Canada legalized recreational marijuana

Updated On: August 24, 2022

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Canada became the second country to fully legalize the use of recreational marijuana. The proposed law was meant to come into force from July 1 but due to strong oppositions, the enactment of law has been postponed. The Senate has passed the final version of Act on June 18 with the voting of 52-29. The legalization has opened doors for a multi-billion opportunity in the subcontinent of North America for entrepreneurs to dominate in retail sales of cannabis.

The retail sale of cannabis will start within eight to twelve weeks. According to new laws, any Canadian citizen above 18 years is permitted to carry up to 30 grams of dried cannabis for personal use. People are also allowed to grow cannabis plants in their own home, capping the limit at 4.

An offshoot of Cannabis after Legalization:

Since 2001, the usage of Cannabis for medical purposes is legal. Now, after the expiration of 90 years ban on recreational cannabis, this lucrative industry will attract huge investments and key players will fulfill the demand of stoners. The intelligent use of technology will pave a smooth way in fulfilling the instant demand of this psychoactive drug.

Before legalization, sales of marijuana from physical retail outlets was 2/3rd that is 66% while only 1/3rd of users buy medical marijuana through on-demand apps. With the legalization of recreational weed, it's demand will increase, the services in this on-demand sector will definitely show upward slope in future. So, keeping in view these statistics, the on-demand cannabis trend is certainly a talk of the town.

So, there's a huge potential in on-demand cannabis industry and If you are already planning to strike your luck at the pot on the on-demand platform, then Appsrhino will boost your entrepreneurial potency by solving the technical challenges of app development.

Market Growth:

In 2016, Canadian cannabis industry established whooping $5.5 billion to $5.8 billion annual retail markets in Canada. According to a recent report released by Deloitte, the marijuana sales in Canada, after legalization, are anticipated to hit more than $7 billion by 2019. This will vary widely across the different territories of Canada depending upon the number of consumers and availability of recreational marijuana in the respective area. The overall consumption is envisaged to increase by up to 35%.

Currently, there are around more than 2 million active users of both medical and recreational cannabis in Canada with the annual consumption is around 80,000 Kg. After joining the league of fully legalizing marijuana with Uruguay, the whooping market of recreational weed in Canada is estimated to generate more than $7 billion of revenue in the annual sales of 2019.

A flood of Opportunities for Startups:

According to experts, the U.S. strict laws of cannabis at the federal level has gifted multi-billion blooming industry to Canada. The future of this industry is expected to grow in next couple of years creating a $23 billion opportunity.

This includes sales, cultivation, transportation, security, and taxes as well. This is why Aurora Cannabis, a licensed Cannabis producer near Edmonton International Airport in Canada, is building a 74,000 sq meter operational greenhouse to have a cutting edge to meet instant delivery of marijuana to customers.

As Uber for 'X' model is revolutionizing the world and catering to many of our needs. There will be a sudden growth in Uber for 'Cannabis', on-demand startups as fulfilling growing demand of weed after legalization, offline weed, won't be conceivable.

To set up an on-demand Cannabis business, the Canadian cultivators will now need better and efficient logistics and it is the perfect time for delivery startups to seize this lucrative opportunity. Similarly, the pot vendors and dealers will also be looking to increase their market reach in one of the fastest growing industries of North America. Therefore, this is a booming opportunity for on-demand cannabis startups.

Opportunities in on-demand Cannabis Business:

With upliftment of ban on the limited use of recreational Cannabis, the opportunities in this segment have suddenly exploded. According to a report, the increment in people buying marijuana online has seen a 200 percent growth with estimated 2.4 million searches in a single month, excluding the irrelevant searches. With the legalization of weed for all purposes, the services in this sector will definitely show upward slope in future. The Alberta province of Canada is home to some 200 cannabis retail stores.

Entrepreneurs eyeing on this opportunity can create an aggregator business model in which they can collaborate with cultivators or vendors to fulfill an on-demand requirement of both medical and recreational users. AppsRhino's real-time delivery tracking solutions can provide you a trump card above others in dominating the cannabis market. Earlier, very few websites and apps prevailed on the digital platform to cater to the needs. Now, due to the legalization of weed, on-demand weed selling seems to be a golden opportunity in this sector. Since the people have started buying online in droves, therefore more on-demand delivery startups will bear the responsibility of transporting weed to the end consumer.


The skyrocketing growth in cannabis trade will attract huge investments from cross-border firms. The industry is going to generate many employment opportunities. Right from its seed to sale, technology will play an important role in bridging the gap between supply chain and meeting consumers needs.

The branding opportunities are endless, and an entrepreneur can really make an impact on his customers by using mobile apps. Mobile apps should be the first tool on an entrepreneur's mind from a brand perspective, as customers can connect to online experiences more than in-store or in-person ones. They can forward the same app to others via social media, and spread company name within their thriving community.

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