Top 6 Marijuana Apps Like Leafly

Updated On: December 10, 2022

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Marijuana is a recreational substance with scientifically-backed medical applications and is widely used worldwide. It is a part of the culture in various areas. It is entirely legal in most regions of the United States and partially legal in many other nations worldwide.

According to an IBIS World report, the medical and recreational marijuana business is one of the fastest-growing in the United States, with a market size of more than $8 billion. As a result, now is the most fantastic time to invest in Cannabis apps. In this post, we review the finest Marijuana apps for Android and iOS platforms, whether you own a medical marijuana business or are an entrepreneur looking to enter this industry.


Medical and recreational Marijuana's market size is over $8 billion. Yes! It is inconceivable. Stats say so, so we must accept it. IBIS World compiled the information above. Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries. The US has seen this. Now is the moment to get Android and iOS cannabis apps.

What exactly is Leafly?

Leafly delivers cannabis industry news, product reviews, and strain information. It lists dispensaries and Android and iOS apps. Users can rank local strains and dispensaries.

Top cannabis and marijuana apps like Leafly

  1. Medical Cannabis App Pot Bot

  2. Weedmaps: Cannabis, Marijuana, CBD, and Weed Delivery

  3. High There - Cannabis for Social Purposes

  4. Cannabis Delivery App - EAZE

  5. Vana/Muncheez - Marijuana, Cannabis, and Weed Delivery Locations

  6. Duby - Advertise, Shop, and Research Weed Strains

What exactly is Leafly?

Leafly is an online resource for cannabis enthusiasts that offers industry news, product evaluations and information, and information on various strains. It also provides information about dispensaries and associated apps for Android and iOS devices.

However, the website does more than provide access to reviews and information. It enables users to define and rate various strains and dispensaries in their area. This information allows people to make informed purchasing and patronage decisions.

AppsRhino explains Leafly.

Leafly, dubbed "the Yelp of pot" by Fast Company, is one of the significant online marijuana sites. The company was created in 2010 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington (founded in Irvine, California). Leafly was notable for being the first cannabis company to place an advertisement in The New York Times.

With over 13 million monthly visitors, Leafly is now one of the world's most popular cannabis websites.

Currently, the website provides access to four essential functions. The first is known as "Strain Explorer." This tool lets you learn about the effects and effectiveness of different strains and user reviews. You can use the dispensary locator to find legal cannabis dispensaries in or near your zip code. 

Leafly TV is the website's fourth and most recent feature. This section has a variety of videos ranging from how to set up hydroponic systems to how THC and CBD are extracted from raw plant material to how Cannabis is gathered in the first place. A comprehensive article section also covers anything from cannabis products to politics and everything in between.

Cannabis industry expansion

The widespread usage of medical Marijuana has raised the demand for cannabis and medical marijuana apps. People in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, Massachusetts, Vermont, Washington, and Washington, DC are increasingly using marijuana apps for weed ordering or accurate marijuana information.

The issue is that there are only so many mobile apps. Yes, just a few on-demand marijuana apps deliver pot and provide accurate dosage information. As a result, people's access to medical Marijuana is becoming increasingly challenging.

So, if you want to join this burgeoning market, now is the time to seize the chance and create an application that allows individuals to access the hash easily. It is comparable to on-demand grocery or meal delivery services. 

However, before you create one of the similar marijuana apps like Leafly or look to develop Leafly rival apps to profit from this burgeoning market, you should be aware of the expense of app development. Take a peek at the top Cannabis and marijuana apps on the market.

Top cannabis and marijuana apps like Leafly

You may always double-check, triple-check, and over-analyze your heart's content. By establishing suitable cannabis delivery applications, you can try to identify your app to give a significant and unique piece to a retail cannabis customer.

Let us begin

All the ones listed here are some of the top marijuana apps, chosen based on ratings and reviews, usage, exclusive features, and a total number of downloads.

Medical Cannabis App Pot Bot

Pot Bot is a medicinal cannabis app created primarily to make the lives of medical patients easier. Medical patients may be ignorant of which strain and consumption method is appropriate for them.

It could be the best turnout regarding health concerns such as chronic pain. The following are the main features of the Pot Bot app. 

  1. This app can find nearby marijuana dispensaries, doctors, and locations.
  2. You can make a payment using Google Payments. Users can also locate cannabis edibles and strains that are highly suitable. A doctor can quickly provide you with the most significant strain recommendation.
  3. Medical suggestions can also be secured and legitimized by end users. 

Weedmaps: Cannabis, Marijuana, CBD, and Weed Delivery

This app is a well-known veteran in the marijuana sector. Weedmaps launched its app shortly after launching its company in 2008. Since then, the firm has acquired a large audience in the United States and beyond. It now has millions of users who use the app to identify the top medical cannabis businesses in their area.

The software has a straightforward UI with an excellent layout and navigation. It enables users to use a map service to pin their position and explore the legal Marijuana in their neighborhood. The software is primarily utilized in the United States, where Marijuana is legal. It provides discounts, coupons, deals, and recommendations to many reputable legal dispensaries.

The Weedmaps app also advises doctors who provide medicinal Cannabis to patients, as well as the most recent news and advancements in Cannabis law, regulation, and legislation. The app offers tailored cannabis strain suggestions as well as helpful user feedback.

High There - Cannabis for Social Purposes

This software makes it simple to connect with people who share your interests. It provides a forum for new people to connect and share their perspectives. It will thus broaden the social networks of cannabis enthusiasts. Users can connect with others of the same interests and hang out with them.

This software is simple to use and allows you to identify Cannabis experts that can propose appropriate goods. Here, new people with similar interests can connect and share their experiences. Users can also interact with other community members to improve their viewpoints.

Cannabis Delivery App - EAZE

Eaze, one of California's most popular Cannabis delivery service applications, is user-friendly and straightforward. It acts as a go-between for marijuana customers and legal marijuana businesses throughout Bear Flag State. Users can purchase hemp-derived CBD and marijuana-derived items here.

This app is safe and provides legal access to thousands of cannabis items around the state. Users may effortlessly get Cannabis and have it delivered right to their door. Users can also purchase medicinal Marijuana and hemp-derived CBD products, although medical Cannabis is only permitted in a few places in the US.

Vana/Muncheez - Marijuana, Cannabis, and Weed Delivery Locations

Muncheez is one of the apps that include cannabis maps. Weed maps let you get your favorite weed items from the most trusted and licensed suppliers or dispensaries.

Medical marijuana patients will benefit significantly from dispensaries. Users only need to sign up correctly to access the unique money. You can all save money on your favorite and trusted licensed dispensary services, delivery, and even brands.

So, here are some of this app's best features. 

  1. Overall, delivery services for Cannabis and edibles are always available. You can learn about the latest items or even version releases from the leading brands.
  2. You might come upon a completely trustworthy and fully compliant marijuana dispensary. Users can rate and evaluate the best dispensaries. Delivery times, brands, and products may all be rated and evaluated.
  3. You may easily browse and explore the dispensary options with a few clicks on the phone screen.

Duby - Advertise, Shop, and Research Weed Strains

Well, the Duby app is a one-stop shop for all of the needs of a responsible retail cannabis consumer. There are retail cannabis shops as well as brand awareness for their services. We've highlighted some of the app's best features below.

You can look for dispensary locations as well as neighboring items. You can make a Duby and then pass it on or put it out. You may examine the many cannabis strains on your phone. Send private messages to others as well.


Given these expanding numbers and facts, if you've decided to create a marijuana delivery app or a lifestyle information-based app, you can validate your app idea with AppsRhino. As the leading mobile app development business, we have created many marijuana applications with unique features and functionality, such as Leafly. Thanks for stopping by.