Top 9 Healthcare apps for doctors

Updated On: December 16, 2022

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Doctors are no longer dependent only on using medical records and printed reports to diagnose their patients. Everything is becoming digital, remote, and more precise with real-time medical data interchange thanks to the most recent medical apps for doctors.

So, if you are developing a healthcare application or using such software and mobile applications in your medical practice, you've reached the right place. This blog will share information about the finest health and medical applications for doctors in 2022.

What are Healthcare Apps?

Healthcare applications, as defined by the U.S. S Food and Drug Administration, are software programs on mobile devices that aid in patient care facilitation and enhancement while assisting patients in managing their health.

There are three key advantages of adopting healthcare applications for doctors and other medical professionals:

1. Efficiency

Medical applications can help you make the most of your time during patient visits if you include them in your everyday routine.

2. Accuracy

Physicians can also use apps for research and collaboration, such as discussing patient symptoms with other professionals to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis or treatment plan. Accuracy helps doctors avoid medical malpractice lawsuits, which is usually good.

3. Convenience

The most significant advantage of mobile apps is that they are accessible to any medical worker with a smartphone — whether personal or provided by the hospital — and are pretty simple to use.

The Top 9 Healthcare Apps for Doctors

1. Practo

Patients and physicians who use smartphones use Practo. Doctors and physicians can manage their profiles, appointments, and patient feedback by registering on the app. 

To ensure rapid consultations, the online medical consultation app Practo also enables doctors to see how often their profile has been seen and to speak with patients online.

This increasingly well-liked mobile software enables users to care for their loved ones and their health. They may quickly schedule appointments with the top medical professionals in their area. Patients can even talk with doctors online to ensure complete treatment in an emergency.

2. Medscape

It is a well-known app for medical news. The app compiles the most recent medical research publications into a single, easy-to-navigate platform for doctors and medical students. 

While Medscape is best recognized for providing medical news, it also offers medical calculators, medication safety information, CME/CE activities, and even a doctor network. 

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. After you've made your free account, you'll be able to immediately access the research you need to keep current in your field.

3. DynaMed

One of the top medical applications for patients and doctors, DynaMed offers up-to-date information for medical professionals. Doctors can make the best diagnosis quickly because the text is clear and easy to understand.

Additionally, doctors may write emails, create notes, save their favorite articles, and, most crucially, access information even if they are not online. It enables the provision of evidence-based patient care, gives patients access to current information at their fingertips, and allows mobile access to medical knowledge.


PEPID is a customizable medical reference for doctors, nurses, EMTs, and paramedics.

With industry-specific bullet-point lists that give what you need to know, the knowledge must be swiftly digested and used in the field. A medical medication database, as well as medical calculators and drawings, are available on PEPID.

The software works with Android and iOS and Windows, and BlackBerry.

5. Lexicomp

Lexicomp is a drug reference software that gives you access to over 20 medical databases. The app has a pharmacogenomics database, IV compatibility, current medicine shortages, and patient instructional content, among other features.

Furthermore, because all data is stored on your device, you can utilize it even if you don't have internet access.

Android and iOS devices can use the reference app. While the app does require a membership to use, it is well worth it; it does provide a one-month free trial for customers to see if it's appropriate for them.

6. Epocrates

It is the benchmark for medical applications. It can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices and has received millions of downloads.

Doctors can rapidly use this app to determine patient metrics like BMI, search for prescription information and interactions, locate providers for consultations and referrals, and more.

The subscription edition can supplement the doctor's practice if they require assistance interpreting lab results or finding better pharmaceutical options. Its free version is also very comprehensive for a medical reference tool. 

7. Appointik

What could be superior to a free medical app? Appointik is a free health app made for Android users. Doctors of Appointik have access to medical practice management tools right at their fingertips, and it is now free (except in India).

Appointik enables doctors to have an infinite number of patients and practitioners, saves patient records to the cloud, and even functions without an internet connection.

Although the app isn't yet HIPAA compliant, it is still ideal for doctors if they need something to handle physician scheduling at their clinic.

8. UpToDate

The UpToDate app, another healthcare app is accessible on Android smartphones. This app has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of doctors. It has a wealth of medical expertise, enabling it to respond to clinical questions as they arise.

With a multi-physician license, this application may be used by multiple doctors, offering round-the-clock support in case you need assistance.

All of the advice UpToDate provides practitioners is current and supported by references. 

9. Figure 1

This iOS and Android app allows you to see and exchange medical photos with other clinicians. The visual database in Figure 1 houses medical photographs that are sent, commented on and searched by hundreds of thousands of users.

This app is ideal for doctors looking for comments on an unusual ailment or curious about rare or textbook instances.

The app ensures patient privacy with automatic face masking and the erasure of identifying information.  

Wrapping up

The IoT, Big Data, and AI are just a few of the cutting-edge tech innovations that the digital healthcare industry is utilizing to its full potential for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals. In our previous blog, we went into further detail about the advantages of using telemedicine services. In this blog, we have focused on the top medical applications for doctors.

You can count on AppsRhino to research your alternatives for telemedicine apps and keep yourself updated. Our professionals examine the market and do all the legwork required to discover the best long-term solution for you or your business at a reasonable price.

We hope you'll use the information to provide the finest care while becoming more efficient and accurate.



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