On Demand Food Delivery Services: What is it about?

Posted On: May 11, 2022

Posted By: appsrhino



On-Demand Food Delivery Service is the one that helps you get your food delivered to your door anytime. You don't need to go out to get food. By just tapping on their mobile application, users can get their favorite food from their favorite shop. Nowadays, the number of on-demand food delivery services and applications and restaurant chains are growing rapidly. Many mobile applications provide on-demand food service to you, like Foodpanda, Zomato, Swiggy, and others.

UberEats is also one of the leading food delivery platforms powered by Uber. These companies promote a restaurant's menu through the on-demand food delivery app, website, and various other channels. When the local restaurant or other food shop provider receives an order, they prepare it as usual. Then the on-demand food delivery services provider sends a delivery partner to pick it up and deliver it to the customer fast.



  1. It is expected that the revenue in the online food delivery segment can touch 96,864.4 million U.S. dollars in 2024.
  2. The number of users availing of On-Demand food delivery services is expected to touch 858m by 2024.
  3. On-demand food delivery services can target Millennials to increase their profits as 75% of Millennials tend to order food online.
  4. You can also use on-demand food delivery apps to promote your new marketing campaigns. On-demand delivery services help you reach out to your current customers, and observe their behavior and interactions.
  5. On-demand food delivery apps help us gain insight into users' preferences. And this insight helps restaurants and eateries to come up with special discounts, offers, and programs to gain interest.
  6. On-demand food delivery apps can let a user see the estimated time in which his order will be at his doorsteps, track its live status, etc.,
  7. Having your menu on on-demand food delivery apps helps you earn more by attracting new customers. The top restaurants can make, on average, over $6,400 per month.
  8. You can make a customer inclined towards your brand as on-demand food delivery services help you deliver within 15 minutes from pick-up to the drop-off location.
  9. On-demand food delivery services also enable associated restaurants to enjoy more discoverability for a larger audience. 
  10. A restaurant gains more visibility and an increased customer reach when they opt for food delivery app development. 
  11. The inclusion of firebase analytics helps you understand your consumer's behavior and app's performance.
  12. Delivering the food items to consumers' doorstep within minutes and serving them beyond a particular geographical area will assist in flourishing your food delivery business and building customers' preferences toward your food ordering app.  
  13. The revenue model of an On-Demand Food Delivery Startup includes generating revenue through commissions, subscriptions, advertisements, and services.
  14. Some of the must-have Features of an On-Demand Food Delivery App: delivery, restaurant, notification, and report management. Also, order tracking, review feature, user registration, self-pickup, advanced search, and multiple gateways should be included in the apps.

On-Demand Food Delivery Services Working

The food delivery apps have simplified the lives of the consumers who get all they want at one-stop, including a menu, estimated time of order delivery, hours of operation, and so on. The mobile application has made everything so easy. Everything is just one touch away. You should have an excellent mobile on-demand application if you want to win the market and the customers.

Advantages of On-Demand food Delivery Services:

When you work with any service provider, you can get the food menu of your restaurant in front of tens of thousands of Uber riders in your city and have it delivered at a good speed.

This can help your business grow in three significant ways:

Driving more orders

You can deliver around the clock to accept more orders, which means you can earn more. The top restaurants can make, on average, over $6,400 per month.

Getting your food there fast

The delivery partners deliver your food to hungry customers fast. They deliver within 15 minutes from pick-up to the drop-off location.

Partnering for success

We work with you to improve operations and promote your business to our wider audience.

Business Benefits of an On-Demand Food Delivery App 

An Improved Business Outreach

A restaurant gains more visibility and an increased customer reach when they opt for food delivery app development. You gain these things because you get to include prominent features in your on-demand food delivery apps for enhancing your business reach, which helps you build a robust and significant brand presence. 

Better Customer Relationships 

On-demand food delivery services help you gain insight into customer data like their likes and dislikes, which enables you to build better customer relationships.

The inclusion of firebase analytics helps you understand your consumer's behavior and app's performance. Customer Data Analysis is crucial as it improves restaurant sales and makes it easy for your food delivery business to stay afloat in this competitive era.      

 Location Constraint Issue

On-demand food delivery services and getting your on-demand food delivery app built by a good team help you fight the location barrier and serve your customers.

 Delivering the food items to consumers' doorstep within minutes and serving them beyond a particular geographical area will assist in flourishing your food delivery business build customers' preference toward your food ordering app.  

Promotes Loyalty Programs 

On-demand food delivery apps help you promote loyalty programs and earn customer loyalty. With these apps, you can send push notifications regarding reward points, discounts & offers to improve customer engagement on your food ordering app.

 On-Demand Food Delivery Startup Revenue Model

On-demand food delivery startups generate revenue from their delivery platform in the following ways.


The portal owner charges a commission to restaurants on every food item ordered through the food delivery platform. Whenever an order is placed, the admin receives the order amount, and he further sends it to the seller after subtracting the commission amount.   


Subscriptions help admins generate revenue by asking merchants and restaurant owners for a subscription fee on a monthly or yearly basis to list their restaurants on the food delivery platform.


On-demand food delivery platform admins charge sellers an advertising fee in exchange for promoting their restaurants with banner ads on the food-delivery platform.

 The cost of advertisements depends on the size of the ad, estimated running time, and the ad's position on the food ordering app.

Delivery Charges

The portal owner charges customers delivery commission. If the admin employs his logistics network to deliver food orders, he can earn money by charging customers a delivery fee. 

Must-Have Features of an On-Demand Food Delivery App

Restaurant App:

Order Management 

Going for on-demand food delivery app development lets you incorporate features of your choice into your app. Order management is one feature you must include in your on-demand food delivery apps; order management enables restaurant owners to manage multiple orders and check order histories whenever required systematically.      

Menu Management 

Restaurant owners can alter and update the menu list based on food availability and demand if this feature is available in the food-delivery app.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a way of letting merchants know about every activity taking place on the website.

Payments Tracking

Restaurateurs can keep track of their payments. The payment tracking option allows them to view payment histories and check any pending payments as per wish.

Track Delivery 

Delivery tracking makes it easy for restaurants to track the real-time location of the delivery staff and order status.

Daily Sales Updates 

This feature lets sellers examine the overall performance of their food ordering app as they get daily updates on sales and analyze crucial website metrics.

Customer App:

User Registration

This feature lets customers register on the food ordering platform. You can give access to the app via social media integrations.

Multiple Payment Options 

You can add multiple payment options like digital wallets, cash on delivery, net banking, etc. It is helpful as it allows customers to make order payments efficiently.

Advanced Search 

The advanced search feature helps buyers quickly find preferred restaurants and food items with specific keywords without navigating through the entire app.

Ratings & Reviews

This enables customers to share their reviews and ratings on the website regarding the quality of services received, restaurants' prices, and more with this feature. 


The feature lets buyers opt for self-pickups while placing orders at their convenience.   

Order Tracking

With this, buyers can track the real-time location of their orders and receive the latest updates on the order status.

Delivery Staff App:

Delivery Routing 

It gives delivery staff a detailed view of the route and experiences easy navigation to the customer's location.

Secure Login

It would be best to go for a multi-layered security architecture development to provide your delivery boys with a secure login. The delivery boys can now safely log in to the platform and start accepting and rejecting orders.

Delivery Management

Delivery management enables delivery boys to manage multiple deliveries, and view and schedule order deliveries.

Push Notifications

The delivery agents receive push notifications for the assigned deliveries with this feature, which they can accept or reject.

Delivery Status

The delivery status allows the delivery boys to mark their availability as active or inactive.

Admin Panel:

Delivery Management

Delivery management helps admins view and streamline the deliveries in one place and smoothly manage the influx of orders.   

Restaurant Management 

The restaurant management feature lets admins manage and list multiple restaurants on the food delivery platform; they can also add and remove restaurants from the app as per their requirements. 

Report Management 

Report Management lets the marketplace owner analyze the overall performance of the food delivery platform, which helps him draft future strategies for business growth.  

Notifications Management 

Admins are kept updated about the activities taking place on the platform with the help of notification management. Admins receive notifications regarding new restaurant registrations, affiliate requests, latest user sign-ups, and many more.

Review Management

Review Management lets admins moderate reviews under his discretion.


The On-Demand Food Delivery Services app is not a new thing. But the platform has created new benchmarks for users and entrepreneurs. The only thing you need to take care of is giving a unique personalized experience without losing your identity. If you want to develop an on-demand food delivery app, contact AppsRhino today!