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Updated On: March 10, 2023

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The telemedicine market reached over USD 45 billion in 2019. Telehealth app downloads are expected to increase dramatically over the next couple of years.

Telemedicine is using communications technology to deliver healthcare services and information remotely.

This can involve messaging between patients and healthcare professionals, videoconferencing, and phone consultations.

Due to technological advancements and the requirement for social isolation during the COVID-19 epidemic, telemedicine has grown in popularity over the past few years.

Although telemedicine is frequently promoted as a way to save healthcare expenses, how much of a difference does it make?

We'll explore telemedicine in this blog and its features.

Why Telemedicine?


1. Easy access to specialists

Not everyone has an ongoing connection with a physician they may call in an emergency. 

Numerous online medical networks provide 24/7 access to various professionals without a scheduled appointment, day or night.

2. Lower cost

Even those with decent health insurance may find seeing a doctor or therapist costly. In general, telemedicine appointments are less expensive than in-person ones. 

This lowers out-of-pocket expenses and eliminates a care barrier.

3. Medical access for people without health insurance

Having insufficient health insurance can make it difficult to get medical care. 

Numerous online businesses offer telemedicine for cash payments without referrals or health insurance.

Must have telemedicine software features


1. Easy patient registration

Patients regard patient registration to be simple and trustworthy when only the bare minimum of information is required, along with a solid authentication method.

Patients find it simple to use when the registration information needed is minimal, and additional tools exist to upload pictures of other documents.

Patients can choose the doctor they need and schedule an appointment after completing an easy and quick registration process. 

Instead of typing, patients can upload their medical documents, insurance verification data, and old medications.

2. Patient's dashboard

The patient's dashboard is a useful tool that helps the doctor develop an instant treatment strategy. 

It summarizes the patient's personal and medical data, facilitating the doctor's diagnosis.

This feature emphasizes the fundamentals and specifics and sorts patients based on their ailments. 

The essential features of the dashboard include:

  1. Current details on the patient's condition
  2. The assigned room and ongoing medication 
  3. The patient's main complaints 
  4. Insurance details 
  5. Previous visits
  6. Management of patients
  7. Highlights of Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

3. Doctor's catalog

The doctor's catalog saves time for both patients and medical personnel. It further improves the effectiveness of finding the right match between the doctor and the patient.

Similar to a patient's profile, telehealth apps should provide capabilities for doctors' profiles, and the doctor's catalog must have the following information.

  1. Address
  2. Area of expertise 
  3. Experience 
  4. Schedule of availability 
  5. Allocation and management of healthcare personnel
  6. Patient health information

4. Appointment management

Patients who have enabled calendar integration with a reminder notification can only receive phone-based reminders for all upcoming medical appointments.

The ability to schedule appointments keeps doctors informed of the progress of their appointments.

Before patient interactions, doctors can view patient profiles and appointment requests.

The patient queue is displayed, and patient profiles are filtered via this app integration feature. 

Additionally, this allows the doctor to reschedule appointments whenever necessary.

5. Audio/Video/Text consultation

In a McKinsey & Company study, about 30% of participants stated they'd be interested in telehealth services that included capabilities for enrolling in online/video counseling sessions and in-app chat with a doctor.

App data security is frequently guaranteed by the cloud-based medical record-keeping of telemedicine data with HIPAA compliance of patient information and recorded video consultation.

The simple sharing of patient data with any professional with expertise in treating a specific patient's condition, even with a patient's caretaker who needs the data for insurance purposes.


  1. Patients might ask questions about their symptoms when they communicate with one another through teleconference.
  2. Substitution of pictures and video consultation for an in-person evaluation.
  3. Telemedicine app development businesses' cloud technologies and app integration make real-time communication and remote patient diagnostics possible.

6. Electronic health record (EHR)

The viability of telemedicine applications is improved with EHR integration.

While EHR digitally stores all the information about your blood work, laboratory tests, radiographic pictures, medications, and all the valuable treating doctors, EMR records your treatment history.

The ability to track health progress and conduct necessary inspections saves patients and doctors time.

The telehealth app's integration with the EHR guarantees quick patient record processing and centralization. Preventing data duplication from virtual visits is another goal.

EHR-integrated telemedicine apps enable smooth telehealth billing services, including

  1. HIPAA compliance for telemedicine and app data security.
  2. Simple to use.
  3. Early detection.
  4. Improved patient care.
  5. Enhanced patient data gathering.
  6. Proper telemedicine visit data processing.
  7. Streamlined billing for telemedicine.
  8. Payment for telehealth is affordable.
  1. Systems for integrated payments.

7. Geolocation

According to current medical laws, telemedicine apps must connect patients with physicians physically located in the same state.

By determining a patient's location, the app may find pharmacies nearby, offer instructions, and, in emergencies, estimate the time needed to travel to the hospital.

The patient can easily find the appropriate department if hospital maps and photos are available.

8. E-prescription

It is a crucial component since e-prescriptions speed up healthcare delivery, which benefits patients, pharmacies, and prescribing physicians.

The following telemedicine regulations are already adhered to by mobile apps with this capability enabled:

  1. The act governing the portability of health insurance (HIPAA)
  2. EPA (Electronic Prior Authorization) (Electronic Prior Authorization)
  3. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (HHS)
  4. Meaningful Use Stage 1 (MU-1) and Stage 2 of the HITECH program (MU-2)
  5. With an e-prescription tool, doctors can create and deliver prescriptions without making any mistakes. Along with improved communication and increased patient satisfaction, it will help save time.

Additionally, it gives doctors access to medical insurance form records, supplying all data in electronically connected pharmacies.


  1. It includes a comprehensive list of drugs along with dose information.
  2. Prescription and pharmacy error reduction.
  3. Increased patient safety and workflow streamlining.
  4. The prescription renewal process is quick and simple.
  5. Integrated pharmacy operations are serving the same drugstores.
  6. Easier for the doctor to comprehend the patient's history
  7. Decreased cost of drugs
  8. Reduced hospital readmissions
  9. Tracker for medications

9. Payment gateway

Every telemedicine app should be able to pay medical expenses from your smartphone as a necessary component. 

All telemedicine specializations require integrated payment systems because they provide the following advantages:

  1. Each patient will receive an automated invoice.
  2. Automated adherence to appointments
  3. Various payment options
  4. Can aid in creating pay stubs for hospital employees 
  5. Safe payment processing and secure payment compliance
  6. Quick and simple to use
  7. Low costs

10. App Scalability

Any telemedicine app must provide the ability for patients to rate and review their doctors. 

Patient feedback is seen as an essential element of quality improvement and career advancement. 

Additionally, it will assist many new patients in locating the expert physician who best suits their needs.

To help the healthcare system, the scaling characteristics should be designed so that only the patient who receives the therapy can rate the physician.


Applications in telemedicine improve the standard of treatment provided to patients and physicians. 

The need for telemedicine mobile apps is growing and will continue to grow, increasing competition in telemedicine app development.

Apps for telemedicine could speed up the treatment of several illnesses. 

It is most effective when a patient receives care from a qualified physician who provides correct information on their symptoms.

Due to these inherent advantages of telemedicine, both patients and physicians use telehealth apps more frequently.

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