Why Grubhub Clone app is important for your business?

Updated On: February 8, 2023

Updated By: AppsRhino


Today, everyone wants services from their homes without having to do much. Thanks to the internet and services that various apps provide, life for everyone has become effortless. The food delivery business makes the most profit in the market. DoorDash generates around $4.8 billion as per recent data. This amount is almost double what this food delivery service could make the prior year. Similarly, there was an increase in the revenue of Uber Eats by 152%. Why? The answer to this question is obvious. We all love food! And if we are getting an option to have food delivered to our doorstep, we all would gladly agree!! Therefore, if you own a small or large business in the food sector, a Grubhub Clone could do miracles for you! Food businesses like UberEats, and Zomato started small and have grown huge with revenues of $5 billion and more. Here is a blog outlining the importance of a GrubHub Clone for your business. Follow through and know how to make profits efficiently with a Clone app!

What is Grubhub?

Grubhub is an online food delivery platform. You can order and get food delivered to you by using Grubhub. This food delivery app has its roots in Chicago, Illinois. Grubhub started in 2004 and has been growing ever since. The main goal of Grubhub is to provide customers with the best service and receive outcomes. If you sign in to Grubhub, you can order anything, right? Like other food delivery apps, Grubhub partners with restaurants to deliver food at the customer's doorstep without hassle. 

How does Grubhub work?

Customers have to open Grubhub, choose any restaurant or food their want, and place an order. (What do you want to have today? Yes, I am craving pizza too! ) They can add their delivery location and choose how they wish to pay. - The restaurant gets a notification about the same and proceeds to make an order for the customers. They might cancel an order as per their availability time. - The nearest delivery guy picks up the order from the restaurant and delivers it to the customer's home. Grubhub follows the above food cycle and provides customers with a user-friendly environment to order food. Grubhub made 19.9 million active users and tied up with more than 115,000 restaurants across nearly 3000 cities as of 2019. (source- Wikipedia) And this food delivery app made breathtaking profits by transporting food. Fascinating right 

What is Grubhub Clone?

 Grubhub Clone is the food delivery app you can make for your business that will have similar features to GrubHub. To grow your food delivery business and automate it, Grubhub Clone is what you require! With the help of the Grubhub Clone, you can connect with your customers and give them the perfect food ordering experience. Connect to AppsRhino today and create a Grubhub Clone for your business! AppsRhino is the ultimate app-making platform for all your needs. Your food venture can provide online food ordering and delivery services to your customers using the Grubhub Clone app. Why do you require a Grubhub Clone? As a business owner, your job is to find the needs of people, provide them with the solution and create profit out of it. Now, as the holder of a food venture, you should know what your foody customers need. Here is a list of reasons why you need a Grubhub clone app. 

Customer needs

A company creates a solution because the customers want it. You work for their luxury, and they give you sales and profit in return. What else will your customers want than having food delivery at their homes? You satisfy your customers with delivery services, food options, restaurant options, payment options, and deals! And you could do all of this by creating a Grubhub Clone app for your business. 


After your customers have the Grubhub clone app to place orders with you, all the manual procedure disappears, and AI takes over. You don't need to list orders, attend phone calls, or deal with the customers manually. Your app will do all of that for you. Moreover, your app will send notifications to the restaurants you partner with and courier services after confirmation of your order.

Business Expansion

Imagine you have a food venture, and your customers love your food. But what is the maximum number of customers that know you and buy from you? With the Grubhub clone app, more customers across the city get to know you and order from you. Your business expands, and you indirectly gain more profit with the publicity of your food venture and through your Clone app. 

Edge over your Competitors

If your customers get good services in the shortest time with your flawless app, why would they want to go anywhere else? Creating a Grubhub Clone would give you a lead over your competitors in the market. And with less competition, you get high ranking, more customers, and more money! 

Better Management 

With the help of an app that relates to your customers and restaurants, you can manage your tasks more efficiently. You can manage customer orders, on-time deliveries, progress that your app makes, and profit statements with the help of your Grubhub Clone app. 

Grubhub Clone App: How does it Work?

There are four aspects to the success of any app. These aspects are 

1. Customers 

2. Restaurants 

3. Delivery Partners 

4. Admin Panel Following is the working model that your Grubhub App can follow to reach out to customers and produce a surplus. 

Registration of Users

 Your customers first have to register or sign in to your Grubhub application so that they can view restaurants and order menus.

Search and Order

The customers then have to first search favorite food or restaurant. They can look through menus of different restaurants from the app. 

Placing Order and Payments 

Next, customers can place orders and apply offers whenever available. Customers can choose from paying in cash, using credit cards, net banking, etc. 

Notification to the Restaurant(s)

 After the confirmation of the order from the customer end, the restaurants get a notification, after which they start preparing the food. 

Pick-up notification for the driver

 As the food preparation progresses, the nearest driver/delivery partner gets a notification about the pickup of the order from the restaurant with the customer details. 

Tracking and delivery of the order 

The customers can track their order in real-time and see where it is going along with the driver. Next, the customers accept the order from their doorstep and enjoy their food. 

Features you can add to your Grubhub Clone.

Now that you know the importance of having a Grubhub Clone app for your business, you also must customize it according to your customer's needs and yours. Your Grubhub clone will succeed in the market if it is customer-friendly, transparent, and has a low budget. Here is a list of features that are a must for your Grubhub Clone app. 

Real-Time Tracking

With the help of the Live tracking feature, your customers can track their food as it travels from the restaurant to their door. They can also know the estimated time of delivery. Wouldn't your customers trust you more if they see you maintaining transparency about where their food goes?

Multiple Payment Options 

What is if your customer wishes to pay in cash and your Grubhub Clone cannot offer that option? Your customer will switch to a different app that offers them cash on delivery. Therefore, you must offer multiple payment options to your customers when ordering food from your Grubhub Clone. 

Attractive Template

All customers like an app that looks trendy and works smoothly. While your customer is ordering food, your Grubhub Clone shall be able to switch between pages and menus. Furthermore, it should view dynamic offers and have a fast payment gateway. If your customers like using your Grubhub Clone app, they might scroll through it when hungry or bored and order! 

Customer Support

Customers love it when you respond. That's why your Grubhub Clone should offer a good customer support service. Customers should be able to contact you with delivery delays, menu queries, etc. You can make a customer care phone number available to your restaurants. Or you can also add a chatbot that answers customer queries instantly. 

Admin Panel

An Admin Panel for you will help track customer orders, payments, income, rank in the market, etc. Admin Panel can track how you, your employees, restaurant partners, and customers are doing. Additional Segments to your Grubhub Clone App The GrubHub app you create can provide you with many benefits. But why make a Grubhub Clone just for your customers? The more features you add, the more advantages you get! You can create multiple segments for your Grubhub Clone App. These segments include 

1. Customer App 

2. Restaurant App 

3. Driver App 

4. Admin Panel 

The people associated with your app can download the app that fits their role. Perhaps, your customers download the Grubhub Clone App to order food, make payments, and accept orders. The restaurants can get notifications and inform the driver about food parcels from the app. The driver can receive updates about food making, customer details, and nearest restaurant details with the app. And Finally, you can track your company's progress and add input by taking advantage of the Admin Panel of your Grubhub clone app. 

Final Words

Your business needs a Grubhub Clone if you want higher profits, an edge over your competitors, and a successful name in the market. Your Grubhub Clone shall become a "go-to" food delivery app for your customers for their food requirements. As Grubhub has 300 thousand orders daily, your Grubhub Clone shall be known in the market by your customers to expand order numbers. AppsRhino can help you create a Grubhub Clone for your business. Contact us today and customize your app!!