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Updated On: May 17, 2023

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Do you fall in love with flowers? We have no words and jump with joy or cry tears when we receive a flower bouquet. 

Have you ever tried buying a bunch of flowers and creating a flower bouquet yourself? If you try the same, you will realize it's a tough job!

And if you have to go to the florist and require professional help to create an arrangement per your requirement, you'll have to wait and wait and wait. 

One of the primary reasons why people initiated the idea of the Flower Delivery App was to deliver love to their loved ones instantly. Flowers send emotions. Roses signify passion, Sunflowers symbolize adoration, and Orchids represent strength and beauty. 

Top Flower Delivery Apps are the most reliable form of flower gifting to make your friends, family, and partner happy! 

Let's know about the Best Flower Delivery Apps in the USA for 2022!

Why are Flowers the ideal gift?

"Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts." is famously quoted by Sigmund Freud. 

Imagine that you have to give your loved one something special for their upcoming birthday. You spend weeks thinking about an ideal gift, but you find nothing!

On their birthday, you made all the arrangements. You ordered a cake and food. But you are still confused about the gift. What will you do?

You can gift them flowers of their favorite color! Moreover, you have different flowers that present distinct meanings. You can offer a bouquet per the occasion and intention. We circle back to the question of why people love flowers. Flowers are beautiful and soothing. They can communicate emotions and values. 

Don't you feel happy when someone gives you flowers? Your writer here starts dancing and cheering when they receive a bouquet!

Additionally, Flowers are perfect for gifting because of their convenience. You can present flowers at the last moment, carry them easily, and store them in water for a few days. 

Best Flower Delivery Apps in 2022!

If you want to order flowers and bouquets for your loved ones, family, and friends, you should know about the Top Flower Delivery Apps in 2022. 

Imagine that you have to visit a party and gift them flowers. You are running late and cannot stop for a Flower Delivery Store. Moreover, it's early morning, and no shops are open. 

Your only option will be a Flower Delivery App!

Let's look at the Best Flower Delivery Apps in the USA.

1. Farmgirl Flowers

This Flower Delivery App is famous for its customer service. 

Buyers love buying flowers and bouquets from Farmgirl Flowers. The flower range starts from 60 US dollars. 

Customers can get incredible and personalized flower arrangements per requirement. Additionally, buyers receive everyday offers and discounts with coupons on the website. 

Customer reviews say they got the same flowers as the pictures without any changes.

If you are a fan of vase arrangements and burlap-wrapped bouquets, Farmgirl Flowers is the ideal place to shop for flowers!

2. Roses Only: The perfect place for Roses and love 

Visit Roses Only, and you will reach a page full of happy roses and teddies!

Their site says that their finest roses and luxury packaging define their brand and motto. The brand claims to pick the roses from significantly high altitudes of around eight thousand feet. 

When you grow roses at places like mountains and high altitudes, roses have a longer growing cycle compared to the sea-level produce.

Therefore, you can get better varieties with larger petal heads of roses.

Roses Only offers bouquets from $ 50 to $250 or more. Buyers can find multiple-color roses at affordable prices for their loved ones. 

Moreover, you can select from roses and teddy bear collections. Roses Only is one of the Best Flower Delivery Apps and is perfect for Valentine's Day and other romantic days. 

3. 1800 Flowers

The Top Flower Delivery Apps include 1800 Flowers. The best part about this app is that it offers a same-day delivery feature to its customers. You can order flowers anytime and receive them in hours!

This website and app have been there for customers for approximately forty years. They have been delivering flower arrangements and happiness throughout the country. 

You will get flowers, bouquets, and other arrangements at very affordable prices from this Flower Delivery App. The seasonal range starts from $25 to $50! You can choose from their vast collections and ranges anytime. 

4. UrbanStems

If you search for the Best Flower Delivery Apps on the internet, you will find UrbanStems at the top of the list!

You can send flowers to your loved ones by ordering one day early. 

You can get a subscription from the UrbanStems website and avail 30% discount on flower arrangements with free delivery options. 

This Flower Delivery App has collections and collaborations with trends from Vogue, Kate Spade, and the best design teams for the customers. 

You can filter your flower selection from numerous categories. You can find Best Sellers, Summer, Plats, Birthdays, and other breathtaking collections. 

Have you heard about gifting dried flowers? Dry flower gifting has been in trend for saving and memory purposes. Top Delivery Apps like UrbanStems allow you to buy and gift dried flowers and petals.

Beautiful, right?

5. Ode à la Rose

You can shop by color, delivery area, price range, occasion, and flower arrangement type from this Flower Delivery App. 

Unlike all Top Flower Delivery Apps, Ode à la Rose has a back story! Two Parisian ex-pats wanted to recreate their French flower traditions in the USA and started with this Flower Delivery Service. 

The Price ranges this Flower Delivery App offers include under $75, $75 to $150, and above $150. If you visit the Ode à la Rose site, you will find lovely flower bouquets and vase arrangements. 

Additionally, you can avail of same-day delivery by visiting their website!

6. ProFlowers

Who likes chocolates and flowers? They are the most perfect and loving gifts!

ProFlowers is of the Best Flower Delivery Apps letting you show adoration toward your loved ones. 

You can choose from occasions like sympathy, birthday, congrats, anniversary, get well, and many more! Moreover, the price range starts from just $30. 

You can select the location and delivery date and start shopping. 

This Flower Delivery App can create flowers per your budget and event requirements. 

7. BloomsyBox

BloomsyBox is famous for bringing flowers to you directly from the farms! This Flower Delivery App collaborates with approximately forty flowers producing farm families. Your doorstep receives fresh flower arrangements after your order!

You can gift bouquets, birthday flowers, roses, and plants to your family, friends, and loved ones. 

You can select from a wide range of colors for $40 to $55. You should order your choice at least a week before using this Flower Delivery. 

8. The Sill

The Sill is one of the most beautiful Flower Delivery Apps in the US for 2022!

Do you like potted plants and flowers? You get the opportunity to let your flowers grow and bloom if you buy potted plants. The Sill offers you the same!

If you want to gift stylish, modern-looking, and stunning orchids to your loved ones for their home and office, you should go for The Sill.

Customers can select from the range of tropical and seasonal flowers starting at just 30 US dollars. Visit this Flower Delivery App's website today and choose from the perfect gift options!

Final Words

Let's give you a guiding plan to choose the perfect flower arrangement for your loved one! 

Imagine it's your mother's birthday, and you want to give her an extraordinary bouquet. Your mother should love the collection, the idea, and the message behind the present. What will you do?

You shall think of the color or flower your mother might like. If you are confused about the above question, search for a mixed flower arrangement or find meanings every flower conveys.

Next, pick an assorted gift like teddies or chocolates your mother likes and matches them with the flowers. You may add a personalized birthday card and wishes!

The upcoming steps are simple. Go to your favorite Flower Delivery App, order the flower arrangement, and make a payment!

Your work is complete now! Surprise your mother and enjoy that joyful smile on her face. 

If you want to create your app and make it to the Top Flower Delivery Apps in the USA, you should connect with AppsRhino!

We are here to help you at every step and milestone. Our technical team can help build the app or website per your needs!

Visit our website and book your demo!

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