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Do you want to build a mobile app and launch it soon? Are you someone who does not know how to code but are willing to develop a mobile app for your business? If yes, you might be a bit confused about how to go about creating your mobile app. But do not fret, as numerous app makers are available. 

One such app maker is Appypie. Appypie is an online-based mobile app builder that lets users build apps with simple drag and drop steps. Using an app maker is beneficial because learning how to code and then making your app means a lot of expenditure and time wastage. Here we have prepared an Appypie review to help you decide whether you want to use Appypie for developing your app or not.

What is Appypie?


Just because you do not have experience building apps and know how to code, that does not mean you can not make an application. Appypie is here to help you out. Appypie is an online-based mobile app builder, allowing users to build apps with simple drag and drop steps. This platform does not require its users to be conversant with coding and experience in app development. This app provides all the necessary tools, resources, and guidelines to help you use it well.

All the apps you develop using Appypie are compatible with all the devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry. You can even publish the apps made using Appypie on popular app stores and even monetize them. This app builder is a miracle for individual businesses and small enterprises.

Now that you know what Appypie is, we can read about its pros and cons.

Appypie Pros

Ease of Use

The best thing about Appypie is how easy it is to use it. The live editor that comes with Appypie is user-friendly and easy enough to use. There are certain functions that you can enable by just clicking on PAGES. Also, Appypie lets you create a fundamental app in minutes. Moreover, you can make and preview a basic version of your app from their web page without signing in.


Another best thing about Appypie is the types of features it gives to its users; users get to work with 65 types of features or pages. These features are available in social, Commerce, Contact, and information categories. Almost all these features are straightforward, for example, adding a Quiz or an About Us page. 

E-commerce and Marketing

Appypie enables its users to create an in-app store or link to an existing one with more than ten platforms. These platforms can be Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, etc. Also, Appypie's support for members' cards and loyalty programs is excellent.

Moreover, users receive Mailchimp integration and analytics and some essential marketing tools; users enjoy 100 free promotional emails; what more does one need! 

Let us now read about the Appypie cons given below.

Appypie Cons

Advanced features

Though Appypie claims that people can build an Uber or Tinder clone, you would need to integrate your applications with external 3rd party developers. It can pose a problem for those who are unversed in Google Firebase, PubNub, GrubHub, or Vuforia. These external services are costly and something you would not have thought you would get into when opting for Appypie.

Design and Flexibility

Appypie templates look a bit old-fashioned. All the apps created using Appypie look similar. However, it lets you tweak your background images and layout options if you want to add your brand image.

Poor UX

People find the user experience with Appypie a bit frustrating. Even though Appypie puts effort into its tutorials, users might still have a few unanswered questions when they start using the app editor.

If you have decided to use Appypie to create your apps, you will want to know its pricing. We list its pricing below.

AppyPie Pricing


The Free Plan

This plan costs $0/mo

Users get a free HTML5 app designed to work on smartphones without the Apple App Store or Play store. You might find it annoying as it comes with ads.

The Basic Plan

This plan costs $36/mo.

This plan is for Android only and gives its users just five thousand push notifications, 200MB of disk space, and 4GB monthly bandwidth. Also, this plan still shows AppyPie branding.

The Gold Plan

This plan costs $72/mo.

This plan is only for Android and PWA. Also, Appypie users receive ten thousand push notifications, 400MB disk space, and 8GB monthly bandwidth.

The Premium Plan

This plan costs $120/mo.

This plan is for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Fire OS, and HTML5 support. Appypie users enjoy twenty-five thousand push notifications, 600MB disk space, and 12GB monthly bandwidth.

Let us now read how Appypie fairs in each department.

Ease of use

AppyPie is user-friendly and straightforward to develop a basic app in a minute. You can do it even before signing up for their services. However, Appypie makes it look like the beta features are just as easy to use though they are not easy to use. It might take you time to wrap your head around how to integrate external services if you want to create a taxi app or an Augmented Reality app.

Design, flexibility, and templates

The templates you receive from Appypie are not very exciting. You can only choose from 15 decent-looking layouts. However, background pictures and text are easy to edit.


Even though the Appypie builder and support are available in 10 languages, some clearly show Google-Translate-type grammar and spelling mistakes. So in a way, you can create a multilingual app. Suppose you want to create a multilingual app using Appypie. In that case, you will need to add multiple folders and create your app again in various languages in each of the folders.

Platform Support

 Appypie supports iOS Android PWA. Like other app makers, Appypie has also increased its price for iOS, following Apple's new guidelines. It means users will need a developer account which costs $99 per year. Appypie also offers Progressive Web Apps.

Let us now see Appypie's features which we have listed below.

Ad support 

Appypie lets its users run their advertisements with AdMob and Air Push for all the paying Appypie plans.

Push notifications

Appypie offers its users push notifications limited to 5000, 10000, and 25000 with the Basic, Gold, and Platinum plans.

Location-based Services

AppyPie provides geofencing and local push notifications with all its paying plans.


Appypie lets users create their primary stores directly within the app and accept payments via PayPal, credit card, or cash on delivery. Also,

AppyPie can pull content from your pre-existing online store with various platforms. These platforms can be Etsy, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Amazon, Groupon, eBay, etc.

RSS feed options

RSS feed options are available in Appypie. Users need to add an RSS page and enter the link for their feed.

Adding your HTML code

Appypie users can add a "Custom Code" page and define what's on it themselves.

Social media integration

Appypie users can integrate any social media account, including Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Instagram, and Pinterest (in the Photos section).

Loyalty Features

Appypie offers its users pre-made Coupon and Members Card pages which are easy to set up. These pre-made coupons and members card pages let users generate their barcodes and QR codes with validity dates. Moreover, users can create a Loyalty card with a pre-made template to offer a free item after x number of purchases.

Newsletter Tool

Appypie has standard Mailchimp integration and an email marketing feature but is not advanced. Also, only the first 100 emails are free, and users need to buy the subsequent batches at approximately $5 / 1000 emails.

We will now read about the advanced features of Appypie.

Advanced Features of Appypie


Team Management

Appypie allows users to add up to 5 moderators per app.


iBeacons is available. Even the free plan has it.

API available

Users can get an API for certain features.


AppyPie lets its users try their apps in their browsers. Also, Appypie users can download it by clicking a link directly from their smartphones or scanning a QR code. 

Reminder: Users can not edit applications after 24 hours of using the free plan.


Appypie users can integrate Google Analytics.

Reseller Program

AppyPie gives a 4-tier reseller program to its users.


Appypie has a live chat to help and support its users. Also, a question sent via email gets answered within 24 hours.

Fun Factor

AppyPie has made reasonable efforts in improving its usability over the years, but UX issues still plague it.


Appypie introduces several features to grab new users. Still, there are chances that users probably do not need them 90% of the time. However, Appypie is easy to use to develop a simple app in a minute. It means you can create an unsophisticated in-app store using Appypie.

This platform does not require its users to be app developers. Moreover, it provides all the necessary tools, resources, and guidelines to help you use it well. Whether Appypie shows promise is up to you as you know what is best for your business. An application can help you draw in more consumers and generate more revenue. 

However, Appypie is not the only platform that makes it straightforward to create your application. If you want to make an app, you can come to AppsRhino! AppsRhino is a mobile app development company that powers on-demand mobile apps and business apps for entrepreneurs and enterprises.  

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