How to Develop Enterprise apps?

Posted On: June 7, 2022

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The global enterprise app market size had a valuation of $238.36 billion in 2020. Moreover, one expects it to reach $527.40 billion by 2030, increasing at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2021 to 2030. With so many enterprise apps on the market today and many more to grace in the future, it might become tricky to select or develop the ones with all the desired functions, features, and functionalities.

Today, organizations are going crazy over business apps. Companies using enterprise apps have reported a 35% return on investment and a 47% improved internal communication. There are many more perks of using an enterprise app. Still, the catch is that custom-made enterprise apps are more beneficial than the generic ones available on the internet.

So, if you are interested in getting a custom business app, stick around to know the advantages of enterprise app development and things to consider while choosing a cloud development platform. Besides it, you will also come across the list of features to include and the whole process of the enterprise app development.


What are the advantages of Enterprise App development?

  1. Improve Employee Engagement
  2. Automate Processes
  3. Quality User Experience
  4. Improve Customer Experience
  5. Lower costs
  6. Technical support

When choosing a cloud enterprise application development platform, what factors do you need to consider?

  1. Faster application development tools
  2. Security
  3. Scalability
  4. Support for disruptive innovations
  5. An ecosystem that accelerates innovation

What are the features of Modern Enterprise Apps?

  1. Automation
  2. Cutting-edge AI or machine learning technology
  3. Data management
  4. IoT
  5. Emerging technologies
  6. Mobile app security
  7. Accessible education documentation

What is the Enterprise App Development Process?

  1. Enterprise App creation
  2. Enterprise App Design
  3. App Integration
  4. Enterprise App Scalability
  5. The Sign-Off

Enterprise App Development tutorial: What are the advantages of Enterprise App development?

Enterprise apps have a plethora of advantages. A company can utilize enterprise apps available online and combat obstacles. However, the experience of using custom-made enterprise apps is on another level; it has no parallel! Here we list some advantages of enterprise app development below:

Enterprise apps: Improve Employee Engagement

Enterprise app development enables workers to comprehend their work better and interact more effectively with one another. When employees feel well informed and connected to their colleagues, they are more likely to be happy and satisfied at their work and keep their productivity high.

Enterprise apps: Automate Processes

The second benefit of using enterprise apps is that they enable companies to automate their business processes. Thus, it ensures that business processes occur faster with less human intervention.

Enterprise apps: Quality User Experience

The third advantage of enterprise app development is quality user experience. When employees get a quality user experience coupled with beautiful app designs, they are less likely to revert to the old ways of working.

Enterprise apps: Improve Customer Experience

The fourth perk of using enterprise apps is facilitating the customer experience. Enterprise apps keep employees on their toes, so they are always ready and available to respond to customer support queries.

Enterprise apps: Lower costs

The fifth upside of enterprise app development is lower costs. This point indicates that hiring an app development company to build enterprise apps for your organization is more affordable than developing them independently.

Enterprise apps: Technical support

The sixth benefit of enterprise app development is Technical support. You have someone to resort to when the app doesn't work or malfunctions. This facility is absent when you develop enterprise apps independently.

These are the six benefits companies enjoy when they get custom-made enterprise apps. Let us now read about what one needs to consider when choosing a development platform below.

Enterprise App Development tutorial: What do you need to consider when choosing a development platform?

Here we list a few factors that will benefit you in selecting a cloud development platform.

Enterprise App Development: Faster application development tools

Businesses want their apps in a short span. As this need is present in every employer worldwide, development companies should be quick in developing enterprise apps. But to develop apps quickly, they should use tools conducive to it. Therefore, app development companies should go for the tools that offer numerous time-saving features as follows:

  1. The tools should offer easy visual prototyping.
  2. They should give model-driven development of business logic.
  3. These efficient tools should possess APIs to integrate apps with data.
  4. These enterprise app-building tools should have easy testing and analytics capabilities.
  5. The tools should offer direct deployment via web or mobile containers.
  6. Lastly, these tools should let users benefit from the options to use code, low code, or even no-code development for all of the above.

Enterprise App Development: Security

Most custom enterprise apps rely on sensitive and confidential customer and company data. Also, security for this data is paramount. The best and most effective app development tools depend on effective and built-in security measures. Both network and application-level security ensure that no weak points exist in apps or the cloud for cybercriminals to target. Other things that help ensure security are as follows:

  1. Reliable password policies
  2. multiple-factor authentication
  3. field- and row-level security
  4. permissions
  5. multiple-factor authentication
  6. field- and row-level security
  7. HTTPS encryption
  8. advanced threat detection
  9. penetration testing
  10. secure firewalls
  11. IP login restrictions
  12. third party certifications
  13. secure data centers
  14. backup and disaster

Enterprise App Development: Scalability

Your tools should be effective and capable of scaling along with your business. Therefore, development tools supporting humongous data streams and capable of being configured to existing practices and processes will remain viable as those processes get modified.

Enterprise App Development: Support for disruptive innovations

The following things ensure that disruptive innovations do not disrupt your enterprise apps:

  1. at-rest encryption key management
  2. enhanced API management
  3. continuous DevOps
  4. Predictive intelligence

Similarly, incorporating machine intelligence into the tools enables users to develop in-app intelligent task automation they create.

Enterprise App Development: An ecosystem that accelerates innovation

Creating a custom app from scratch requires considerable time, even with the right tools. The apt app ecosystem lowers the time and money spent on development, ensuring that your enterprise apps are ready when you need them.

Enterprise App Development tutorial: What are the features of Modern Enterprise Apps?

Here we list the features of modern enterprise apps.

Enterprise Apps: Automation

Effective enterprise apps manage and automate every repetitive task an organization has. As these mundane tasks get automatically done, employees can now focus on completing workflows with higher efficiency and success.

Enterprise Apps: Cutting-edge AI or machine learning technology

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are other ways to automate processes continually. These two technologies help the enterprise apps improve themselves while offering more significant insights into their performance.

Enterprise Apps: Data management

Enterprise apps should possess an effective data management strategy. Besides it, enterprise apps should also have predictive analytics and intelligent automation. These things lead to better data usage, improving employees' decision-making capabilities.

Enterprise Apps: IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT, or the Internet of Things, denotes the network of physical objects that connect and transfer data with other devices. Enterprise apps that employ the Internet of Things to monitor operations in a secure, well-built infrastructure can collect numerous insights. Also, such competent enterprise apps streamline operations.

Enterprise Apps: Emerging technologies

When combined, enterprise apps and modern technology should produce an outcome that has a higher functionality and compatibility with other applications. Thus, one should develop enterprise apps that can interface with emerging technologies or update with no hassles. This easy interfacing of enterprise apps with new technologies decreases development time for future iterations.

Enterprise Apps: Mobile app security

Today, hackers have not spared anyone. These hackers use the personal information of ordinary people to conduct nefarious activities. Therefore, development companies should make secure apps. Building mobile apps (Enterprise apps) with security in mind is the goal of today's development approach. Enterprise apps (in general, any app) are protected and safe from threats on the browser and server. Also, there should be a provision for preventing and defending future attacks through enterprise apps.

Enterprise Apps: Accessible education documentation

Considering internal and customer perspectives, every enterprise app should come with programs that educate individuals on the code, processes, and much-needed steps for troubleshooting. Therefore, the app development company you hire to get your enterprise apps should provide thorough documentation. It should cover the vision and goals for the application. This practice helps companies use the enterprise app optimally and efficiently.

Enterprise App Development tutorial: What is the Enterprise App Development Process

Developing an app requires dedication, planning, and a dedicated and sincere team. We list what the enterprise app development process looks like below.

Enterprise App Development tutorial: Enterprise App creation

The first step is to make you see enterprise app development as a product instead of a project. Since we advise you to view enterprise app development as product development, you should have a roadmap and plan before you begin development. Also, appoint an internal product owner responsible for the app's progress.

Enterprise App Development tutorial: Enterprise App Design

As they say, the first impression is the last; you need to develop an alluring app design that captivates everyone. Suppose your enterprise apps do not have beautiful app designs. In that case, they will fail to convince employees and employers to use them for their organization. Thus, it is of utmost importance to design your enterprise apps beautifully.

Enterprise App Development tutorial: App Integration

Mainly enterprise app development witnesses delay during the sign-off phase. Therefore, you need to chalk out a sign-off phase before the development begins. This act ensures that everyone involved knows what their roles are.

Enterprise App Development tutorial: Enterprise App Scalability

Custom-made enterprise apps have the ability of scalability. Your enterprise apps can easily adjust to new and increased demands. If you use generic enterprise apps, you will require to use third-party apps to integrate them into your existing systems. This arrangement leads to an inefficient system that badly affects your business performance. On the other hand, if you choose to use custom-made enterprise apps, you will have an app based on your requirements and integrate with any existing software.

Enterprise App Development tutorial: The Sign-Off

This stage involves a developed enterprise app that solves at least one critical business problem your organization faces. However, this stage takes a lot of time to get completed. Numerous companies see the involvement of legal and tech teams for sign-off at various points of your project. Thus, you must include this factor in your plans to let these teams know about their roles in the enterprise app development procedure.


Creating a custom enterprise app is indeed an uphill task. However, choosing the right app development company to execute this challenging task makes it child's play. You can hire a development company based on their competence, experience, and ability to envision their clients' goals and expectations. You can find such an app development company in AppsRhino. Our scalable and perfect solutions are guaranteed to captivate you.