Swiggy Revenue Model | A Complete Guide

Updated On: March 30, 2023

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We all have a genie in our pocket that helps us get almost everything we want. It assists us in imagining the unimaginable through various small entities called mobile apps. 

One such entity is Swiggy. This latecomer has revolutionized the delivery industry with its promise to deliver faster. It has left its competitor behind in terms of valuation as they continue to slump, which tells its success story. All thanks to the Swiggy revenue model.  

With all its fascinating story and lightning-fast growth, the app has high responsibility towards its clients, which it has shouldered very well . It manages its fleet of delivery persons and a website that demands maintenance. All this costs money, and as expected, this mastermind company has its strategy to fulfill all the needs. From delivery charges to advertising, the Swiggy revenue model employs various techniques to boost its revenue and help fund its growing needs. Its valuation continues to grow, which evidences its strong marketing and funding strategy.

Swiggy’s Genius Strategy

A brainchild of BITSians, Swiggy is led by three masterminds Nandan Reddy, Rahul Jaimini, and Sriharsha Majety. These CEOs have created a durable and realistic revenue model that it endured even though it came late in the market. The company started in 2014 in the silicon valley of India called Bangalore. The company works on a hyperlocal business model. This application allows customers to search for their favorite dishes from different restaurants and delivers them once the order is confirmed. Swiggy manages a humongous fleet that helps them deliver according to their promise. 

The Swiggy revenue model derives its strength from its business partners. It has a fleet of delivery partners and a strong restaurant network. This dual-partnership helps the swiggy revenue model generate enough resources through various activities. Some of the activities that it performs are: 

  • Build partnerships with its partners, namely delivery persons and restaurants 
  • Build customer relations and its management
  • Maintain and update the website and other things like payment methods
  • Address customer issues 

In doing the above businesses, the company invests substantially but builds muscular goodwill. The swiggy revenue model is connected to these activities. 

Everyone wants to be on the top

Every restaurant understands that being on top of the priority list will drive most customers towards their restaurant. Swiggy understands the tendency to be on top very well, so, for priority listing, it charges restaurants a commission. The commission varies from restaurant to restaurant. The charges are based on the sales volume that the app generates for the restaurant. The swiggy revenue model also includes a commission for the use of its fleet that promises to deliver the food within 30 mins. 

Swiggy Cloud Kitchen

Swiggy strives to help its partners and customers on every front. The variety of services that Swiggy provides helps its restaurant partners reach beyond their origin. Apart from food orders and delivery, swiggy helps restaurants expand their reach. A so-called cloud kitchen is a physical place provided by Swiggy and others to restaurants. They can set up their kitchen without any expense.

The Swiggy revenue model gets a boost from the service, and it also adds variety to Swiggy’s revenue sources. The swiggy cloud kitchen concept helps its customers get exotic experiences at their homes and assists the restaurants in increasing their presence and revenue at the same time. It is a win-win situation for all. It helps customers partners and hence, boosts the Swiggy revenue model.

Restaurant Banner Promotion

It is mandatory to have your presence far and wide at a marketplace so that your brand can attract as many customers as possible. Swiggy is a virtual marketplace for restaurants, and having a banner posted on it will go a long way to leave a mark on customers’ minds. With a minute charge, swiggy helps you attract extra attention that fructifies in conversion. The swiggy revenue model is built on small but constructive and genuine methods. 

Swiggy Super Membership

This program helps customers save a lot of money. Members of this elite club enjoy lofty benefits like protection from sudden price surges. If a member orders food for 99 rupees or above, Swiggy exempts delivery charges for the order. Such bonuses help the company build a loyal and permanent customer base. 

This magical Swiggy revenue model helps swiggy retain customers and aids customers to save a dime. The Swiggy revenue model doesn’t only aim to make money only but to retain customers as well. It is a two-way benefit for the company, so if you plan to build your on-demand app, this is the way to go.

Income from Affiliates

One reason for the popularity of Swiggy is that it provides a wide variety of payment methods. Swiggy has formed a new revenue source that allows different financial institutions to sell their credit cards. Banks offer lucrative offers to the customers if they opt to pay using their credit card services. It helps customers and financial institutions, and they both, in turn, help Swiggy. This assists Swiggy in earning through charges to the affiliate financial institutions.

Swiggy does the Pick n drop service

Swiggy has come into the market, intending to explore every possible corner. The Swiggy revenue model keeps on expanding, and just when we thought it has saturated, this pick n drop service from swiggy amazed us. This helps swiggy open a new revenue stream. This service allows customers to 

Delivery Charges

The Swiggy revenue model exploits every possible method to make money. They utilizes corners like affiliates to generate income. How can they ignore such an obvious revenue source? This is the most palpable and genuine charge that the company charges. It allows customers to order for any price. An order could be as small as forty rupees. So, it is only genuine to ask for a small incentive for delivery.

It rewards the company for its efforts to make everything available on the table. This is one of the principal sources of income for the company, and it can be as low as thirty rupees. However, the prices, depending on weather conditions and peak time, maybe higher.

Surge Fee

The company charges customers an extra amount if the weather is very hostile. It is a minimum price that it charges to customers who are not Super members. It also helps the company earn mandatory money. However, the swiggy revenue model allows customers to escape this charge by becoming a Super member.

A few words about the company

This company strives to provide the best customer service possible. It provides many payment options that range from a digital wallet to meal cards. Yes! If you have meal cards such as Sodexo Meal, Zeta Food Card, etc., you can use them for payments on swiggy. It also allows customers to use methods like LazyPay, and if you want to do it the old-fashion way, it is also there. Additionally, it aspires to keep positive customer relations. It has a dedicated team of customer care service providers who work 24*7. 


The Swiggy business model is the most resilient and open one in the market that allows it to earn its revenue. The Swiggy revenue model is open to various innovative methods to fuel its ever-growing size. The dedication and aspiration for the best customer service and happiness have helped the swiggy revenue model achieve the impossible even in trying times like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Swiggy revenue model is based on commissions and charges for various services. It charges its customers a minimum and offers them to escape it. Overall the Swiggy revenue model is the way forward if you are looking to clone the app. 

You can  take help from AppsRhino, a leading app development platform, if you also want to build an app like Swiggy.

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