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Updated On: January 5, 2023

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Being present in the digital medium is unquestionably one of the prerequisites for making your business successful in 2022. A well-designed website may help you gain customers, engage with them, and keep them. Numerous languages and frameworks enable businesses to create beautiful websites while providing a pleasurable customer experience. PHP is a programming language that assists website creation (Hypertext PreProcessor). More businesses are outsourcing website development with the increased remote labor since the epidemic. This article will discuss the best methods for hiring remote PHP engineers. But, before hiring remote PHP engineers, let's first define PHP and its prevalence in web development.

What exactly is PHP?

PHP is an abbreviation for 'Hypertext Preprocessor.' It is an open-source programming language frequently used to create dynamic web pages and applications. PHP was initially designed to allow people to create personal web pages and HTML scripts. The language's breadth and usage have grown over time. It now provides a wide range of capabilities, settings, and web services.

What makes PHP Popular?



PHP powers about 79 percent of the world's websites and are one of the top ten most popular programming languages. So, what is it that makes PHP so popular? Technically, the code performed on a server contained in the HTML is what distinguishes PHP. This code is transmitted straight to the user rather than processed on the visitor's browser. PHP concentrates on the server-side of development in this manner.

PHP is useful for developing cross-platform applications

Another significant advantage of PHP is that it is easily compatible with all leading operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix, and others. It allows the developer to choose the best web server or operating system for their needs. PHP also makes it simple to scale up websites or applications and tailor them to meet the needs of a project, business, or enterprise. PHP-based websites and online applications provide a rapid and responsive user interface (User Interface). PHP is easy to learn. It runs on a wide range of web servers, has many frameworks, and has excellent support due to its vast community.

PHP makes sense for both engineers and businesses

While PHP is simple to learn and use, it is necessary to have developers who thoroughly understand the language to build effective websites or web applications. It is essential when working with distant PHP devs. Because PHP is an open-source language, the pool of PHP developers is significant, and selecting the finest among them might be difficult. 

What Are a PHP Developer's Roles and Responsibilities?

PHP developers are responsible for various duties and tasks in web development projects. They include:

  1.  Web app development and deployment that is efficient and meets all deadlines; 
  2. Dealing with compatibility difficulties involving several platforms, browsers, or software application versions 
  3. Engaging with all project stakeholders and working as a team on app development by product specifications; 
  4. Adding new features to existing apps or expanding them provision of app support and timely updates 
  5. Developing skills and staying updated on the most recent and innovative programming practices and technologies 

A PHP Developer's Essential Skills 

Businesses that wish to hire PHP programmers but don't know where to begin should first identify their candidates' competency levels. These levels are classified into three types. 


Beginners are just getting started with PHP coding. They understand the fundamentals of programming languages and can create some functionality. Beginners usually work well in groups because they can study while supervised by more experienced colleagues. Beginner-level PHP developers are best suited for small to medium-sized projects. They have poor development rates and might be employed to do repetitive tasks. The following skills are included in the basic beginner's skill set:

  1.  PHP and HTML 
  2. PHP functions and the MVC design pattern
  3. Utilizing content management systems (CMS)
  4. Understanding one of the major PHP frameworks 


Mid-levels already has several development projects in their portfolios and are capable of creating successful web apps. These developers are self-sufficient and can work on an app without supervision. The following are the skills of a mid-level developer: 

  1. Understanding of multiple PHP frameworks, such as CodeIgniter, Laravel, or CakePHP
  2. Product requirements analysis 
  3. Various database implementations 
  4. Incorporating back-end functionality to boost app performance;
  5. Troubleshooting code 
  6. PHP object-oriented programming (OOP) implementation 
  7. Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) development principles are followed for easy code reworking and debugging.


Expert PHP professionals specialize in specific areas, employing cutting-edge web development technologies and processes. They may thoroughly assess product needs and give recommendations on how to improve its effectiveness and security. Aside from that, they can advise you on which features to include in your app and how to improve product source code. Experts' skill set includes the following: 

  1. Understanding of the majority of PHP frameworks 
  2. Advanced technical expertise, such as PHP for IoT, Blockchain, Machine learning, and other solutions 

Technical Questions to Evaluate the PHP Developer's Skills

Business managers generally look at evaluations on freelance platforms or the websites of PHP development companies to determine PHP developers' experience level. Nothing, however, works better than a face-to-face interview. A list of questions is required for a productive discussion with PHP prospects. 

A set of questions for a PHP developer job interview: -

  • How much work experience do you have with PHP development? What projects have you worked on previously? 

These questions will assist you in determining a candidate's work experience and skill level. 

  •  What were the most intriguing projects, and why were they so? When working on that project, what technologies did you have to use? 

It can help you better grasp a software developer's tech stack and identify the most intriguing areas of work for them. 

  • Are you familiar with technologies and frameworks? Which of these do you utilize daily?

These questions detail the developer's tech stack and all of their technical talents. For example, a good PHP developer must be familiar with the most popular frameworks such as Yii, Laravel, and CodeIgniter, as well as object-oriented PHP programming and code versioning tools like Git, Mercurial, and CVS, and databases such as relational and NoSQL. 

  •  What was the most complex development challenge you encountered in one of your projects? How did you handle them? 

These questions reveal a software developer's strategy in the face of unexpected occurrences. 

  •  What was the most inventive solution you used in previous projects? This question demonstrates how inventive a PHP developer can be with their work. The more combined technology, the more unique and modern a product can be. 

Where can you locate a competent PHP programmer?


 A PHP programmer for hire can be found in several locations. On the other hand, choosing the best is vital to your business's success. To find the best job, ask yourself the five questions listed below: 

  1. When do you need the services of a programmer? 
  2. How many programmers will you require? 
  3. What kind of experience do you hope to have? 
  4. Are you interested in hiring employees who work from home? 
  5. What are your financial limitations?

A PHP Developer's Average Salary

 One important thing to note when discussing the average compensation of PHP developers is that numerous factors might make predicting how much PHP developers will get paid difficult. For example, there is a difference in the country where the web developer works, whether freelancers or in-house PHP developers, the web developer's skill and experience level, and the job or project's difficulty working. There are, however, ways to get an average compensation for PHP web development services by looking at averages on sites like ZipRecruiter. According to data collected and analyzed by ZipRecruiter, the average income for a PHP developer in 2022 will be roughly $86k per year. This figure, however, would differ between full-stack developers and junior developers, as well as the country in which web development occurs. 

Best Ways to Hire a PHP Developer


Here are the best places to find PHP developers for hire (on contract, part-time, or permanently

 DevTeam.Space has devoted PHP developers. The portal connects businesses with technical specialists. DevTeam.AI-powered Space's agile methodology helps you plan, track, and manage your PHP project with your team (or an experienced individual).


LinkedIn is where to find reliable professionals. The social network is a treasure for recruiters and project managers looking for talent. You can identify, connect, and build long-term partnerships with seasoned PHP developers. Like other forums and freelance platforms, you can post work advertising. Mention all needs (place, function, description, etc.) and approach appropriate profiles. Candidates will receive emails and updates about their posted jobs. 


Upwork connects you with PHP developers and enterprises. Over 5 million businesses use the platform to find industry experts. Upwork's onboarding procedure is based on skill saturation. Upwork won't allow new web development or PHP web application profiles if there are already several on the marketplace. It preserves the quality and helps job seekers identify reliable professionals. You may post an ad for your PHP needs in a few steps.

Working Nomads

 Working Nomads was launched in 2014 and soon became a trustworthy talent platform. Working Nomads focuses on remote work like We Work Remotely. 

Glassdoor. com

 Glassdoor has honest employee evaluations and pays estimates. The website also includes a job board that connects businesses with workers. Glassdoor lets you find and hire PHP developers worldwide. Your listing can target an Indian developer if you're in the US. Glassdoor lets you post five jobs for free. This website helps hire PHP engineers per project or for future hiring.


ZipRecruiter is another job-search and recruiting site. It posts your positions on its website and other employment sites. The website evolved from an online application tracking system to a job board. You can publish a free PHP job for four days (and have it posted on other job boards). To continue utilizing their service, choose a $249 bundle. 


 Freelancer is one of the earliest crowdsourcing platforms where you may find specialists. You can hire PHP developers from around the world with a few clicks. It's easy. You start by publishing a job ad with project requirements and inviting freelancers to bid. You can choose a freelancer for your web application project based on your opinion and budget. 

Final words

PHP may be the programming language if you want to construct a dynamic website to help your business expand. It's easy to use, portable, and speedy, and you can even build a GUI program if you want to go beyond a website! Outsourcing organizations, job boards, and freelance markets are excellent venues to find PHP developers to assist you with your next software project. AppsRhino is an outsourcing company that will work directly with you to ensure that all your requirements are met. Hiring PHP expertise is not a foolproof process. On the other hand, a little forethought and evaluation may help you prevent sour grapes in your outsourcing attempt. A great PHP programmer can quickly transform your idea into a reality. After locating the appropriate competence, hire a specialized PHP developer.


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