What is Letgo Clone? A Complete Guide!

Updated On: November 25, 2022

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They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure! But they never realized that it can be everyone’s treasure, courtesy of C2C marketplaces. 

Often people find their places cluttered with many things that no longer serve them. And what do they do then? They will probably get rid of them if their houses have limited room.

What if they get to know that now they can make money out of their old articles with your help? Undoubtedly, they will run to you to use your app, and as you see an influx of users, you will find your profits soaring like never before.

It all seems rosy until the reality hits you that there are already such apps for people to make money by selling their old things. For instance, eBay, Letgo, OfferUp, etc., are famous platforms connecting buyers and sellers.

Entering this arena may seem daunting initially, but the good news is that you need not fret, as you can create an app just like Letgo and dethrone it.  

Do you want to know how? Read this Letgo clone Development Guide to learn how to develop an app like it for your business! 

What is Letgo?

It is a mobile app that enables the masses to sell and buy things in their locality. A person can sell anything on the platform; however, there are a few items that the company has listed under the "Prohibited" section.

One can sell and buy anything here, from clothing and furniture to cars and electronics.

What is the revenue model of a Letgo clone app?

Apps like Letgo have similar revenue models, and some of the ways in which they earn revenue are as follows:

1. Subscription Fees

Such marketplaces have some features and functionalities that are exclusive to those who are willing to spend money. Therefore, you can earn money by offering various subscription plans to your users at different prices. 

2. Featured listings and advertisements


Featured listings and advertisements

Also, you can allow third parties to run their advertisements on your platform and ask for a fixed fee. Thus, setting up such a marketplace helps you earn money in this way.

As far as advertisements are concerned, letting third parties run their ads on your platform allows you to seek more in terms of your revenue. 

3. Seller fees

You can seek commissions from your sellers on every transaction they make on your platform. These commissions can be fixed, or you can ask for a particular percentage of the amount from them.

4. Transaction fees

You can also charge your buyers a transaction fee to facilitate a smooth exchange of services and goods on the platform. You can also set a fixed amount as transaction fees or determine a particular percentage they would like to keep for every exchange amount.

How to develop an app like Letgo? A Letgo clone development guide!

One can develop an app like Letgo by following the given steps.

1. Analysis of peers

First and foremost, you must analyze your competitors' apps and see what features they offer and where they failed to make an impact. You can also try to see how they managed to make their app distinct from their peers while staying true to the purpose of a marketplace app.

Doing so will help you come up with ideas on how you can make your app unique and have a high chance of getting success.

2. Business Model

After analyzing your competitors' apps, you must sit and think about your app's business model. Keeping in mind a few things, such as your business requirements, goals, and target audience, will help you decide on a business model for your local buy-and-sell app.

3. Technology stack

Several tech stacks are there on which you can build your app. Therefore, you must go through them and see which suits your purpose and vision more.

4. The mobile app development company

Undoubtedly, you will need to hunt for a mobile app development company for your Letgo clone app. While screening companies, you must base your decision on their previous achievements, projects, and experience in the field.

5. UI and UX of the Letgo Clone App


UI and UX of the Letgo Clone App

The user interface and the user experience of your app will decide how successful your app will be amongst your audience. Your app should be easy to use while offering maximum convenience to your target audience, and the color combination of your screens should be easy on the eyes.

6. Website for your venture

In addition to getting an app developed for your venture, you must look to make a website for your business, offering the same features and functionalities.

7. Payment Gateways

Integrating payment gateways that ensure safe transactions for your users is a must, and people love using apps that value their safety and security.

8. Advertisement

It would help if you also worked on your app's advertisement and promotions. Doing so will make people aware of your brand, arrival, and other special programs.

9. Privacy and Fraud Protection

You must make plans to ensure that your platform has only authentic users just to avoid situations such as impersonators duping people.

10. Updates

Your job does not end right after you launch your app. It means that you will be required to keep adding new features and functionalities to your app as per your audience's demand and feedback.

What technology stack can you use for your Letgo clone app?

You can consider using the following tech stack for your Letgo clone app:

1. Real-time Analytics


Real-time Analytics

IBM, Hadoop, Spark, Big Data, Cisco, Apache Flink

2. Cloud Environment

Azure, Google, AWS

3. Database

MailChimp Integration, MongoDB, Postgres, HBase, Cassandra

4. Mobile Platform

iOS and Android

5. Web

JS, .Net, PHP

6. Payments

Ewallets, Stripe, Braintree & PayPal

7. Push Notifications

Push.io, Twilio

8. SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification

Twilio, Nexmo

What features to include in your Letgo clone app? 

Now that you know what tech stack you can use for your app development, let us see what features marketplaces like Letgo, OfferUp, eBay, etc., generally have.

Going through the list of features ensures that you do not accidentally miss out on any.

1. Multiple signups and log in

It enables users to open multiple accounts simultaneously and switch between them easily. 

2. Review and rating

Users can rate the sellers on your platform and submit their reviews here. These ratings and reviews help sellers improve their ratings and profiles.

3. Advanced Filter

Advanced filter lets customers filter their search queries and see results based on the following parameters:

  1. Based on the location of the seller or the buyer
  2. Users can apply a filter to view only the latest products.
  3. They can also filter products based on their selling price, etc.

4. Buy now option

A "Buy Now" option speeds up the process of buying by taking the shopper directly to the checkout page.

5. Google Ad-sense

It is an advertising placement service that lets publishers like Letgo serve media ads.

6. Dynamic themes

Such a feature gives admins the ability to change the theme of the marketplace without any support from the technical team.

7. Featured ads

It is a premium feature that sellers can use to get their ads placed at the top of the list to surge their ads' visibility, receive more responses, and sell their items more quickly.

8. Report and block a user

If your users suspect a person as a potential scammer, they can report and block that user and bring the issue to the platform owner's notice.

9. Multiple languages and currency

An app like Letgo must be available in different languages and currencies. 

10. Post Sharing

"Post Sharing" allows sellers to share their products' posts on the platform. Even shoppers can share the product's pictures within their communities.

11. Geo-based Product Search

It helps buyers locate products within their locality.

12. List unlimited products

This feature lets sellers list unlimited products on the platform for buyers to explore them and buy what they like.

13. Product category

It prevents shoppers from going through the assortment available on the platform product by product. Now, users can search for products based on their categories.

14. Instant notifications

Buyers benefit from "Instant Notifications" as these notifications inform them of your platform's latest developments, deals, and offers.

15. Posting and managing ads


Posting and managing ads

It enables sellers to post as many ads as they want in their space and edit and delete them whenever required. 

16. Analytics

Sellers use this feature to track their performance periodically. It lets them see how many visitors they saw in a month, the number of products they managed to sell, and the profit they earned in a particular period.

What are the factors affecting Letgo clone development?

App development means you must be willing to spend money on resources and marketing. Although there is no way one can arrive at an exact value of app development expenditure purely by guessing yet, coming up with a rough value is feasible. For that, you must know the following things:

  1. Your app's features and functionalities.
  2. The complexity of your Letgo clone app.
  3. Language integration
  4. App designing.
  5. The experience of your chosen developers matters a lot in deciding the app development cost.
  6. The type of app technology you want to use also affects the price of app development.


App development is an art that requires one to devote time to it entirely. Besides giving it a specified amount of time, finding out what features, it should have and how to make it stand out from the crowd are crucial.

The significant juncture in the app development journey is finding the right app development company to give them the responsibility of building the app.

You can make the right decision by coming to AppsRhino to get a Letgo-like app built for your venture!

We are a thorough team of professionals who ensure that every phase of the software development life cycle is successfully completed!

Contact AppsRhino today to avail yourself of our best coders, UI/UX designers, and testers!


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