Here's How You build an Instacart Clone app in 5 Easy Steps

Updated On: February 25, 2023

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Want to learn how to create an app similar to Instacart? The pandemic is giving entrepreneurs the afterburners they need to create a grocery delivery service akin to Instacart. As the tendency of supermarket delivery to the doorstep, which was on the rise, has become essential, the COVID 19 pandemic has created the ideal environment for launching a grocery delivery app.

Many people are motivated to start their online grocery delivery businesses by large and successful players like Instacart. Without a doubt, Instacart reached new heights and shattered all earnings and success records. Many people have been motivated to create similar apps by Instacart's popularity.

Discover our step-by-step approach to help you create an app similar to Instacart and make money before rushing.

How to launch a business like Instacart using The Instacart Business Model's 3 Elements

The Instacart app has three sides:

  1. Retail partners
  2. Instacart delivery persons and shoppers
  3. Customers

These three components are essential to the Instacart Business Model. See how these components function within the Instacart app ecosystem.

1. Retail Partners

Instacart's retail partners are the grocery retailers listed on the app under their corporate name. They are in charge of keeping inventory current and making it accessible for delivery. Ordered groceries will not be delivered on their dime.

2. Instacart shoppers and delivery persons

They are the individual delivery contractors who buy goods and deliver them through Instacart. Customers of Instacart are further separated into:

  • Online Customers of Instacart: These are the part-time delivery agents who prepare the order parcel for pickup from the retailer. They do not deliver orders.
  • Integrated Service Customers of Instacart: They are in charge of carrying out the necessary purchasing and delivering the requested products to your door.

3. Customers

They are the final consumers of groceries who place purchases using the Instacart app. Customers appreciate having the option to order groceries from their chosen retailer.

Let's examine Instacart's workings.

Let's examine Instacart's workings.
  • After logging onto the app, the buyer can explore an extensive list, make selections, and place an order for groceries.
  • Once the order has been placed, the Instacart app has several integrated payment methods for the users.
  • Buyers must grant access to the delivery person, or they will manually change the delivery location for the groceries.
  • The Instacart customer receives notifications via the app as soon as the order is placed. The shopper has finished their food shopping and is prepared for delivery.
  • To start the payment, the customer will swipe the prepaid debit card that Instacart provided.
  • Customers can have it delivered to their home or pick it up whenever it is most convenient from the store.

The working model of Instacart is relatively straightforward and fluid, ensuring better and faster delivery to the customers. If you want to create an app similar to Instacart, make your grocery delivery service adhere to a straightforward but efficient operational paradigm.

Value proposition 

Due to its following commercial value propositions, Instacart has established itself as a household name in the grocery delivery industry:

  • Ties to currently operating supermarkets
  • Willing part-timers with their vehicles
  • A huge inventory
  • Incredibly rapid delivery
  • No warehouses
  • No gleaming delivery

How Does Instacart Make Money Off of Grocery Delivery?

How Does Instacart Make Money Off of Grocery Delivery?

If you work in the grocery delivery sector, you probably have questions about how these applications generate money. Knowing the numerous income sources available to app owners is crucial for generating income.

For a better understanding, let's examine how Instacart makes money from its mobile app.

1. Delivery Fees

Instacart offers free delivery on the first order placed by a new customer; however, after that, there are fees. Instacart assesses a delivery fee by the delivery window.

2. Up Charging the Item

Most supermarket delivery apps engage in this practice. Instacart also raises the price and makes a good profit.

3. Commission Fees

Instacart partners with retailers and other industry titans like Kroger to expand its reach by leveraging the company's popularity. Instacart charges commissions and partner fees for this.

4. Service Fee

Every order must include a 5% service fee.

5. Premium membership fee

Customers who wish to become Prime Members of Instacart Express must pay a premium membership fee of $149. All year long, Instacart offers fantastic deals and free delivery for orders over $35.

These are just a few ways Instacart makes a significant profit by giving their devoted clients speedier grocery delivery. You can use the strategies above to make money while developing an app similar to Instacart.

Instacart clone development guide 

Instacart clone development guide

We'll now go over the steps of the Instacart clone development guide to create the best Instacart clone for your company.

1. Select a business strategy that works for you

When building a grocery app, you should know the various available varieties.

  • Marketplaces: Apps that function as marketplaces have menus and delivery services that may accept grocery orders and deliver the items to consumers' doorsteps. This business model is appropriate for you if you want to launch a supermarket app but have never owned a grocery store.
  • Aggregator: The aggregator model lists the menus for all the neighboring supermarkets. Customers can place orders from the stores listed. These orders are delivered to the consumers' doorsteps by the associated drivers. 
  • Single Stores: This business model is appropriate for grocery store proprietors who wish to provide their regular customers with a convenient shopping experience through the app. The store itself only manages the order.

2. The app's three panels and features

For a grocery app like Instacart, there are three panels.

  • Browser app: Users can place their shopping orders with this app. The client app must be packed with admirable UI and user-friendly features to provide customers with the most satisfactory possible app experience.
  • App for delivery person: With this software, users may receive the most excellent service since it links them with the delivery person. Through this app, the delivery person receives requests to book orders.
  • Control app: The administrator controls the store app and oversees and coordinates the order and delivery processes.

Features to be included in the app are:

Customer app: The required components of the customer app are

  • list in a shopping cart
  • Option for search and filter
  • Place in cart
  • Favorite and popular bites
  • order monitoring
  • Using push notifications
  • multiple methods of payment
  • set a delivery date

App for delivery people: Features of the delivery person app include:

  • reservation information
  • Call/Chat in-App
  • delivery control
  • Maps and directions
  • View comments

Admin app: The necessary components of the Admin app are as follows:

  • control client orders
  • Prepare the inventory
  • Bill describes
  • Follow delivery
  • helpful dashboard

3. Select your target market

You must research and choose your target market based on the selected business model. You must comprehend and evaluate the app of your rival, compile their clever ideas, and be aware of its flaws. Then, to satisfy your consumers, you must customize your app with the best features and address the weaknesses in your competitor's app.

4. Product monetization strategies and app development costs

To expand your firm, you require a source of income. Some of the monetization suggestions you can use are shown below.

  • Commission: You can choose a commission price for each order processed through the app. When using the aggregator model, this works nicely.
  • Increase the price of the item: To meet demand, you might list the price of an item at a slightly higher level than its actual value.
  • Delivery fees: You can add delivery fees to the overall order cost and profit from that.
  • Advertisements: You can earn money by renting the ad space to prospective advertisers.

The price of developing an app relies on several variables. It includes the platform you choose—Android or iOS—the kind of business model you select, the length of the app development process, etc. 

5. The technology stack you need to create an app like Instacart.

You must understand the tech stack that underpins the functionalities above to include them in your project.

  • Different programming languages: They are used to create mobile apps for various app platforms. While iOS apps may be created using swift, Android apps require Javascript. C++ or C# are two options for web application development.
  • Estimated delivery time: You may inform your users of the delivery location, dispatch time, and ETA using machine learning.
  • Payment options: You can incorporate a safe payment gateway into your app. The popular ones are Stripe, PayPal, and Mastercard.
  • Navigation: GPS navigation makes it easy for delivery personnel to locate customers. You can integrate both the MapKit and Google Maps navigation apps for iOS and Android with your app.


With the newest technology and appealing features, AppsRhino can assist you in creating a unique app similar to Instacart, making you the new favorite among health-conscious consumers. Could you make contact with us to begin?

While creating an app similar to Instacart can be challenging, AppsRhino can ease your workload. We provide you with the most excellent clone development guide with the help of our experienced team. We hope this article provided valuable information regarding the Instacart app and helped you learn valuable lessons from the world's largest grocery delivery service.


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