PHP developers VS ASP.NET developers: An Inside Look 2022

Updated On: January 4, 2023

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Are you confused about the technology that you should use for your project? Do you wonder why some companies go for PHP web development and why some opt for ASP.NET development services? 

Are you puzzled about whom you should hire: ASP.NET developers or PHP developers?

If you find yourself grappling with these questions, you can heave a sigh of relief as we try to answer the difference between ASP.NET and PHP through our blog.

Knowing the pros and cons of these two technologies will help you decide who to hire: ASP.NET developers or PHP developers.

So, without further ado, let us get started!

What is PHP?

What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language used for web development. It was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf, a Danish-Canadian programmer, in 1994.

Generally, PHP is used by developers to create web servers.

Besides that, PHP is also a server-side programming language and contributes to creating dynamic and static web pages.

Developers can also embed PHP with Hypertext Markup Language. A PHP interpreter processes PHP code on a web server in order to form a whole HTTP response.

What is ASP.NET?

What is ASP.NET?

ASP stands for Active Server Pages Network Enabled Technologies and is built with Common Language Runtime or CLR. It was created by Microsoft and was released in January 2002.

It lets programmers write ASP code employing any .NET Language. Also, its scalability makes it an ideal choice for developing Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) and enterprise-level websites.  

Basically, ASP.NET is considered an open-source server-side web app framework and helps developers create dynamic websites, web apps, and services.

Programmers and developers use ASP.NET as it notifies them of errors before compiling code and has in-built caching features.

What are the differences between ASP.NET and PHP? AKA ASP.NET developers vs. PHP developers!

Let us see how PHP and ASP.NET vary on different parameters.

ParameterASP.NET PHP



It is used as a web app framework for enterprise-grade apps.


We use PHP for programming web solutions and server-side coding.




Its syntax is based on Visual Basic Programming language.


Its syntax is based on the C programming language.




Microsoft Corporation supports ASP.NET.


The online community, the PHP foundation, etc., support the development of PHP.



It follows the compiled code method.


It follows the interpreted code method.




It focuses on better functionality and security.


PHP aims to host a better user interface and improve client-side performance.



It can not be customized.

ASP.NET works with Object-oriented programming systems (OOPS).

PHP works per Hypertext Markup Language and is customizable.




It is complicated in the case of ASP.NET.


Detecting and fixing errors and bugs is easy when developers use PHP.


Job opportunities


There are fewer opportunities in the case of ASP.NET.


PHP is popular and free to use. As a result, there are several job opportunities in this field.




ASP.NET has slow performance for desktop apps.


It performs exceptionally well for most desktop, web-based, and server-side apps.

“ASP.NET web forms” is proprietary software even though it is open source.


It is easily available on the Internet.









































What are the pros of using PHP?

What are the pros of using PHP?

Let us see what the pros are of using PHP

  1. It is easier to learn as several online support groups are present, speeding up the process of learning PHP.
  2. Thousands of PHP experts are available on the market today.
  3. It is suitable for developing projects like White House websites or Facebook.
  4. PHP is highly scalable, and you can customize it according to your requirements.
  5. PHP lets you access and communicate with various types of databases. This makes it ideal for web-based scripts (for instance, website content management systems).
  6. PHP is open-source and free to use!

What are the cons of using PHP?

Here we list the cons of using PHP

  1. It causes more errors and poor coding than ASP.NET, as it allows customization.
  2. PHP error handling is poorer than other programming languages. As a result, it takes more time to discover what errors were made while writing the code.
  3. PHP apps tend to run slower than apps developed using other programming languages.
  4. It is not recommended for developing desktop applications.

What are the pros of using ASP.NET?

What are the pros of using ASP.NET?

Here we will see the pros of choosing ASP.NET.

  1. It proves to be an excellent User Interface for developers.
  2. It works well with Windows.
  3. ASP.NET has lots of pre-coded options that lead to faster development.
  4. ASP.NET supports most programming languages and can work well with C# or apps.
  5. It is suitable for developing enterprise applications.
  6. There are several features and tools for the support of programmers.
  7. ASP.NET informs developers of their coding mistakes before compiling the code.
  8. It is highly scalable; its scalability index is even better than PHP’s scalability index.

What are the cons of using ASP.NET?

Let us see what the cons of using ASP.NET are.

  1. ASP.NET is based on closed-source technology.
  2. It has a smaller support community as compared to PHP.
  3. It is not as good as PHP for developing a website.
  4. It is costlier than PHP due to its Microsoft license.
  5. It takes time to learn ASP.NET, and it is harder to comprehend.
  6. You can use it on a Microsoft server only.

Should you hire ASP.NET developers or PHP developers?

Hiring the type of developers solely depends on the technology that you want to choose. Therefore, we tell you when you can use PHP and ASP.NET.

You should use PHP for small and medium-scaled enterprise projects. On the other hand, you should definitely go for ASP.NET for large-scale projects.

What are some websites that used PHP for their development?

Let us see which websites have been developed using PHP below:

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Facebook
  3. WordPress
  4. Etsy
  5. Tumblr
  6. Slack
  7. MailChimp

What are some websites developed using ASP.NET developers?

Let us take a look at some of the websites that have been written in ASP.NET below.

  1. Stack Overflow
  2. Microsoft
  3. GoDaddy
  4. Dell
  5. Visual Studio
  6. Wild Tangent


Now that you have read how PHP and ASP.NET vary, it will be easy for you to choose the right technology for your project. Since you will require developers in either case, it is essential to reach a decision quickly to avoid missing the boat to recruit the best ones.

The good news is that finding ASP.NET developers and PHP developers have become easier than ever, thanks to several outsourcing firms.  

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