Top innovative mobile app ideas for startups in 2020

Updated On: April 5, 2023

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There is no doubt that on-demand mobile apps capture the commerce sector quickly. These apps have shown exceptional growth. Investors are also keen to get them on board with such soaring graphs.

To justify some facts, let's see what the data says. According to the latest PwC report, the on-demand mobile apps and websites market will reach $335 billion by 2025. however, the on-demand food delivery market alone brought in $130.15 billion in 2022.

On-demand mobile users spend $57.6 billion annually. And around 22.4 million users are using mobile apps.

With the vast market demand, investors are eyeing on-demand apps. But just having the right features and the right everything is not enough; you instead need to have that million-dollar idea. So, which industry can you get into? This blog dwells more on start-up ideas and endeavors to examine.


Some of the top innovative mobile app ideas are 1. Educational apps’ 2. Online health consulting apps 3. Food delivery apps’ 4. Virtual interior designer apps 5. Grocery delivery apps 6. Fitness apps 7. Chatbot 8. Alcohol delivery apps 9. On-demand bike services 10. Uber for X 11. Railway tracking apps 12. Foreign language app 13. Coding apps 14. Travel planner 15. Tenant finder app

Latest innovative mobile apps

With a dream to become a successful entrepreneur, what all industries can you invest in? Let's see.

Educational apps

With the pandemic hitting everyone and still looming around, the schools and colleges have struggled to cope. In contrast, e-learning apps or educational apps were and are staggering. Thus, many administrators and school owners will agree that they can better manage the campus with the help of these apps. Teachers, too, have given the nod for this platform. The teachers' significant problems and the students could not efficiently catch up. Thus, the app has to have better communication media, and how the app will publish better educational material at the same time, and provide a school-like environment.

Some add-on features

  1. Separate question and answer columns and chatbots for student queries.
  2. Separate section to view previous classes.
  3. The column where the student can ask for private doubt sessions. Courses with advanced-level topics regarding competitive exams.

Online health consulting apps:

COVID has scarred healthcare. A blessing in disguise is that telehealth and online consulting apps have boomed. These online consulting apps have made consulting the doctor an easier task. The person does not have to go to a doctor for everything necessarily; he can quickly consult a doctor on record. Approximately 52% of people use their mobiles for checking out health-related problems.

Some add-on features

  1. Emergency service numbers
  2. 24/7 emergency doctors to consult
  3. Record the history screen to know the previous health records.



Food delivery apps:

With our busy schedules, no one has the time to visit a restaurant or cook food. So, on-demand apps have come to the rescue. The on-demand food delivery apps allow the customer to order food. The service provider accepts the request, making the delivery at the desired location.

Some of the features that an on-demand food delivery app can incorporate:

  1. Special instruction while making food.
  2. The app can show the customer how many calories the food ordered has.
  3. GPS tracking
  4. Nearby restaurants delivering orders
  5. Also, if the customer wants to dine out, the app can provide booking options.

Virtual interior designer app:

With professionals working from their respective homes, a right-looking environment is necessary to boost the energy level. Carrying out proper home decorations can be burdensome. You may not understand how to place items and the right locations to find them. By creating a virtual interior app, the customer can easily click a picture of his place and get items to furnish it. The site can also tell the place's location to find the items.

Some add-ons to make it stand out:

  1. A parallel section can be added where you can sell items such as wall stickers, clocks, curtains, rugs, etc., to earn extra revenue.
  2. Contacts of interior designers should be available to get free advice on the same and hire them for designing.
  3. you can add a section to upload videos showing how to convert or recycle any household item into a decorative item.

Grocery delivery apps:

Grocery shopping is supposed to be one of the most tedious jobs. With hardly enough time to prepare your meals, how can one have time for grocery shopping? At such times grocery delivery apps have come to the rescue. People can place their orders for groceries; further, on the local shopper on your behalf, it's the order gets packed and delivered. The edge these delivery apps provide is that you can decide the delivery time.

Some features to consider in a grocery delivery app:

  1. Special mention of the time of delivery.
  2. Fresh food deliveries to be available.
  3. Pre Booking facilities should be available.

Fitness apps:

A healthy mind always delivers good results, and to get good results, you need to be healthy. Health is one of the essential things that we need to care about, and with the growing trend of lifestyle diseases, it has become more critical. For this, a fitness app can be very appropriate. It can help the user keep track of his daily activities like the number of steps walked, adequate water and food intake, etc.

Some of the must-have features in a fitness app are:

  1. The app can have professionals that an individual can consult.
  2. The app can also tell about the calorie intake after the customer has typed what he ate.
  3. Customers can again hire trainers or yoga instructors for private fitness sessions.

Chatbots App

Chatbots are the human substitutes that technology has provided to whence customer services. They are based on the concept of Artificial intelligence. This technology allows it to behave like humans and give a solution to queries. Chatbots are helpful as they can rapidly interact without getting exhausted. According to a survey conducted, 30% of E-commerce companies have adopted chatbots.

Features to look at

  1. Personalized interaction
  2. Pre-training
  3. Relevant solutions and reasonings.

Alcohol delivery apps:

With the weekend party generation or, for that matter, every occasion for them has to be celebrated. And no celebration is complete without alcohol. The on-demand alcohol delivery apps help the customer to ease their celebration arrangements. You need to order your favorite alcoholic drink, and it'll be delivered to your doorstep; it's that simple!

Some add-on features in alcohol delivery apps are

  1. Customers can be provided with trained bartenders for parties or get-together occasions.
  2. Schedule the delivery time.

On-demand bike services:

Transportation is one of the favorite industries of on-demand apps. With the success of Uber, many companies have moved towards this sector. Now, the customer can book their cabs within minutes.

But there has been no service till now that provides two-wheeler services. On-demand mobile apps help users rent out two-wheelers or book them according to their convenience.

Features that can be offered are

  1. The GPS tracking system
  2. Online payment options
  3. Direct communication between customers and service providers.
  4. The review and rating ( feedback) votes.

Learn more about How Uber works and makes Money: Business and revenue model of Uber

Uber for X apps:

With the coming of on-demand mobile apps, Uber was one of the on-demand mobile apps that emerged—targeting the taxis business at the initial stage. The uber business model was so successful that many companies adopted it. This gave rise to Uber for X, which referred to all the services which followed the Uber business model. At present, Uber for X app development is one of the most successful app models.

  1. Adaptable
  2. Time- constraining
  3. User friendly

Furthermore, industries you can consider investing in are-

Railway tracking app:

The working class in metropolitan cities usually prefer traveling via trains to reach their destination. It severely affects their work style if the train gets delayed or is canceled at that very moment. They have to search for alternatives on the spot, which at times is not possible. A railway tracking app can help the customer easily locate the train he needs to travel in. The app will keep him informed if it is delayed or arrives late, which can help him look out for alternative options.

Foreign language app:

Language learning apps can help the user to learn a different language. The app can have different levels starting from a beginner stage to the advanced stage.

Coding/ computer language app:

In today's advanced and hi-tech world, you need to have an edge over others in every field. Using the coding or computer language app, you can learn new languages and enhance your computer skills. Starting from the primary languages, you can learn all their advanced versions. Also, to provide something better for the customer, the service provider can give certified course certificates to the users.

Parking space finder app:

Parking is one of the most critical things that comes with settling for urban life. A parking space finder app can be used to give an effective solution to this problem. This app enables them to find a place to park their car without worrying. The app can use a location tracker to tell the customer where he can exactly park his car.

UPI payment app:

With the pandemic situation at its peak, the UPI payment app can be precious to the customer and the service provider. Customers can quickly pay for their orders using this app without getting in contact with anything.

Travel planning app:

Nowadays, people travel a lot for vacations or business trips. At times of holiday trips, people tend to forget things. Travel planning apps can help them organize their journeys in a simplified way. This app can let them know about the place they can visit with the set budget and time, the place's temperature to carry clothes accordingly, hotels they can stay at, and places to visit.

Tenant finder app:

As relocating to cities or locations due to work or study or any other reason has become a routine for people. But looking for a new home for rent can become a very time-consuming task. The tenant finder app can help newcomers quickly locate houses for rent at the desired locations to simply this headache. This app also can help them communicate with them to save the charges of mediators.


The industry of on-demand mobile apps is filled with many unpredictable innovations and ideas. It would help if you had the proper thought and an excellent consulting team to offer and implement your image to stand out. The times ahead will not differ from now and will only progress exponentially. And to succeed and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, you can check any of the industries above.

To get your ideas to reality, contact AppsRhino. Their team of experts helps you get solutions to your problem effectively.

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