expanded their service area to include Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

Drizly has grown to over forty offices across the country and parts of Canada.

Lindsey Andrews and Lara Crystal, both University of Pennsylvania graduates, founded the Minibar just a few years later, in 2014. They, too, created the service to address what they perceived as a lack of options for alcohol delivery. Minibar began by forming alliances with local stores in New York City and later expanded into major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Jersey City, Palm Beach, and others.

What is Drizly's reputation in comparison to Minibar?

We'll look at any reviews from verified sites that provide a broad range of customer experiences in terms of reputation. We'll also check to see if any complaints have been filed. Drizly is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an unofficial A-minus rating. Five complaints have been resolved in the last three years, with twelve resolved in the previous year.

Customers rated Drizly just over three out of ten on Trustpilot, well below average. However, it is essential to note that customer reviews were very mixed: a sizable 68 percent of customers gave Drizly the highest possible rating. Complaints included orders that were delayed or canceled and poor customer service. In contrast, other customers found the process to be simple and well-executed.

The Better Business Bureau does not accredit Minibar, but it does have an unofficial A rating. Within the last three years, four complaints have been resolved.

Minibar received generally positive feedback on Influenster, with an average rating of just under four and a half out of five stars based on roughly the same (over 300) number of customer reviews as TrustPilot. At the same time, there were a few different types of complaints, the most common involved slower-than-expected deliveries.

What delivery options are there?

![What delivery options are there_.png](https://admin.appsrhino.com/uploads/What_delivery_options_are_there_ce1402b067.png) >Delivery options give you the freedom to tailor your purchase to your specific requirements. Not all wine delivery services are created equal in this regard. Drizly lets you have wine delivered to your home or business address with a P.O. Box, but you must be present to sign for it. You can also choose to pick it up at a nearby partnering store. The ability to schedule orders up to two weeks in advance is perhaps the most helpful feature. It would help if you chose a specific time for delivery.

Minibar allows you to schedule up to two weeks in advance, with a two-hour pickup window required. It would help if you were of legal drinking age and present to sign for the delivery, as with Drizly and any other reputable delivery service. At the moment, they work with local stores and primarily deliver to residential areas.

What is the wine selection like at Minibar vs Drizly?

Let's compare the wine options available to you through Minibar vs. Drizly. It is not exhaustive, but it will provide a general overview.

Drizly sells red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines from eighteen different states, with no international wines and only a few from a few conditions. They also have about fifty kosher wines and four vegan wines. There is a roughly equal distribution of light, medium, and full-bodied wines, with a slight preference for rich wines.

Drizly is particularly interested in carrying name-brand wines. Louis Jadot, Beringer, Vineyard Block Estate, Barefoot, Francis Ford Coppola, and 90+ Cellars are among the brands they carry. There isn't much in the way of high-priced vintage wines. Aside from a sixty-dollar outlier, the most expensive bottle you can buy is a thirty-five-dollar Prosecco.

Red, white, rosé, sparkling wine, and mead are available at the Minibar. It isn't easy to cover everything they have because you're asked to enter your address, which determines the availability of their wines. As Minibar relies more on local partnerships than Drizly, what is available to you will vary depending on your location.

Instead of brands, you can search for local vineyards. Minibar, like Drizly, only ships wines from the United States. There is a greater emphasis on higher-end but mostly middle-of-the-road wines. While forty dollars is generally the upper limit for Drizly wines, Minibar has an entire category devoted to wines that cost more than forty dollars.


Fortunately, both websites are simple to navigate. Drizly and Minibar both have search filters that can be used to sort wine by location, brand or vineyard, price, and variety. Ordering appears to be pretty simple, and both sites include customer support sections.

Drizly's website is slightly more user-friendly. They provide popular recommendations, which may appeal to undecided customers. Drizly also has a FAQ section that is a little easier to find. Overall, both are reasonably user-friendly and should not cause any issues for customers.

If you want to create an alcohol delivery app, we recommend working with the AppsRhino team, making apps like Drizly. It has all the features, such as chatbots, multiple payment options, and much more.


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