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Updated On: August 24, 2022

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Decades of technological development have produced the most powerful tools we are most reliant on to fulfill our needs. 

People's love for technology has not been unseen by businesses. They have started to include a web-based platform parallel to the bricks-and-mortar stores. Even at a minimum, people want you to be online.

And being online has been easier than today. Whether you deliver groceries, food, alcohol, or medicines, a web platform can unfold new avenues in your business. Thus, we have delivery apps development companies to craft amazing apps and web solutions.

There are, however, several delivery apps development companies, and spending resources wisely becomes important. So, in this blog, we have produced a comprehensive list of some of the best delivery apps development companies.


App development is now very crucial to fare well in business. Also, people want you to be online. So, here is the list of the best delivery apps development companies.
  1. AppsRhino
  2. Xicom Technologies
  3. Fingent
  4. Konstant Infosolution
  5. Cubix
  6. 10Pearls
  7. TechAhead
  8. Brainium information Technologies
  9. Chop Dawg
  10. Mindster
  11. PharmaInfo



AppsRhino is one of the best delivery apps development companies. The company has become most prominent in the delivery apps development sector within a few years of its inspection. It has delivered 100+ on-time projects in just three years. Moreover, it scales an app as per the client's business requirements at affordable prices. 

AppsRhino has a rich portfolio, showcasing its ability to craft exceptional products. They harbor the best iOS android developers who deeply code apps to create seamless user interfaces.  

Location: US, UK,India

Experience: 3+ years 

Industry: Food delivery, Retail, Logistics, Beauty Salon and Spa, Cannabis, and more. 

Why did we choose it? The mobile app development company has dynamic product pricing giving you the freedom to choose your business requirements. They provide multiple quality assurance checks pre-launch and post-launch services.

Xicom Technologies


Xicom is a certified on-demand delivery apps development company and an established offshore company in India, Dubai, and the USA. The company has created a benchmark in the software development industry by delivering 7500+ projects to 1500+ clients across 27 nations. 

Xicom has over 15 years of business experience and pools 300+ IT professionals. The company excels in web development, mobile app development, software development, and IT consulting services. And goes by the saying, "Inspire the Next."

Location: USA, Dubai, and India.

Experience: 15+ years of experience.

Industry: Automotive, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Retail and eCommerce, Logistics and Transportation, Travel and Tourism, Education and E-Learning.

Why did we choose it? Xicom has over 15 years of experience in the delivery apps development sector. It has a precise understanding of the market dynamics. However, the other qualities of Xicom include a flexible engagement model, pricing and on-time delivery, technology expertise, and 24/7 customer support.



Fingent is an award-winning company in the United States, based in Australia, and has an extensive global network. 250+ highly skilled staff have engaged with various businesses and enterprises. They analyze client's requirements and create a unique approach to the delivery app development, delivering projects several hundred delivery apps development and other projects successfully,

Location: USA, UAE, Australia, India

Experience: 18+ years   

Industry:  Automotive, On-demand food delivery, Banking and Finance, eCommerce and B2B, Travel and Tourism, Healthcare, and more.

Why did we choose it? They have a very agile and data-driven team with extensive QA practices. They manifest each delivery apps development project as unique instead of following a solution for all. 

Konstant Infosolution


Konstant info solution is certified, one of the leading software development and delivery apps development companies. It is based in India, and with 18+ years of experience, they assure quality, integrity, and transparency in all their projects. They have served 2500+ clients and have a 75% senior and expert staff pool. Their products are recognized by various research and review institutes like Businessofapps, Appfutura.

Location: India and US

Experience: 18+ years of experience.

Industry: Real Estate and Property, Transport and Automotive, On-demand food delivery, Banking and Finance, eCommerce and B2B, Travel and Tourism, Healthcare and Fitness, Education and training.

Why did we choose it? Most of the staff are senior and the big daddy for the company. Hence, they create a difference in software development with their experience. Konstant has obtained a 64% client retention rate, fixed price projects, and let you hire their skilled professionals to work remotely with your team.



Cubix is among the top delivery apps development companies listed and recommended by Upcity and Expertise. It is an award-winning company with 600+ projects and 550+ clients. They have mobile app and delivery apps development, web development, game development, and blockchain development. With 12+ years in the industry, they ensure seamless integration across various APIs.

Location: India, Palm Beach., Florida

Experience: 12+ years

Industry: Food Delivery App, Job Portal, Learning Management, Multiple Vendors, On-Demand Service, Online Grocery, Real Estate, and more.

Why did we choose it? Cubix provides solutions to leading market incumbents like Walmart, Politico, Tissot, and Sapient. They have helped several startups and SMEs to manifest their product results.



10Pearls is frequently featured in Forrester's Now Tech, Gartner, or Washington Post reports and reviews. It has consistently achieved top positions as an AI consultant software developer in delivery apps development or terms of customer satisfaction. 10Pearls has been a "double bottom line" company, created to deliver superior services and client satisfaction. 

Location: Islamabad, US

Experience: 17+ years


Industry: Healthcare, Education, Finance, Transportation, Telecommunications, Real Estate, and more.

Why did we choose it? 10Pearls is one of the most recognized and trusted companies and has won several accolades. Thus it becomes an extremely promising company to get associated with. 



TechAhead has a decade-long track of developing promising applications, with robust infrastructure and developers that have attained prominence over a short period in the delivery apps development segment. It has delivered 2000+ digital products, is trusted by 600+ clients, and has received 35 awards in this regard. 

Location: US, India

Experience: 13+ years

Industry: Healthcare and Fitness, On-demand Apps, Learning and Education, Automotive, Food delivery, Real Estate, and more.

Why did we choose it? They provide human-centric designs, one-stop solutions, swift product development processes, and ensure data security. 

Brainium Information Technologies


Brainium information technologies is an ISO-certified company based in India. The company offers quality services and solutions to numerous startups and enterprises. It has acquired 10+ years of app development experience, delivered 2000+ on-time projects, and served 35+ nations. Besides being a prominent delivery apps development web development company, it provides integrated digital marketing solutions to its clients. 

Location: India.

Experience: 10+ years of experience.

Industry and Solution: Chat App, Classified App, Crowdfunding, Custom Product Design, Dating App, Fitness App, Food Delivery App, Job Portal, Learning Management, Multiple Vendors, On-Demand Service, Online Grocery, Real Estate, Ride Sharing, Salon and Spa, Travel and Tourism.

Why did we choose it? Brainium is an ISO-certified company; thus, it is reliable data security and support. It is a solution under one roof company that lets you hire their in-house developers hourly. And it's transparent, value for money, on time, and has a 94% customer satisfaction rate.

Chop Dawg


Since its inception in 2009, they have developed apps for 350+ startups and enterprises. It is listed among the top app development companies by Upcity. They perform a very detailed analysis, providing seamless integration across all platforms.


Location: Over the US 

Experience: 12+ years

Industry: Business Bots, Custom Chatbots, Blockchain Apps, Logistics Apps, B2B, Real Estate, Entertainment, Fintech, Educational, and more.

Why did we choose it? They provide ongoing hourly app maintenance, flexible and professional developers. They build strong B2C relations.


Mindster is one of the leading mobile and delivery apps development companies and holds a track record of 500+ clients and 400+ live apps. The company is listed in the top recommendations by appFutura, Clutch, and GoodFirms.   

Location: India, UAE, USA

Experience: 10+ years.

Industry and Solution: Food delivery, Grocery, Appointment, Taxi booking, Payment wallet, Classified and more 

Why did we choose it? Apart from creating leading solutions, they are highly accountable and religiously work towards customer satisfaction.


PharmaInfo is specialized in digital engineering, IT services, application services, product development, and digital analytics. They craft result-oriented products for their clients through advanced IT software networks and Cloud Solutions. 

Location: USA, UK, UAE, India

Experience: 20+ years.

Industry and Solution: On-demand food delivery, Banking and Finance, eCommerce and B2B, Travel and Tourism, Healthcare, and more.

Why did we choose it? PharmaInfo, largely integrates automated analytics and services, providing functionality and tech advancement to their products and solutions.


The companies mentioned have a very promising history in delivery apps development. They know how to utilize the best technologies and impart a great deal of knowledge to produce stable apps. 

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