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Do you want to launch a company or tool that people consider one of the easiest ways to build websites? But do you know how to keep your company going? 

It is necessary to chalk out a plan to keep the cycle of money going, and you can achieve this through a revenue model. If you are interested in launching something on the lines of the website development tool, you should know what the Weebly revenue model is. Weebly is a 16-year-old company that came into existence because this college asked its applicants to have an online portfolio. Many applicants found it hard to create their portfolios, thus to solve this problem, David Rusenko, Chris Fanini, and Dan Veltri decided to build software that would help students build a simple website. Weebly was born. From that moment, Weebly started to expand and attract new people. Square has now acquired Weebly and is the current owner of the platform. 

Did you know that Weebly raised $35M at a $490M valuation in April 2014? Let us now dive into the blog to know about the Weebly revenue model to help you chalk out a plan for your venture.

What is Weebly?

Weebly is a well-known freemium website creation and Web-hosting service, which came into existence in 2006. David Rusenko, Chris Fanini, and Dan Veltri co-founded Weebly while attending Pennsylvania State University. 

The project happened as a result of the requirement of Penn State that all students create a Web portfolio; the trio created software that made it easy for anybody to build a personal website. Weebly provides more than 100-page design templates and multimedia features. A few of these features are:

  1. Photo galleries
  2. Slideshows
  3. Integrated maps
  4. Video and audio

Site members get to change the appearance of their Weebly-hosted website by dragging and dropping widgets into different places on the Web page. Users can manage their content with the Weebly website or Weebly's iPhone app, available on the iTunes App Store. Weebly also lets you monetize your web pages with Google AdSense, and you can track visitor statistics through Weebly's tracking tool or Google Analytics.

The Weebly free online website creator uses a simple widget-based site builder that operates in the web browser. Every site element is drag-and-drop, and it automatically generates a mobile version of each site. The storage is limited, but Weebly takes care of it by restricting 

individual file sizes. Users are given the option to have any URL ending in, .com, .net, .org, .co, .info, or .us. As of 2020, Weebly is available in 15 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Turkish.

For whom is Weebly best?

With a simple drop & drag editor having some restrictions, Weebly aims to help beginners and people who need simple websites without coding anything. Weebly has a drag and drop builder that provides you enough freedom to play around when beginning work and allows you to start a blog or even a small online shop. It makes Weebly best for simple personal and company websites and small eCommerce sites selling only a few products. Though not impossible, crafting more complex websites and blogs with Weebly is not that easy.

Weebly Key Features

Weebly Drag & drop editor 

It moves elements around and lets Weebly drop them in just the right place.

Beginner-friendly Weebly templates 

More than 50 templates are available that users can easily edit and modify.

Weebly Responsive themes 

All the Weebly sites are automatically mobile-friendly.


You can quickly start an online shop with tons of features and options.

Video background 

You might want to include some video to promote your brand or show people's honest views about your brand. For that, you can easily add a video background to any element of your website.

Site search 

It lets your visitors search your site without problems.

Examples of sites built with Weebly

  1. Douk Snow UK
  2. Wall’in 
  3. Kikoplastic

The Weebly Revenue Model

The Weebly Revenue Model involves generating revenue through subscriptions. The subscription pricing is straightforward and easy to understand. For starters, the most crucial thing to know is that Weebly offers a free plan that lets everyone start a site. If you decide to step up your game, there are more plans from which you can choose.

The Weebly Revenue Model divides websites and their subscriptions into two types: 

  1. Websites
  2. Online stores

The plans included in the Weebly Revenue Model are as follows:

The Free Weebly Subscription

The Free Weebly Subscription is free of charge. After signing up, you receive the following things:

  1. A domain name with Weebly branding (
  2. 500MB storage
  3. The free SSL security

The Weebly "Connect" Subscription

The Weebly Connect Subscription comes at $6 per month. With the Connect plan, users get to connect their custom domain name. Though this subscription still leaves other restrictions, as well as Weebly ads on your site.

The Weebly "Pro" Subscription

The Weebly Revenue Model also offers a Pro subscription, which comes at $12 per month. Users receive unlimited storage, remove Weebly ads, and still have the option of using a custom domain. This plan also introduces users to eCommerce features where they can add shopping carts and start accepting payments through Square and 3rd party providers.

The Weebly "Business" Subscription

The Weebly Revenue Model offers one more subscription called Business, which comes at $26 per month. Users receive everything from the Pro plan, but they also get advanced business features (tax calculator, coupon codes, shipping management, etc.).

These plans are available under the Website categories, though the other subscription type offers Pro, Business, and Business Plus.

Weebly Pros

![Weebly Pros.png]( >

If you are unsure whether or not you should opt for Weebly, here are some reasons that might help you convince yourself to go for Weebly. 

The Ease of use of Weebly

Weebly is one of the best website builders on the market and is popular for simplicity. Even if it is your first time using a website builder, it will take just a few minutes to understand how to use the platform. 

The Structured Weebly drag & drop editor 

 The Weebly editor works flawlessly, and it allows users to move elements where they want them to be while keeping the structure of their sites intact. It helps users build their websites without even learning how to code.


Before one decides to use something, they generally need to pay for it. But in the case of Weebly, you can use it for free.  

Users can access Weebly completely free. And if they like Weebly and decide to upgrade their website, they can do it as Weebly is usually cheaper than its competitors, which attracts users. 

App center 

It is natural that one might need to extend their website functionality in the future if they decide to expand their business. There are numerous apps users can install to expand their website services. 

Weebly Cons

![Weebly Cons.png]( >

Before you decide to use Weebly, you should know some of the drawbacks of Weebly so that you do not regret opting for Weebly.

Mobile optimization 

 While the Weebly templates are responsive, users can not edit a mobile site the way they want to.

Weebly Templates 

Though the Weebly templates look modern, there are only about 50 templates, and they all look similar.

Weebly Help & Support 

It might become confusing, and their email support might take more than two days to respond to a simple question.


If you want to develop something similar to Weebly, your tool will definitely be famous amongst beginners. Users can have their site free of charge for as long as they want, and they can enjoy the easy-to-use editor and its dozens of widgets and hundreds of extra apps. If you're going to develop such a tool, get in touch with a professional today. You can seek help from AppsRhino!

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