Top 6 Appointment Booking Apps in 2022

Posted On: May 11, 2022

Posted By: appsrhino


Do you waste a lot of time scheduling and cancelling meetings?  Do you want to reduce the time working on the calendar?

Often the must-do tasks end up wasting valuable time. But with appointment booking apps, you can take a back seat and let the technology do the complex chores. 

Not only does it ease overworking, but your clients also will love it. It brings ease and convenience to your business operations. And you can utilize the time to meet new people, bring new business and focus on essential tasks.

If you struggle to manage client bookings, schedule meetings, last-minute cancellations, and no-shows. In that case, an appointment booking app is a perfect solution for you. In this article we  mention the top 6 appointment booking apps to check-in in 2022.

What does an appointment booking tool do?

In a nutshell, appointment scheduling software makes your life and clients' lives easier. Each tool does this in a somewhat different way. Still, they all offer an online portal where your clients, prospects, contacts, and students may book a meeting with you or another member of your team.

Using paper books to manage schedules is outdated and takes a lot of time and it is cumbersome. These technologies are far more convenient for your business. Clients get a user-friendly procedure while using an appointment booking app, usually having your branding.

These tools enable you to define and alter your parameters for available appointment hours, employees, and services regularly.

Appointment booking apps are used by successful and efficient businesses of all sizes and shapes to save time and money.

Small firms and entrepreneurs use them to plan critical meetings. Recruiters use them to schedule and track interviews with potential employees. Educators and instructors use them to run student conferences or online classrooms with a single button press.

Client calls are scheduled by sales and marketing professionals to ensure that they do not lose a hot lead. Account managers keep track of their client check-ins using user-friendly internet apps that they can access from anywhere.


If you struggle to manage client bookings, schedule meetings, last-minute cancellations, and no-shows then an appointment booking app is the perfect solution. Here are the top 6 appointment booking apps that you can check-in in 2022.
  1. Calendly: Best for Teams
  2. 10to8: Best For Small Enterprise
  3. SimplyBook: Best for International Business
  4. Setmore: Best for Self-Employed
  5. Appointlet: Best for free unlimited bookings
  6. Bookafy: Best for calendar synchronization options

What Features You Should Look For In An Appointment Booking App?

At a brief your appointment booking should provide:

  1. Flexibility 
  2. Customization
  3. Calendar Sync
  4. Business tool integration

Here we mention some questions to ask while going through an app:

  1. Is it possible for you to post your booking link on many platforms, such as your website and social networking pages?
  2. Are your consumers able to make appointments, reschedule them, or cancel them without contacting you?
  3. With the tool, is it possible to specify calendar parameters that are crucial to your organization, such as booking hours, length, service categories, staff members, black-out periods, and buffer zones?
  4. Is the program capable of automatically sending text and email reminders and other notifications?
  5. Is it possible to connect your brand's look and voice to your scheduling page and automated messaging?
  6. How many calendar formats are supported by the tool?

6 Appointment Booking Apps That You Can Use


Calendly: Best for Teams

Calendly manages the scheduling of over 100 million meetings each year and provides a feature-rich free plan and 14-day free trials for commercial plans. Every Calendly package includes unlimited planned meetings as well as unlimited one-time meetings. Calendly's paid plans include group, communal, and round-robin events.


Calendly is an excellent tool for scheduling appointments. It is simple to extend its use to a complete team, department, or small business.

Calendly is useful for scheduling one-on-one and group meetings and determining round-robin or collective availability. It also accounts for its users' varied time zones, ensuring that all meeting attendees arrive on time.

Calendly works with Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, and iCal.

Calendly has 700+ Zapier integrations, including GoToMeeting and Salesforce.


  1. 14-day free trial
  2. Unlimited one-time meetings are included.
  3. Unlimited one-on-one meetings are included.


  1. There are no SMS notifications with the free or Premium plans.
  2. Payments cannot be accepted with free or premium plans.
  3. Only the Enterprise package includes phone assistance.


  1. Basic: Free 
  2. Essentials: $8/user/month with up to 2 calendars/user
  3. Professional: $12/user/month for up to 6 calendars/user
  4. Teams: $18/user/month for up to 6 calendars/user

10to8: Best For Small Enterprise


10to8, which was first launched to the public in 2014, is an award-winning, cloud-based appointment scheduling software utilized by over 50,000 enterprises globally. Small organizations, in particular, can profit from this cost-effective and adaptable scheduling software.


10to8 is suitable for both one-on-one and group engagements. Allow online reservations for services, meetings, interviews, product demos, sales calls, classes, or any other time-sensitive event for which you need to keep a schedule.

Zoom Video Conferencing, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Slack, WordPress, Weebly, Twitter, LinkedIn, and QuickBooks Online are just a few of the tools that 10to8 interfaces with.

Reduce no-show rates by sending appointment reminders via SMS, email, or voice call. 10to8 calendars may be synced with Google, iCloud, Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook.


  1. 30-day free trial
  2. Unlimited service
  3. Over 1,500 app integrations
  4. SMS included in the free version


  1. Offers customer support only via email.
  2. Free plans don't accept payments.


  1. FREE FOREVER, 100 appointments/month 2 staff logins
  2. Basic: $9.6/month, 100 appointments/month 2 staff logins
  3. Grow: $20/month, 300 appointments/month 3 staff logins
  4. Bigger Business: $40/month,600 appts/month 6 staff logins

SimplyBook: Best for International Business


SimplyBook can arrange appointments in 9 languages, allowing everyone you do business to schedule time with you effortlessly. The interface of SimplyBook shows all of your services, providers, and available times. Clients may quickly discover what they need, whether to schedule an appointment, register for a class or join a club.


Online bookings aren't confined to your website with SimplyBook. Customers can arrange appointments just as quickly by clicking on a link on your Facebook and Instagram accounts or your Google My Business profile.

Clients can also add additional services to their appointment, pay fees, and purchase relevant products all in one place.

You can integrate SimplyBook with the following calendars: Google, iCal, Yahoo, and Outlook.

Clients can pay via multiple global payment options, including Stripe, PayPal, Alipay, Skrill, and Mollie — yet another reason why it's perfect for businesses working with international clients.


  1. 14-day free trial
  2. Custom booking and SMS packages


  1. No phone support offered
  2. Minimal customization is offered with the free plan
  3. Custom features increase the price


  1. Free: Up to 50 bookings
  2. Basic: $9.90/month for up to 100 bookings
  3. Standard: $29.90/month for up to 500 bookings
  4. Premium: $59.90/month for up to 2,000 bookings

Setmore: Best for Self-Employed


Setmore was launched in 2011 by Full Creative. Setmore is ideal if you're a self-employed professional searching for economical and simple-to-use booking software for your business.


Setmore can suffice all types of service providers. It is available for one-on-one and group engagements. You can directly add the Setmore booking page on your website or accept bookings through your Facebook page and Instagram. 

Setmore supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android so that you can set up and manage your calendars from anywhere. You can accept Square payments on all Setmore plans, while through premium and pro plans, you can accept Stripe payments.

Customer service is available via chat and email. However, it does not provide any phone support.

Setmore pricing scales as the number of users rises, unlike other appointment scheduling services.


  1. 30-day money-back guarantee
  2. Accept customer Square payments
  3. Offers Unlimited appointments


  1. No phone support
  2. No PayPal integration
  3. No recurring appointments on the free plan


  1. FREE PLAN: Unlimited appointments up to 4 users  
  2. Premium Plan: $9/user/month up to 2 users with unlimited email and SMS reminders 
  3. Pro Plan: $5/user/month up to 3+ users with unlimited email and SMS reminders 

Appointlet: Best for free unlimited bookings


Appointlet is another booking app that allows users to book appointments in multiple languages. English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, and other languages are included. Businesses can book an infinite number of different sorts of meetings for free.

Appointlet also allows you to collect prospect information and accept payments at the time of booking.


You can include a booking page on your website, emails, and different landing pages. Appointlet automatically updates your and your client's calendars when they set appointments with you.

Appointlet operates on any device, so customers can book appointments from anywhere; besides, different time zones are recognized and accounted for by the app.

Appointlet integrates with Google and Office 365 calendars Appointlet uses Zapier integration to seamlessly connect with Salesforce or Zoho CRM, GoToMeeting, and Mailchimp.


  1. Offers phone and online support
  2. Multiple integrations
  3. Personalized booking pages


  1. Payments are not accepted with the free plan
  2. Limited integrations with the free plan


  1. Essential: FREE plan includes unlimited bookings, meeting types, and form fields.
  2. Premium Plan: $8/month/member

Bookafy: Best for calendar Synchronization Options

The way Bookafy handles calendars between people is one of the features that sets it distinct from other booking systems. When you want each party to be able to see the schedule of the other, you can enable two-way calendar syncing. Use one-way syncing when someone needs to see your calendar, but you don't need to see theirs.


Bookafy offers one-on-one, multiple staff with one customer meetings, group events, and even one-off and recurring appointments.  

You decide how to handle meeting requests from customers. If their circumstance necessitates a staff member with specialized abilities or knowledge, you allocate accordingly. Set up a round-robin distribution if you want the first available rep to contact the person.

And it makes no difference where the meeting participants live. Time zone detection software keeps everyone on track.

Bookafy integrates with Outlook, iCal, and Office 365 calendars.

Bookafy creates a unique Zoom or GoToMeeting conference connection for each planned meeting. In addition, Bookafy integrates with both the Authorize.Net and Stripe payment platforms to process payments.


  1. Unlimited service
  2. Over 1,500 app integrations
  3. SMS and reminders included


  1. No payment is accepted with the free plan
  2. No PayPal integration


  1. The FREE plan offers unlimited appointments
  2. Pro: $7/month includes text reminders and payments
  3. Pro+: $11/month includes Zapier and CRM integrations

Wrapping Up

It is 2022, and customers and clients expect high operational efficiency from a business. The paper schedule books can't meet such expectations, and firms spend chuck on these chores. An appointment booking app is indeed a solution. Its technology stacks are so powerful that you can rely on these apps to advance your business.   

If you have any doubt, give it a free try. Most of the apps come with a limited-day free trial and cancel whenever you want. But it is definitely worth trying out once.