Why opt for Offshore Development Centre In India from NZ?

Updated On: February 9, 2023

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Are you in a fix and want to get your hands on the best talent on the market? Have you looked around and concluded that the talent around you is not a perfect fit for your project? Are you now at your wits' end and do not have the strength to think of more solutions?

We have a solution for you, and you likely have already heard of it: an offshore development center. Yes, you read it right. Today, people like to outsource resources due to several reasons. One of them is to get the best talent that is miles apart. Another is the cost factor!

And one of the best places to find an offshore development center is in India. According to GSLI (Global Services Location Index) of 2019, India remains the top offshoring destination for companies globally for web development services.

This blog is for you if you consider opting for offshore development centers in India. It will tell you the top 7 Reasons why you should opt for an offshore development center in India from New Zealand.

What are offshore development centers?

One can define an offshore software development center as an integrated, dedicated, and extended office in another country; these are subsidiaries of existing companies (in a different country).

The main reason to opt for offshore development centers is to acquire the same skill set and high-quality work at lower rates. Such an arrangement leads to increased profits.

If you are interested in opting for an offshore development center, operating one in India is beneficial.

Below we tell you why going for an offshore development center in India is beneficial!

Top 7 Reasons Why you should opt for an Offshore Development Centre In India From New Zealand

1. Low cost:

Cost reduction is why companies love to outsource an offshore software development center. If you consider hiring a developer, you will need to part ways with at least $150 per hour. Besides the fee factor, you will also need to provide them with employee-centric perks such as travel and health insurance.

However, the cost of living is not that high in India (it is around 64.60% lower than in the United States of America). Even the region is tech-focused, with developers earning much lower than their peers making elsewhere globally.

Thus, you will save a lot if you choose an offshore development center from India.

2.Talent Reserve:

C Sharp Corner states that India will become the world's largest software developer hub by 2023. Also, it is believed that India will surpass the number of US software developers by 2023. And it is possible since India is the second-most populous country and has a large pool of young and technically adept professionals.

Another noteworthy fact is that India will likely add around 110 million resources to its workforce in the decades to come. Today, India can act faster and better in delivering complex and extensive solutions in time. It is possible only because of the easy availability and abundance of dedicated resources.

Thus, getting an offshore development center in India will give you access to the best talent you require for your project!

3. Reliability and high-quality standards:

Suppose you desire to have high-quality work delivered. In that case, it is ensured that you will get that when you opt for an offshore development center in India. NASCOM states that in the next five years, 40% of India's workforce will expand their skillsets. They will do so to meet advanced requirements. 

Also, India is one of the countries with the highest number of ISO-9000 certified companies. This fact vouches that you will always get a quality piece of work if you contact an offshore development center in India. 

NOA reveals that most international companies choose India as their desired destination for outsourcing because of cost reduction. But later, they stay for the quality and speed that they offer.

Thus, when you get an offshore development center in India, you get the benefits of speed, quality, and cost reduction! 

4. Easy Communication:

Communication is the basis of any project one undertakes and is essential to initiating, maintaining, and developing the right relationship with any organization. Also, good communication ensures that the organization receives its expected results and solutions to its problems.

India has the second-larget English speaking population (around 350 million people). Hence, there will be no language barriers if an organization hires an offshore development center in India.

5. Using the time zone difference:

The time zone difference between India and other countries is another factor that has made numerous companies choose India for offshore development. This time zone difference allows India to complete work ahead of schedule, increasing efficiency, productivity, etc.

Hence, an offshore development center in India can cater to numerous countries around the clock. You will also get 24/7 customer support, software development, and helpdesk services.

6. Flexibility:

Companies also have flexibility when they work with an offshore development center. When organizations fail to meet and track the success of new software, most prefer to go for an offshore development center and leave all project duties to their offshore partner.

After finalizing to work with a trustworthy offshore software development center, you will also get to choose developers, project managers, and designers. Moreover, you also get the freedom to remove or include any of them if you are not satisfied with their performance.

7. Risk Management:

Risk management is one of the most significant reasons companies prefer to hire an offshore development center. Numerous organizations do not realize the risk factors involved in software development.

In the case of offshore development, the offshore software development center and you agree to a set of terms and conditions and share that risk management, and impact is involved. 

Outsourcing services offer overall risk management by sharing the onus with you (the hiring organization).

As Indian developers have become more sound, working with an Indian offshore development center means you have a proper risk management system.


On average, India gives 1.4 million engineers every year. Thus, the talent pool one finds in India increases every year. Undoubtedly, some might not be able to meet the industry's requirements. However, it is sure that the others from this lot have exceptional skills and know how to use their knowledge in the practical world.

If you are unsure how to evaluate an offshore development center in India, here are a few tips.

Before you finalize things with an organization, you should look at their work history. Go through their case studies, and learn about how many companies they have worked for and who they were. And most importantly, check what the outcome of each project was.

After you are satisfied with their history, get on the phone and ask questions about the whole thing. Ask about the developers, designers, and other team members with whom you will interact regarding the project..

If you want to opt for an offshore software development center in India and are unsure where to go, you can always come to AppsRhino! We have a team of professionals who consistently meet our client's expectations.

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