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Updated On: March 29, 2023

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We've built a robust framework for building and scaling software companies throughout the years. Our secret is that when we need to hire freelancers, we splurge. For example, we'll engage Android developers at a premium charge for a mobile application to achieve the most significant outcomes. On the other hand, finding the appropriate mobile app developer may be a challenging endeavor - and it's not just about money. The good thing about software developers is that once you identify a good one, there will always be plenty more. Read further to learn more about finding and hiring good Android developers online.

Android Development Overview

 The process of creating and programming applications for devices running the Android operating system is known as Android software development. Android is a popular computing platform that runs on the Linux operating system. Google claims that "Android apps may be created using Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages" with the Android software development kit, while other languages are also supported. Android has evolved and built on its capabilities over time to become even more robust, making its way into various devices such as televisions, bright clothing, projectors, and automobiles.

Increase in the Use of Android Development

Android is still one of the world's most popular mobile operating systems, and there is a great demand for skilled Android developers. Android developers can earn a good living and have a rewarding career. According to Statista research from the second quarter of 2021, consumers downloaded over 7.9 million apps from the Apple Store and 28 billion apps from Google Play. AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be crucial in creating Android mobile apps. The worldwide AI market is expected to be worth $70.94 billion by 2023. Android app development can use blockchain technology to create decentralized apps that provide speed, privacy, transparency, and performance, among other benefits. Android apps that use Blockchain technology, such as Ethereum, will improve operations and preserve data. Another profitable app development trend for 2022 is incorporating 5G technology into Android app development. Given the number of internet platforms and websites now available to identify qualified software developers, it is simple for employers to hire Android developers. Toptal, Arc, Gun .io, Fiverr, Upwork, and other similar sites are excellent places to find Android engineers. 

Android Development's Importance


Android Development's Importance

One of the primary reasons Android is so popular and significant is that it is reasonably easy to learn. Here are some additional reasons why Android is widespread and significant: 

  1. Android development is inexpensive and yields a good return on investment. 
  2. Android is open-source and completely free! 
  3. Android development is adaptable to various device kinds and screen sizes. 
  4. Android has a vast user, development, and supporter base. 
  5. Android is a tried-and-true app development platform. 

The Pros and Cons of Android Development


  1. Android applications may operate on various devices with varying screen sizes and manufacturers.
  2. Android app creation allows you to significantly change an application's appearance and performance to add specific features and adjust them to the demands of that particular app.
  3. One of the most significant advantages of Android development is its close relationship with Google.


  1. Android is vulnerable to threats and malicious acts due to security flaws caused by a lack of stringent rules.
  2. Android works on various devices, making Android app testing exceedingly tough, time-consuming, and costly. 

Top Android Developer Job Boards 

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a job board for some of the most talented online design and creative professionals. Since its inception, this website has continuously grown in popularity. Because Android development frequently involves creative and technical components, start your search for application development with Authentic Jobs. A significant percentage of their job board is occupied with listings for Android, web, and mobile development opportunities, which are likely to be similar to your requirements. Authentic Jobs also allows you to publish small or local development roles, so you are not confined to distant staff or freelancers. 




 If recruiting agencies and job boards aren't your first options, you may look at a freelance marketplace like Upwork to discover Android coders. With millions of registered freelancers, Upwork has one of the largest marketplaces. Make use of this platform by engaging contractors for a few easy coding tasks or starting a long-term partnership with a succession of complicated Android projects. If you enjoy the notion of locating, interviewing, and managing freelancers, Upwork's marketplace is likely to match your requirements. 

People per Hour

 People Per Hour, like Upwork, is a freelance marketplace. People Per Hour is unusual because it organizes contests and allows Freelancers to submit hourly job postings. People Per Hour includes millions of registered individuals, thousands of confirmed hours, and several success stories from freelancers and entrepreneurs. People Per Hour is a potentially ideal solution for firms looking for their own freelance mobile app developers due to the convenience of advertising jobs, contacting freelancers, and paying for hours completed. Furthermore, People Per Hour lets you connect with local freelancers, so you aren't confined to faraway talent. 

Gun .io

Gun .io offers one of the web's fastest-growing developer communities of passionate experts in producing mobile applications. Gun .io checks their freelancers and assures them they are devoted to each project. Every business is assigned a VP rather than a sales representative, and freelancers are given the tools they need to thrive. What do we like best about this network? Gun .io manages and replaces talent with no risk to you and offers a money-back guarantee on hours completed. 


 Guru offers a vast global freelancing network. Use this site to browse guru profiles, propose projects, and pay your hired staff using their safe SafePay system. Guru's freelancing network is home to various specialists, including Android developers. You can refine your search, as with Upwork and People Per Hour. Other than that, you will also be in charge of vetting and interviewing. 

Android Jobs 

There aren't many job boards dedicated to Android developer roles. Android Jobs is one of the web's largest and most well-known Google/Android employment forums. Why should you use their services? Android-specific job boards can help you find some of the most experienced Android developers accessible.

Find Bacon

 Find Bacon attempts to make it easier to find design and development employment. Find Bacon is an excellent alternative to large job sites when looking for Android application developers. A 30-day job ad will not cost as much as similar sites. We'd also recommend Find Bacon because they have subscription bundles that allow many job postings per month. If your organization is looking to fill many roles or employs freelancers regularly, you may consider purchasing a subscription pack for a specialist employment website like Find Bacon. 

Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro is a more robust and improved version of Fiverr. The Android developers on their platform have been thoroughly vetted and validated, ensuring that the work you receive is of the highest quality. Only the most talented freelance android developers with outstanding feedback scores and favorable reviews are permitted to join the Fiverr Pro program, ensuring you get the best talent. The main distinction between Fiverr and Fiverr Pro is that Android developers read the details of your project and pitch their services to you on the latter. Because this is not a matching service like Toptal, you must offer a thorough description of your assignment to hire android engineers.




 Codeable, like most other freelance websites, rigorously assesses and monitors its developers to ensure that you receive high-quality work for your project. All you have to do to hire an Android developer on the platform is produce a brief and scope out the work for your project. The Codeable team reviews the short and responds with a list of top recommended profiles for your project. The platform's restricted number of great profiles makes hiring someone good in less than a day simple. The site also provides an easy-to-use workspace where you can engage with your Android developer, and its Escrow system ensures secure and timely payments for both sides.

Codepen .io

CodePen is a prominent open-source code repository. It is also well-liked for its appealing user interface. The website has over three million users and has over five million visits per month, making it one of the world's most significant design and development communities (including android developers). Because the platform is so prevalent in the development community, it attracts some top developers from all over the world, making it a valuable resource for organizations looking to hire talented and professional Android developers.


 Hiring Android Developers for your project may be difficult. It's hard to tell the difference between knowledgeable and wing-it coders. This is especially true for people without app industry knowledge who want a company app. Many people fast-track app development without adequately evaluating their developers since having an app is near-essential. This causes awful UX design, poor code, and incomplete projects. For someone who knows nothing about developers, we'd recommend a site that vets developers and connects you with the right one. Appsrhino has the best Android developers. We screen developers, eliminate risks, and ensure the developer understands the project. AppsRhino should be your go-to solution whether you need essential development services, sophisticated requirements, or Android developers.

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